Earth Post Apocalypse

I am now left wondering just how soon it will be before life on Earth as we know it completely implodes. Every day another country descends into civil war and it seems like there are more refugees than permanent residents on the planet. There are several nations where the regimes in power will soon have […]

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A New World: More Expats Expect To Stay Abroad Permanently

Changing  demographics Over time, all demographics change – this is just the way of things. Whereas once the expatriate was probably quite a limited demographic in terms of attributes, it’s become something much more complex, nuanced, and dynamic. In times past the typical expatriate would have been a staff member of a certain skill level […]

Where To Shoot Great Animal Stock Photos

As a professional photographer, I sometimes wonder about increasing my income and revenue through ways in which my presence isn’t necessary. Stock photos are a great way to do this, since I can sell each image multiple times for profit. It’s like selling prints, except I don’t have to worry about mailing or ordering. When […]

The Earth’s Oil Reserves

Even though crude oil is still extensively available in the Earth’s crust, it isn’t by any means an endless resource. At some point in time, it will be inevitably exhausted. The demand for crude oil has increased by exponentially over the past few decades. Nevertheless, the discovery of new oil reserves and investment in the […]

Is It Time To Get Yourself Up To Date?

Do you ever have the feeling that you are a bit out of touch when you hear other people talk about what is going on in the world? It is easy to fall behind the times these days but getting back up to speed needn’t be too difficult. Watch the News, or Listen to It […]

Preparing For Disasters

Not only is it important to know how to deal with disasters like fires, floods, natural disasters, you need to know how to deal with the aftermath. The most overlooked fact is that the best way to deal with a disaster is to be prepared beforehand, so that you know what to do afterwards. There’s […]

Seven Water Saving Tips

The majority of the earth’s make-up is water. However, we cannot use all the water on the earth. The problem is the chemicals and saline in the water that prevents us from using the water – imagine washing your car with water from the sea, by the time you finish it will be a rust […]

How Do Astronauts Keep Clean In Space?

Sometimes we take it for granted just how easy and convenient it is to stay clean: imagine how much of a problem this could pose if you were crammed into a multi-billion dollar space-station, surrounded by high-tech, but sensitive equipment in an environment where all liquid is prone to forming spheres and floating off! Astronauts […]

How Should We Be Fighting The War on Drugs?

Drugs are an ever-increasing problem in our country. The National Institute on Drug Abuse did a survey on drug use in our schools. In that survey, 40% of High School seniors said they took some illegal drug in the last year. Forty percent! Drugs are hitting our youth younger and younger, and by the time […]

Britain’s Close Cypriot Relationship

Britain has long had a close relationship with Cyprus and retains a 3,500 strong tri-service military presence on the island as a strategic location at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, which can be used as a staging point for Middle East and Asian operations. Historically, the British Colonial period in Cyprus began, when in […]

Solar, Water Or Wind Power – Which Is Most Likely To Succeed

Everybody knows that the reserves of fossil fuels are finite and they will one day get depleted. According to recent studies, humans consume fuels that are the equivalent of 11 billion tons of fossil fuels on an annual basis. The growing human population and the high consumption rates indicate that fossil fuels will get depleted […]

Solar Power – Making the Switch is Easy

Solar power has become a very attractive alternative to traditional power delivery systems. Solar power generates power on site, instead of at a power plant like with a traditional system. Solar power has several advantages, all of which contribute to solar power’s growing popularity. The Advantages of Renewable Energy One of the major advantages of […]

Top Countries for Human Trafficking

Human trafficking statistics are compelling. The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking suggests that each day there are an estimated 2.5 million people living in conditions of forced labor, including 270,000 in industrialized countries. Seventy percent of all trafficked persons are women and children and the average age between 18 and 24 years; 1.2 […]

Moving Overseas? Top Ten Tips For Expatriates

The giant leap The first – and perhaps most obvious – thing to say about moving overseas is that, yes, it’s a big step. A giant leap, even. But while that’s a given, if you’re considering becoming an expat, then it’s worth keeping this in mind at all times, and making sure you never underestimate […]

Wonderful Wildlife in Wales!

