And Just WHAT Do Background Check Websites Do?

A person who is considering paying to use a background check website should start by understanding just what such a website will and will not do.  While some websites of this nature provide more information than others, they are usually not an unlimited source of information that will tell a person everything about another individual’s past, finances, family, etc. It is important to realize that how much information one is looking for will often determine the cost of using the site in question.

Criminal Information

A number of sites specialize in providing criminal information regarding any given individual. This information includes details of previous arrests such as crime committed and arrest date. It will also provide information regarding fines that one may have paid. Some websites will also let a person know if the individual in question is considered to be a terrorist, but not all sites provide this information.

Background Information

It is also possible to find background information on any given individual. This information includes previous addresses, aliases that may have been used and current address, phone number and email information. A person running a background check on another individual can also find out if the person in question has been married and/or divorced and whether or not one has ever had a run-in with the IRS or ever filed for bankruptcy.

Public Record Information

It is also possible to do a search for public record information. Such records include marriage, divorce, driver’s license and previous employment records. Most sites will also verify one’s Social Security number and a couple sites even provide information regarding one’s average yearly income.

Specialized Searches

While the above mentioned categories would seem to cover every possible type of search, there are some specialized searches that are provided by many, but not all, background check websites. These include IP address search, a search for one’s maiden name, and even expert assisted searches where the web service provides a private investigator to look through written documents that may not be available electronically. Other specialized search options include doing a reverse address, phone number and/or email search.


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Background check websites provide a wealth of information. However, using sites of this nature can be costly, so you will want to boil the search down to the information that he or she needs. Once a person has done this, he or she will be better able to find the website that best suits his or her needs

And remember…a good background check is never free.

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