How LED Lighting Is Helping Schools Slash Their Bills

The Energys Group and Smart Eco Energy are helping schools slash their electricity bills by handing out free upgrades to LED lighting.

In a partnership with Utility Rentals, a new funding scheme has been developed to provide schools throughout the UK with cost effective lighting solutions that will, not only be free of charge to the educational institutions, ultimately cut the cost of their monthly bills.

LED light bulbs, while costing around six times more than regular halogen bulbs, last for substantially longer than your usual lighting solutions despite using far less energy. Typically, a standard halogen bulb could last around 5,000 hours – however, an LED light has the potential to go for ten times longer than that at 50,000 hours.

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In the long-term, converting all of your lighting equipment to LED bulbs will save you hundreds of pounds a year – making it important not to be discouraged by the initial costs which can be anywhere around £25 for one LED bulb.

Furthermore, unlike conventional lighting equipment, the materials used to develop LED bulbs are environmentally friendly. They don’t contain hazardous materials such as mercury and are recyclable after being disposed of. The lighting that is projected by LED bulbs is also perfectly harmless to the human eyes so users don’t have to worry about any associated health issues.

The partnership between Energys Group and Smart Eco Energy cited that schools were paying expensive bills because of old and inefficient fluorescent lighting but unable to make upgrading a priority because of impending budget cuts.

However, the new partnership – which initially came to fruition in June 2012 – mean that schools will be able to apply for the energy-efficient lighting solutions at no implementation cost to them.

The energy saving benefits that schools will now administer will surely only implore businesses, organisations and institutions – if they haven’t already – to upgrade to LED lighting. The benefits have been found to far outweigh any negatives and the long-term cost savings will ensure that money can be spent far more productively across other sectors that require investment. For schools, the focus can be switched to providing the best educational environment for their pupils.

However, it’s not only companies or institutions who can take advantage of LED lights. The lighting equipment is readily available at specialist stores and online retailers where individuals can convert their existing home setup to an LED cost effective output that will put more money into people’s pockets – and who doesn’t want that, right?

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