10 Worthless Degrees

The time, effort and money poured into a college education should give some return on investment once you’ve graduated and are out in the working world. There are plenty of degrees that can help with that. Some absolutely will not. There are a handful of majors that might qualify you to ponder the Afterlife, hang painting by an obscure artist in a museum, write spells for use in Hogwarts School, construct the next Tallest-Building-in-the-World, or create tunes that could bring some lucky patient out of a coma. But there’s one thing they can’t help you with: getting a decent job and making a decent living. If you want your resume to stand out as impressive, rather than depressing, plan to focus your college experience on areas of studies other than the 10 listed below. (But what if you have a burning passion for any of these subjects? That’s what hobbies are for.)

Source: Best Degree Programs

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