Creative Ways to Promote Learning in the Classroom

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1. What are the few creative tips to set up learning in your classroom?
2. Does interdisciplinary lessons create personal and relevant learning experience to the students?
3. Can going beyond the school setting and inviting speakers and take field trip helps the students in their learning?
4. How creating their own review material helps the students in their learning?
5. Can a new classroom layout help the students in their learning?

Teachers have so many excellent options to choose from when they are searching for creative techniques to promote learning. Whether they are shopping for new virco chairs to enhance the classroom layout or are collaborating with the school music teacher to create an interdisciplinary lesson plan, they have the students’ best interest in mind. Here are just a few creative methods to step up the level of learning in your classroom this school year.

  • Interdisciplinary lessons. Interdisciplinary lessons create more personal and relevant learning experiences for a wide variety of students. Instead of teaching single goals in isolation, team up with other teachers in the school to address multiple goals across two or more subjects. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the material at hand as it naturally relates to other topics and as it is presented in several formats over a period of time.
  • Real world applications for classroom material. If students cannot understand how they will ever use lesson plans outside of school, they are very likely to retain interest. As you explore the concept of interdisciplinary endeavors, you may encounter opportunities to demonstrate real world applications. For examples, give students a firsthand illustration of how they can use math as they compose their own music. Go beyond the school setting as well and seek out options to bring in speakers and take field trips.
  • Allow students to create their own review materials before a quiz or a test. The next time that students are preparing for a quiz or test, give them the chance to write their own review guide. They can choose the format for the materials, such as writing a sample test with an answer key or making a set of flashcards. If they put the work into the materials that they would with a normal review session, they will get just as much information out of it, if not more.
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  • New classroom furniture and/or classroom layout. Making one or two simple additions or adjustments to the furniture or layout of a classroom can make a significant difference with the learning level. Just as an adult can grow weary of a worn out desk chair or a boring bulletin board, students tire of seeing the same classroom set up day in and day out for weeks on end. Weigh your options for quality classroom pieces such as virco chairs, desks, and tables and then incorporate them into a new classroom layout.

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