Background Checks Expose Hidden Criminals All Around You

Are you curious about the new neighbor? Is your future son-in-law really such a nice guy? Is the student interested in renting your garage truly as studious as he sounds?

In a world of face lifts, embellished qualifications, and “little white lies” misrepresentation of the individual is both socially acceptable and rampant. It’s smart to to be slightly suspicious of people nowadays. Letting your guard down and trusting your instincts can lead to a letdown or worse, could land you in a life or death situation. Find out for sure what someone’s real story is by running a background check.

When Your Dream Guy Turns Into a Psychotic Nightmare
Anyone who has ever seen what a hottie Ted Bundy was, knows that looks can be REALLY deceiving. Actually, the majority of serial killers turn out to be attractive, upper-middle class, charming, white males. Murderous men typically have violent pasts and are likely to have convictions for assault or battery, so running a background check on the next guy you think might be “the one” could save your life.

When Digital Meets Dangerous
If you thought that cruising for dates in a bar was risky, the internet adds whole new layers of deception and peril. Online dating sites and those that feature free classified ads foster more interaction with strangers than was ever possible before.

When certain people are granted the cover of anonymity, they have the power to become truly dangerous. The internet allows people to manufacture all kinds of incentives to lure unsuspecting victims onto their properties and into their homes where poor Joe, who thought he had scored a freelance gardening gig, is never heard from again. Offering under the table work, or posing as a potential buyer for a product are just some of the way that killers use the internet to connect with their prey.

Stories Strangers Tell
Getting personal with strangers you meet online can often turn deadly, but other types of encounters can prove equally lethal. Some killers pose as repairmen in order to be granted admittance into your home without alarming the neighbors. Halloween is also a time to be especially cautious because criminals can pretend to be trick-or-treaters in order to spend lots of time in your yard figuring out the best way to come back and break in later that night. Also, don’t believe people who show up on your doorstep claiming “This is the house I grew up in! Can I come in and look around?” The answer is “NO!” This may sound jaded, but a lot of the time these people are really just trying to mentally map the layout of the property in order to return later and rob you.

Background Checks Are The Only Way To Be Sure
The information you will receive from running a background check is always interesting and informative, but it also has the ability to save your life. A background check will let you know if the new neighbor is a sex offender, or if your future son-in-law has ever been convicted of domestic abuse, or if that student who wants to rent a room from you is really a closet klepto.

Kristen Bright is the social media consultant for Instant CheckmateInstant Checkmate is a personal criminal background check provider, and does not perform employment screening of any kind.

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