Of the many places within the British Isles that offer the day tripper, casual visitor or holidaymaker an outstanding experience in terms of landscape and wildlife, Wales is right up there in the premier league. The Best in Wildlife Wales offers unrivalled access to some of the most beautifully lush, verdant countryside, rugged mountain areas […]

Cities with the Olympic Effect

During the summer of 2012, the eyes of the world focused on London as the Olympic Games came to town. The sporting festival is perhaps the biggest and greatest show on earth, and the appearance of many of the planet’s finest athletes, cyclists, rowers, boxers et al ensures high excitement and huge TV viewing figures. […]

5 Tips to Becoming Acquainted With a New Neighborhood

this post answers the following questions 1. What is the best way to get acquainted with your neighbor? 2. What is the easiest ways to get acquainted to your neighbor? 3. Is finding an organization can help you get acquaintedwith your neighbor? 4. How is getting a hob at your local store can help you […]

5 Classic Military Battles That Changed The World

The Battle of Hastings In October of 1066, the Norman conquest of England reached its final climax. The English army—under the leadership of King Harold II—was defeated by William II, Duke of Normandy. He became King of England, and is referred to as William, The Conqueror. The Norman rulers replaced the old English aristocracy. This […]

How to Find the Easiest Country to Migrate To

Are you thinking about changing location? Do you want to migrate? If yes, you have to be warned then that migrating to many popular locations is not very easy.

How to Immigrate to South Korea

Immigrating to South Korea is considered more difficult that immigrating into other countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, or Japan. This is because only a very small amount of immigrants are given a permanent resident (PR) status. Moreover, South Korea is considered a hermit kingdom or a country that doesn’t encourage discourse with other countries […]

How to Migrate to the USA as a Fiance

According to the observations of some experts, a newly-married man or woman migrating to the US is not exactly the same as a fiance doing the same thing. According to the theories, a fiance is still unmarried, thus he still belongs to the single classification.

How to Convert a Tourist Visa Into an Immigrant Visa

The non-immigrant visas are for the international travellers, entering US on a temporary basis. These travellers come to the United States for a plethora of reasons: tourism, medical treatment, and maybe even business.

Five Easiest Ways to Migrate to the USA

There are more than a few ways on which one could migrate to the US. There have been (and still do) cases of illegal migration over the years, but in view of the very strict security being employed now, more and more of those people are getting caught.

Changing Your New Zealand Student Visa to a Permanent Residence Status

Foreigners studying in New Zealand using a student visa may find that they want to make New Zealand their home after a few years of staying there.  The application for a permanent residency for New Zealand is possible if you make the jump from a student visa to a work visa and finally to a […]

Applying for a Japanese Long term Residence Status as a Spouse of a Japanese National

Foreigners can apply for a long-term residence status in Japan if they are married to a Japanese national.  A long-term residence status is a special visa category that does not limit the kind of activities the foreigner is allowed to engage in her or his length of stay.  However, this kind of title is only […]

Applying for a Visa through the Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program

The Canadian Experience Class is the new category in Canadian immigration that extends work permits to temporary workers and students who want to work and study in the country while giving them the chance to become permanent residents and eventually, Canadian citizens.  Canadian Immigration started to accept applications under this new category in 2008. What […]

Applying for a Singaporean Permanent Residence Status

Application for Singapore citizenship is a huge opportunity for many foreigners.  A new life in Singapore begins with an Entry Permit for foreigners hoping to become Singapore Permanent Residents.  The application processing usually takes three months, with results announced through the mail. Eligibility for a Singaporean permanent residence status Foreigners falling under the following qualifications […]

Applying for an Australian Fiance Visa

Is your fiance an Australian and you are a foreigner to his or her home country?  Do you wish to enter Australia to marry him or her?  If your answer to these two questions is a “yes,” then it is imperative that you first apply and get a Prospective Marriage (Fiance) visa. The application for […]

Applying for a US Visa as a Religious Worker

There are different kinds of visas offered in the United States—one of them specific for religious workers.  The US provides two visa categories for religious workers: temporary status for non-immigrants and legal permanent status for immigrants.  The non-immigrant visa allows ministers and persons of religious vocation to work in the US for 5 years.  After […]

Applying for European Union Visa

If you’re planning to travel to any European Union (EU) country, you will need an EU visa.  But applying for one can take days to accomplish, what with all the forms you must answer and the requirements you need to prepare.  But to accomplish the task easily, below are 5 steps you can follow.  Spare […]