New Years’ Resolution: Increasing Self Confidence

Between 80% and 90% of women report being unhappy with what they see in the mirror, so it’s no wonder why one of the most popular New Years’ resolutions is to improve body image and physical appearance. Whether it’s going to the gym, whitening your teeth with cosmetic dentistry, or eating healthier, more and more […]

How to Become More of an Alpha Male

Deep down, every man has fantasies of being more of an alpha male (except those who are already alpha male enough I presume…). That means being the kind of guy that other guys look up to, and the kind of guy who gives off confidence and self-esteem. It means being the guy who naturally emerges […]

How to Use Personal Development to Stay Clean and Sober

Are you resolute to remain clean and sober? Working on your mental tools can make all the difference in the world as you travel through rehabilitation. People who stay sober simply make a blanket decision to stop using, no matter what temptations might arise along the way. You can live the life you always dreamed […]

Don’t Make it too Personal. Wanna Know Why?

Why creating your ‘perfect’ office could be bad for business Setting up a new business can be a liberating experience. It’s a chance to create something exactly the way you want it – and that includes the office. You no longer have to endure the harsh lights, uncomfortable chairs or cluttered layouts designed by someone […]

7 Steps to Transform Yourself From Victim to Creator

this post answers the following questions 1. How to transform yourself by focusing in improvement? 2. Why seek solution can transform yourself? 3. Why transforming yourself mean you should stop complaining? 4. Why you should understand that transforming yourself while having problems are just temporary? 5. Why you should stay positive while transforming yourself? 7 […]

Servitude and The Wrong Way

Servitude If you believe and agree with everything you see and read, you will be deceived beyond belief. And I may not agree with what you say, but i’ll defend till the end your right to speak today. Because in these times of universal deceit, a revolutionary act is in the truth we speak. So […]

Tips On Nerding It Out In Your Final Year

Your final year of university is often the most important part of your three or four years. You’ll want to make the most of your final year of student hood and that all starts with structuring your time to make sure you can fit in all your responsibilities. While your first couple of years might […]

7 Steps to Transform Yourself From Victim to Creator

The only thing any of us have control over in this world is that thing between our ears. You can’t dictate what happens to you, or command the consciousness of other people. Perception is everything, and learning how to be the master of your own mind can change the way you live. Learn how to […]

A Look At Job Climate Surveys

Even if you think your company is looking good and profits are where you want them to be, it is worth making sure you are not missing the human connection. While it can be handy to reduce your workforce down to a series of codes in a computerized filing system, this is sure to lead […]

Climbing The Steps To Self-Esteem

The word “Self-Esteem” is tossed around loosely, but what does it really mean? The two key components we need to look at are: Confidence and Satisfaction. I want to take you on a quick journey so you can understand how to elevate your esteem level. The Assessment Until I learned to do a proper self […]

How To Overcome Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back

Don’t let your bad habits hold you back in life.

Overcoming Inferiority Complex

Do you feel bad about yourself? Are you not satisfied with who you are? If yes, these ugly feelings you feel about yourself come from your low self-esteem.

How to Value Your Self-worth After a Nasty Break-up

this post answers the following questions 1. Is it right to put the blame to yourself on break ups? 2. What is the first step in the road of recovery after break ups? 3. How talking to your friends or family can help you recover? 4. How compatibility leads to a break up? 5. How […]

How to See the Good in Yourself Even If Others Don’t

A lot of people often live their lives with insecurities and fears weighing them down that most of the time that they don’t get to see the happier side of their existence.  Many of these fears stem from having self-esteem issues that when looked closely at shouldn’t have been paid much attention and time to […]

How to Know If You Have Self-Esteem Issues In your Personal Relationships

People with self-esteem issues may find it hard to establish or maintain relationships with other individuals because they themselves can’t establish a healthy relationship with themselves.  Though you say it’s only your problem and yours alone, those who care about you cannot help but be affected by your inner struggles with yourself.  Having someone to […]

How to Improve Your Self-esteem When You Just Lost Your Job

With recession encroaching even on the largest and most successful companies, you may find yourself part of a growing group of men and women who have been left without a job.  The anxiety and frustration this event gives you can be a bit too much to handle.  If you let these feelings linger long, you […]

How to Feel Good About Yourself When Battling With Body Issues

Many women attribute their low self-esteem to how they perceive their physical selves.  Fat, skinny, too tall, and too short are just a few of the words that are seen as very far or inferior from the so-called “perfect figure” ascribed by the media.  This poor perception of one’s body usually starts at a young […]

How to Boost Confidence for an Office Presentation

When it comes to work and business, the boardroom is the most revered and the most feared place in the office.  Here, the bigwigs of the company gather together to discuss and hear about the most important things.  Presenting a proposal or a report to the esteemed men and women of the board can wreak […]

How to Amp Up your Confidence Just Before a Competition

It’s the big day of the competition and you’re all strung out over it.  Whether it’s a spelling contest in the third grade or a nationwide intercollegiate competition for the best solar-powered engines, a lot of people wring their stomachs out for fear of humiliation or failure even before the contest starts.  However, instead of […]