Being a Geek at School

They say that there is nothing more honest than the cutting words of children. Well those comments can also be used for the older teens too, from high school through to college. Human nature always seems to want to hunt out differences and make those differences a problem for the person owning them.

American history of the 1960s has to be one of the biggest examples of this with the ridiculous black segregation. Just what were we thinking? Now we are all probably glad the country has grown up, and moved on well beyond that point. After all it does not happen anymore does it?

Shame to say that colleges are just as bad as before. Just imagine if you are now 50 plus and you could put a hidden camera on your son or daughter and spend a day in their shoes so to speak. With a hidden camera and sound there will probably be numerous swear words to make what is left of your hair curl. The heavy petting and touching. The disrespect to the teachers and staff. The bullying and shouting.

But, perhaps most people would just say that is the way it has always been. If a student was gay he was ribbed hard. If he came from a super-rich parents he would be ribbed even harder too. But what about the ever growing group of picked on students?

The Geeks are in school too

With the growth of the technology in society it does seem to be breeding an enormous amount of self-confessed geeks. These geeks would rather spend fourteen hours in front of a PC than out playing basketball or soccer. They would rather be working on essay editing on a programming thesis than looking for a girl to dance with. They may even be happier to enjoy the technical jargon chat with fellow geeks, than to enjoy the stimulating drunken conversation around the bars of the campus.

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I was that geek for many years. I was that geek who was bullied and mocked for many years at college. I was that geek who knew I never could find a girlfriend, let alone impress anyone with my sports and dancing skills. I was that geek who did homework and assignments for other lazy or stupid students. I was that person who did essay editing for numerous bullies. All that for no money.

So what was the point?

Now I look back with fondness for my college days as a No. 1 geek. I have a job that pays me a huge salary. I have a great big expensive home, and I have a beautiful girlfriend. I have a bank account that even surprises me. I have fellow geek friends who have the same.

Geeks study hard; they are the people who move things forward. Geeks do not see college life as a beach party. Geeks see it as a road to improve their subject of choice and self-development may not even come into the equation.

This geek writer is now very successful, and this geek writer has an important message to all geeks at college now. You are going to be a winner, just see the time wasters around you for what they are. Good luck guys.

Marvin Times is a self confessed Geek, and very proud of it.

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