Epic Timelines That Will Go Down in Facebook History

I love the recent introduction of the timeline covers feature in Facebook.  This has really opened up the creative element of Facebook and has enabled users to develop some very funny and inventive virtual landing pages.

Timeline covers are even more important if (like me) you use your Facebook page to promote your business or talents.  As a freelance illustrator I keep in touch with a number of clients and contacts through Facebook.  For the first time I really feel like Facebook has provided the tools I need to reflect my talents on my profile page.  I have a lot of fun coming up with new designs and creating unique and eye-catching timeline covers and profile pictures to attract attention!

Timeline covers

Photo Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roblawton/6182892617/

Not Creative? Don’t Panic!

I am lucky that my creative career enables me to do most of my designs in-house.  However many people would love eye-catching Facebook pages but are not sure how to get started.  The great thing is there are some specialist companies online now offer some fantastic Facebook templates that you can use for your own profiles.

These templates offer an easy way to upgrade the look of your Facebook page and also to help you catch the attention of your target audience.  You can also use these templates if you just want to have a bit of fun and create cool covers that will impress your friends. It is easy to upload your own photos into these online templates.  You can choose cover templates that match your career or interests.  Some providers can also offer covers that reflect your changing moods.  You can simply scan through all the cover templates and pick one that reflects your current need and upload to your Facebook.

Here are just a couple of the funniest and best Timeline covers I have come across so far on Facebook:

  • Where’s Wally? – I spotted a funny timeline the other day inspired by the ‘Where’s Wally?’ books.  The creator has inserted his face into a complex illustration in the style of ‘Where’s Wally?’ You have to search quite a bit before you find him!
  • Police, Camera, Action! – I love this timeline cover.  It features a blurry CCTV snapshot of some lads getting up to mischief during a night on the town. The creator has clearly magnified one of the lad’s faces and imposed his own face over to create his profile shot – original and funny!

Timeline covers offer a fantastic way to promote your talents, business, products or interests.  You can have loads of fun creating unique templates to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

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