An RSA Course Online is a Personal Investment

Are you a recent Australian high school graduate roaming from one to another with no sense of purpose or accomplishment? Are you are an older adult who has had several different jobs over the years, but none has really satisfied you? If so, you should consider a new direction, a new investment in yourself and your future. You should consider getting your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate through an RSA course online.


Working in the alcohol service industry in Australia requires a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. These certificates, however, are not “one size fits all.” The requirements vary from state to state, so there are multiple different courses available. When choosing the best RSA course online for you, make sure you choose the correct one for where you live. You may also want to consider earning multiple certificates if you are considering making a permanent move to another state at a later date or taking some time to travel and work across the country in multiple states.

An Investment

If you want to work in the alcohol service industry, the RSA certificate is an investment in yourself and in your future.  In some ways, it’s a small payment for a large payoff. You need only invest a little time and a little money to do your RSA course online. Most people are able to complete the course in about three hours (although the course also allows you to slow down if you want or need to; you can work at whatever pace works for you.) The online format is often cheaper than any other method, which is a key consideration for many. Some courses may be as cheap as $35.

With the certificate from your RSA course online in hand, you can move into a new career, one that might finally give you the job satisfaction, social interaction and fun you seek. Those long-term benefits cannot be measured, and they well outweigh the minimal required investments.


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Online Benefits

RSA certificate courses come in many different formats, including in-person and online. For many people, an RSA course online is the most practical. Here are some of the many advantages of this format:

  • Many versions are available for whatever technological device you may have.  New versions are now compatible with the Iphone and the Ipad.
  • Most RSA online training is web-based, so it will work on any internet browser you prefer to use.
  • Online is the fastest way to get the course finished. You can register today and be finished in time to work tonight if you want to and you have a job lined up.
  • In most cases, you can print your own certificate rather than wait for it in the mail.
  • Even though you work alone at your own pace, trainers are always available on standby to assist with questions, whether those are technical or materials-related.

Given the small time and money investments required, why not sign up for an RSA course online today?

The Process

From start to finish, only a few steps are needed to complete the RSA course online.

  1. Register for the course.
  2. Complete the training lessons.
  3. Take the final assessment.
  4. Receive your certificate.

Clients who take the RSA course online are sometimes intimidated by the assessment process, but there is no need to be. The assessment matches the requirements of the units from the course (and therefore varies depending on which state-specific course you take). Like the initial coursework, the assessments are online. They include questions and case studies. Even if you are disappointed in your results, most courses will also give you an opportunity for a re-assessment, often at no charge.

A Stepping Stone

The Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate is a great way to begin a new career as an alcohol server. The certificate can also be a stepping stone to a job in alcohol service management. Servers with an RSA course online can also get a Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) certificate to enable them to become a manager in the alcohol service industry. The RMLV can be taken later, after a server has had some experience in the industry to build on, or he or she may choose to take the RSA and the RMLV at the same time. Either way, the RSA is a stepping stone to the RMLV—and the additional opportunities for salary increases and advancement that a management career offers.

If you want to change directions, consider an RSA course online today and get started by making a major investment in yourself and your future.

CFT QLD provides quality training that you can count on.  The RSA course online is one of the many you can complete quickly, conveniently and affordably.

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