How to Improve Laptop Battery Life

One of the biggest computer maintenance dilemmas is how to improve laptop battery life. There are several simple practices that will actually help to extend and improve your laptop’s battery life.

Turn off, unplug, eject, disable and close – everything that’s not in use

Your computer settings above all have a huge part to play in helping improve laptop battery life. Firstly, if you don’t plan on using the internet then switch off the wireless card. If you are connected to the internet but not using the internet browser, close it. Lower down your volume level, or better yet mute it if you aren’t going to use it anyway. Dim your light or reduce the LCD’s brightness level, there are several computer settings that you can adjust (keep them at the lowest level, as much as possible) that can contribute a lot in saving battery life.


Disable your Bluetooth, especially when you don’t need it and don’t plan to use it. Turn off all ports (VGA, Ethernet, PCMCIA, USB) that you aren’t going to use, eject and unplug all external devices of your laptop like USB mouse, pen drive, DVD, hard disk and others when no longer in use.

Limit programs and applications running in the background, as much as possible try not to multi-task. Keeping several windows and applications open can further drain your laptop’s battery. Pause and delay scheduled tasks; this can eat up a large amount of battery life. Use the power management settings or options that are built in on your laptop. These have power schemes you can customize to optimize use of your computer’s battery life.

Battery care

Proper battery care is the most preventive measure to increase your laptop battery life. Anything that’s appropriately cared for is sure to last long. Make sure to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures – leaving your laptop under direct sunlight or in a closed car can deteriorate not only the battery but your computer’s life as well. Avoid propping your laptop on a pillow or blanket that can heat up, instead use a cooling pad when using it. Also, always check and keep the battery contacts clean. Inspect air vents and make sure they aren’t blocked or clogged so that heat will not generate and reduce laptop battery life.

Other ways to improve battery life

Defragging your hard drive surely helps a lot in lengthening your laptop’s battery life. Organizing the clutters of files, software and applications make your laptop run faster using less battery. Add more RAM if you can. The larger the memory, the faster your laptop operates, and in effect, less battery is consumed. Lastly, a very simple way to improve laptop battery life – shut down or hibernate your laptop instead of leaving it in standby mode, especially when you are unsure how long before you can get back to your computer.

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