Picking a Good Web Hosting Domain

this post answers the following questions
1. What can you get if you have a memorable URL?
2. Is researching on how it can affect you site can help you pick a good domain name?
3. How to get a perfect domain name?
4. Is it necessary to check our competition domain name?
5. What are the other Tips on domain name and registration?

The domain name of a website is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a good web host.  If you choose a good domain name, you have good chances of having a memorable URL that will make it easier for Internet users to find and visit your site.  Read on to find out how to select a good web hosting domain.

Steps on selecting a good web hosting domain

Step 1:  Do some research.

Before choosing a domain name, you should first do some research to find out exactly what a domain name is and how it can affect your site.  Understanding the power of a good domain name and the limitations of a bad domain name is key to choosing a name that fits your website.

Step 2:  Analyze your needs and your site.

Now that you know what domain names are all about, it’s time to work your way toward the perfect domain name.  Start by analyzing the concept and purpose of your website.  Is the website for your company, or is it for personal use?  Are you selling specific products or services?  The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of possible domain names for your site.

Step 3:  Jot down a few ideas.

The next step is to write down a few ideas for domain names that fit in with the purpose and personality of your website.  For example, if you have a particular brand or company name, you may want to write those down to check for availability later on.  Also, take note of keywords that relate to your website.

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Step 4:  Check your competition.

If your website is going to be used for a business, you should try to check the domains that your competition is using.  Likewise, this would be the time to check if the domain names you jotted down are still available.

Step 5:  Choose the perfect domain name.

Finally, narrow down your choices to get the domain name that best fits your website.  Make sure that the domain name is easy to remember and easy to type.

More tips on domain name and registration

–   Remember that certain domain names may cost more.  For example, a country-level domain (“.us” or “.ca”) may cost more than other domains (such as “.com”).
–   ake note of the domain registration fees and terms.  You can get good discounts by registering for longer terms.


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