1. yvonne t. says:

    Facebook has become so HUGE and PHENOMENAL that it is now very widely used that it has also been a place for those who wants to advertise on their businesses. Well, if you think about it Facebook is a free to all website, that it would be the best place for you to have your own online business plus the advantage to advertise freely. However since FB (slang term) is used by all kinds of people, you must be aware of scammers! You should not trust anyone, and I mean ANYONE you don’t know! Cyberspace is the best place for scammers, so you should always BEWARE in all transactions made through FB. Always check your privacy settings especially when you post something on your wall, you might not want everyone seeing things you don’t want to. Also, DON’T do something foolish, keep in mind that Facebook is a SOCIAL NETWORKING site and many people out there can see you. For your information statistics shows there are more new Facebook users signing up everyday than having babies born in this world! Isn’t that amazing!

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