Work Productivity Tips And Advice

This post answers the following questions 1) What is essential in one’s career and is one of the elements for success? 2) What are the best tips around to keep productivity in the work place rife? 3) How to increase work productivity? 4) Why do you need to eliminate any distractions? 5) Why should you […]

Top Four Least Advisable Things to do with Office Supplies

Work can definitely get boring in a typical office – and surprisingly, bitter office politics and infighting tend to make everything more dull, rather than less. However boring it gets, though, I recommend that you stick to making little men out of paperclips rather than attempting to alleviate your tedium with any of the following […]

The Anatomy of a Boss from Hell

A boss from hell is an unfortunate thing many people have experienced. Even though they may come in many different forms, these horrible bosses all have similar traits and characteristics. A boss from hell truly does not value the employee. He only wants people to get his work done faster than before so the company […]

Chic Tips to Staying Cool: Summer Work Office Outfits

Not everyone is allowed to wear shorts and a tank to work as the temperature increases, so here is a quick guide to looking classy at work while staying cool.

Put It Off: How to Procrastinate

No one really needs a guide on how to procrastinate.  You just don’t do your work until you absolutely have to.  Of course, if you’ve ever procrastinated too long, or let a big paper get you down while in the middle of your important procrastination, then you know that procrastination isn’t always the cake walk […]

Is Your Job Killing You

Job stress is not that serious; is it? Simply stated, yes, it is. Research has proven stress can have a negative impact on a person’s health, and job stress is not an exception. Most people spend the majority of their lives at work doing forty hours or more at an office. So what is it […]

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits

US unemployment benefits are a form of monetary compensation given to a qualified worker who has become unemployed because of no fault on his or her own. Due to the recent economic recession, many companies have closed down and terminated their employees. In response to this, the US government has created several programs that can […]

Unemployment Survival Tips During the Recession

Recession has a great impact on many people’s lives. Because of recession, many families faced home foreclosures.

How to Ask for a Raise (if you think you deserve it)

So you have come to the time in your career when you believe that you are not getting enough from what you have been turning in.  You have been in the company for a long while now, and you really believe that you deserve that salary raise. The question is, do you really deserve it?  […]