5 Study Tools to Take Your Homework to the Next Level

Do you ever feel like all you do is study? Welcome to college life. Don’t worry; this study streak won’t be endless. However, college students do spend large amounts of time studying, doing homework and writing papers. If you’re going to be spending so much time with your nose in a book, or sitting in front of your laptop, why not make life easier on yourself? Here are five study tools that will help you survive any amount of studying you’ll face.

Wireless Mouse

You probably have a laptop, which is great. Laptops are perfect for college students who are always on the go and who like to pack their studies around campus with them. However, sometimes using a laptop can slow you down, or even get frustrating to use if you’re working on an in-depth project. Our suggestion? Buy a wireless mouse. This affordable gadget will help you whiz through your assignments in no time.


There are few things worse than having to trudge to the copy store in the middle of the night to print out an assignment at the last minute. Avoid this hassle buy purchasing a printer. You can get a basic model for a great price, and the convenience will amaze you. To avoid spending too much money on ink and paper, you can still do your heavy printing at the copy center, and use your home-printer for quick print offs and emergencies.

Wall Calendar

Buy a wall calendar. You may use a planner or an app on your phone, but it’s hard to beat a calendar that you can glance up at whenever you need to. Use you calendar to track deadlines, school breaks and your work schedule. Another perk to this method: getting a big-picture view in seconds. Planners are great for weekly and day-to-day events, but a calendar can help you manage bigger chunks of time.

Great Bag

As a student, you probably spend lots of time traveling to and from campus and lugging your supplies from class to class. Make things easier for yourself by purchasing a sturdy bag that will go easy on your back. Consider getting one with extra padding for your laptop and try on different strap styles to find one that feels the best.

Powerful Calculator

Investing in a powerful calculator may be one of the best things you can do. Whether you are taking math and chemistry classes or just need to crunch numbers in your budget once in a while, a calculator will make it fast and easy to work through touch math problems.

The key to being a successful student is having the right tools. Invest in these five study tools and you’ll find your homework is suddenly much less of a burden and you may even notice a boost in your grades!

Study Tools

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