Where To Shoot Great Animal Stock Photos

As a professional photographer, I sometimes wonder about increasing my income and revenue through ways in which my presence isn’t necessary. Stock photos are a great way to do this, since I can sell each image multiple times for profit. It’s like selling prints, except I don’t have to worry about mailing or ordering. When […]

Seven Water Saving Tips

The majority of the earth’s make-up is water. However, we cannot use all the water on the earth. The problem is the chemicals and saline in the water that prevents us from using the water – imagine washing your car with water from the sea, by the time you finish it will be a rust […]

Wonderful Wildlife in Wales!

Of the many places within the British Isles that offer the day tripper, casual visitor or holidaymaker an outstanding experience in terms of landscape and wildlife, Wales is right up there in the premier league. The Best in Wildlife Wales offers unrivalled access to some of the most beautifully lush, verdant countryside, rugged mountain areas […]