How To Deal With Restaurant Waste Water

This post answers the following questions 1) What can clog your restaurant’s sewage system? 2) Why do Grease Skimming Devices should be installed in all restaurants? 3) How can you effectively dispose of the waste water in your restaurant? 4) What to do with restaurant waste water? 5) What are the effects of using chemical […]

Eco-Friendly Industrial Waste Management

this post answers the following questions 1. What shredding services maybe used for? 2. What is onsite paper shredding? 3. What is Offsite paper shredding? 4. What is E-waste destruction? 5. What is industrial Shredding? Shredding services may be used for environmental reasons, for waste management purposes or for security, depending on the type of […]

You Wheelie Need to Hide that Waste!

Wheelie bins have transformed my neighbourhood.  There is something very simple yet effective about this bin design.  Since the local council introduced wheelie bins to my local area the incidents of rubbish in the street has dropped dramatically. PHOTO CREDITS: When Seagulls Attack The main problem in my area is the seagulls.  I live […]