The Use Of Backlit Graphics

In film or television it is extremely likely that you will have seen backlit graphics used at some point and they are a desirable feature.
A lot of different films have used backlit graphics such as Armageddon, Terminator 2 and The Fifth Element, to name but three, and it really is a product in high demand. There are massive benefits and these include the fact that they are easy to store, move around and assemble. It could also quite conceivably be suggested that the assembly does not really require all that much, rather just pulling up the sign that is rolled into the base then attaching the hook to the stand. Backlit graphics are protected from being ruined as they are either put up or encased in the base and depending on which material you get, they are easy to clean as well.
What are printed back drops used for?
The graphics are used in theatre as it is easier to move them about as opposed to stage props and the old walls that could potentially fall on you. Movie scenes also often have the graphics because they can be made to any size and are cheaper than taking a full cast to the actual destination. Once the filming has ended they can then be used in the depot for further promotion, backdrops at press conferences, promotional parties and charity events. In the case of the latter, everyone can read all about the cause of the themed event and the look of a room can be changed without having to paint and wallpaper. Other examples are bar and café areas where backlit graphics can be used as signs for offers and to attract new business. They can also be used at photo shoots to get that perfect lighting that makes the model stand out and there is even talk of using them at weddings.
Advertising is something that every business has to do at some point or on an ongoing basis as it is simply everywhere. Imagine being able to advertise somewhere one day and move it on the next. If you are going to an exhibition after all bigger is better and high impact is essential.

backlit graphics

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How much is this advertising station going to cost compared to other methods? These are some comparisons:
o    Mobile bill boards             £2000
o    Large billboard on the high street    £7-8000
o    25 seconds of radio per week         £250 – 1000
o    Full page advert in a newspaper     up to £10000
o    Roller banner printed backdrops     £100 – 300 Average size(1000mm wide x  2130mm high)
o    Full stand display with two wings      £699
With these graphics your advertising looks fresh, new and you can take it anywhere.

Article written by Scott McLean representing the graphics printing company who specialise in all kinds of display sizes and types –

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