Why do men cheat?

If you are looking for a classic question, you might want to start with ‘why do men cheat’? Seriously. Sure, it is not as popular as ‘what is truth’ or ‘what is love,’ but legions of women have asked this question through the ages. Sadly, the answer is never clear cut. There is no one […]

How to get someone back

Soon after your breakup, your mind might be racing from the heights of figuring out how to get someone back to the depths of feeling lonely, worthless, or unlovable. This is normal. Don’t beat yourself up. Relationships break up all the time. What’s important is that you let your emotions play out so you’re not […]

Unfolding The Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction And Depression

Is there a link between depression and erectile dysfunction? Well, research says yes. According to one study, about 35 to 50 percent of people who suffer from depression face problems in their sex life. Another study says that 82 percent of men, who suffer from erectile dysfunction experience depression symptoms. What is the link between […]

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Why Did My Husband Cheat? Is It You Or Him?

Catching your husband cheating or learning about the act can leave you devastated and discouraged. You don’t need to actually see him doing something with his mistress for you to imagine what they could be doing when they are together. You will definitely begin thinking about the other woman—what does she look like, what she […]

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Valentine’s Day: A Make-or-break Date For Your Relationship?

Whether you love it or love to loathe it, that time of year is rapidly approaching when lovers the world over celebrate Valentine’s Day. Although it’s sometimes dubbed Hallmark Day and Singles Awareness Day by the less romantically inclined, Valentine’s Day is serious business for some: it can be a make-or-break time for your relationship. […]

New Year’s Resolutions For Couples

The new year is a great time for setting new goals but trying to do them on your own can be a tough ask. Try making resolutions with your partner and it will help to keep you both motivated and give you a great excuse to spend more time together and share in a common […]

Privacy And Personal Happiness

Privacy is a Large Part of Personal Happiness Tony Testore made it clear in the companies early development when he spoke of philosophies on why he felt privacy and the desire for it would continue to be very appealing. As we become more and more public as a society at large and our personal and […]

The History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was originally known as ‘St Valentine’s day’ or ‘The feast of St Valentine.’ Now we know it as a largely commercialised day in which we exchange gifts with our loved one. It is celebrated on the 14th of February every year in many countries across the world.  But why do we celebrate it […]

Relationship Quotes Can Be Very Powerful

This post answers the following questions 1) How do quotes can be powerful? 2) Who is William Shakespeare? 3) Where did William Shakespeare specialized? 4) How to find instant information? 5) Where can you find quotes? What Do We Get from Quotations? Some of the best messages related to life can be extracted from quotes […]

Bring Your Pen Pal Home!

Do you have a pen pal? Someone you’ve known for a long time, maybe years, but never met face to face? Sure, with today’s social media platforms most of us know people we’ve never met in person, but seldom with the same level of intimacy you get with a good, old fashioned pen and paper […]