From One Woman To Another: How To Change A Tyre

I pride myself on being pretty knowledgeable when it comes to most things. I read a lot, stay abreast with all current affairs…but when it comes to changing a tyre, I am absolutely clueless. I know that my spare tyre is in the trunk of my car, but that’s about where my knowledge ends. So […]

A Funny Guide To The World’s Worst Drivers

They exist all over the world, in every town and village, but who are truly the world’s worst drivers, and why? Here is a little selection of ten cities whose drivers are certainly vying for the title.   Kuala Lumpur: This place mostly gets its bad rap for the quality of its taxi drivers. Tourists […]

Pittman’s Top 8 Road Safety Tips

Never use your mobile phone whilst driving    How many times have you seen a businessman being pulled over by a road traffic official after having once hand on his/her steering wheel and the other on a mobile device? I see this at least once a week, making or receiving a call whilst driving can […]

Simple Steps To Selling Your Car Online

Sell Your Car Quickly & Easily With a wide variety of websites out there and adverts telling you how easy it is to sell your car online you would be forgiven for feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the options. Who do you go with, what do YOU need to do. Will they pick up your car? […]

The Essentials Of A Family Car

In general – a family car is a car that has 5 seats, lots of storage room and enough space for the entire family. Family cars must have sufficient baggage space as well as spacious seats with enough legroom. It should not only be suitable for long-distance voyages, but it should also offer exceptional comfort. […]

Five Of The Top 4×4’s On The Market

With snow, wind and rain on the UK weather menu once again, more and more people are thinking big when it comes to cars. They want a vehicle which not only looks great and gets them from A to B, but also one that keeps them safe and is sturdy enough to fight the harsh […]

Top Custom Car Trends Of 2012

In case you missed it, 2012 experienced a seismic shift in custom car trends. Forget about Mustangs and Camaros, these days the hottest motors tend to be ones that were previously neglected. Just like wearing Christmas jumpers, the uncool has become the new cool. Just look at hip hop singer and DJ Will.I.Am. His $700,000 […]

Top 10 Tips For Hiring Cars Abroad (Mileage, Dents, Fuel, Insurance)

Hiring a car abroad has been made much easier by travel sites offering the latest deals from major car hire companies like Avis and Hertz, most of which are now based at airports. Getting the best deals on car hire abroad can still take a bit of research, however, as car hire rates can vary […]

How To Strike A Great Deal When Shopping For Used Cars In Las Vegas ?

With so many options available these days, buying a car is no longer an easy task and it becomes even more complex is you are planning to buy used cars. When buying a new car, you can research the market about price, performance and life of car and simply approach any car dealer to make […]

The Essential Guide To Choosing A Washing Machine

A new washing machine is a big investment which should see you through the next ten years so you need to be sure that you make the right choice. There are a number of factors to consider but ultimately you need to think about how often you use your washing machine, what sort of fabrics […]

Is It Worth Buying A New Car?

When entertaining the idea of buying a new or used car, your choice may depend mainly on how much you’d like to spend. According to recent CNW Marketing Research survey the average transaction price for new cars was $29,916. And this was before both taxes and fees.  Compare and contrast this figure with the average […]

Show Off Your Chevy

A relatively new car show is on the scenes in West Michigan.  The southern end of Grand Rapids is now home to the 28th Street Metro Cruise for a weekend every August.  This two day, show stopping event began in 2005 when the local chamber of commerce devised the Cruise to boost business in the […]

Three Things To Look For When Buying A Used Car

So you need a fresh set of wheels but you’re on a strict budget… now what? An obvious solution to save money on a vehicle is to buy a used car rather than a brand new one. More and more people are beginning to look for used cars over brand new cars due to the […]

Eight Smart Reasons Why Your Garage Should be Home to Your Cars Not Your Tools

Keeping a car in a garage seems like a no-brainer for people who live in certain areas, and there certainly are many practical reasons for keeping a car in a garage. Here are eight of them. Protection From the Elements Keeping a car in a garage means keeping it safe from all the potential weather […]

The Beginning Of The Year Can Be A Fantastic Time To Buy A Car

One of the worst times of the year for many Americans is January 1st. This is not because many have imbibed in holiday drinks and are now suffering from hangovers – although this can be painful as well. No, the reason why many Americans dread this day is because they must pay their credit card […]

4 Things To Consider When To Buying A New Car

So it’s that time again to buy a new car. Whether you’ve been driving for fifty years or five years, buying a new car is no easy decision. With so many options to choose from, it can become a stressful process, however, it’s important to put a lot of thought into what you’d like your […]

Why Chevy Is The Best Choice For Texas

Whether you are cruising down a major Texas highway, driving through heavy traffic in Dallas-Fort Worth, or speeding along on the open road, you need the right Chevy truck, car, or SUV for your everyday use.  If you are looking for a Chevy in McAllen, Texas or San Antonio, Texas, you need a dependable vehicle […]

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Next Vehicle

Buying your next car should be a fun and exciting time but often turns into a stressful and frustrating experience due to the large variety of options. In order to avoid becoming stressed out over choosing your next vehicle, it’s important to first consider all of your options and then slowly eliminate the options that […]

The IIHS Of Virginia Chooses Nissan Altima As A Top Safety Pick Among 12 Others

Recently the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released their list of its 2013 top performers in safety according to crash tests they conducted. A total of 117 cars earned the distinction of Top Safety Pick, with 13 cars garnering Top Safety Pick+ honors, including the 2013 Nissan Altima, now available at all Virginia Nissan dealers. […]

Improve Your Dangerous Driving

Being able to drive on public roads is such a pleasure, so you should never take this opportunity for granted. If you have worked hard and paid a lot of money to get your driving license then you should never risk losing it. It is very easy to lose your license due to dangerous driving, […]

Looking for a compact MPV? Here Are Five Of The Best

For a family looking for extra room to ship themselves to and from school, the grandparents or just for a family holiday, MPVs provide a number of benefits. An MPV or Multipurpose vehicle, offers the average family a lot of space and also plenty of versatility. This blog looks at five of the best compact […]

Tips For Getting The Best Price On Your New Car

If you are in the market for a new car but you want to make sure that you get the best price, then keep reading. Getting the best price on a new car is not as difficult especially when you know what you are doing and what to expect from a dealer. Most dealers will […]

How to Choose a Charity

Supporting a charity is a great thing to do with your spare time and extra cash that will give something back to the planet and that will help give you a feeling of making a real difference and doing something that matters. If you have spare time or money to give, then choosing to use […]

How to Make Your Car More Energy Efficient

When it comes to the myriad ways that we create pollution on a daily basis, few things have as much of a profound effect on the environment as the way we use our vehicles. Most of us will drive several times a day, to and from our place of work for instance and every time […]

Centenary of Titanic

This year is the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic. There will be events in Southampton, Cherbourg, Cobh, New York .. and especially Belfast. The city has just opened in the middle of Belfast Titanic shipyards that once built the largest ship in the world. It all started 100 years ago, the world’s largest […]

Summer and Winter Electricity Saving Tips

Your electricity price is probably something that you dread in both the winter and summer months. This is because during the summer months you are trying to stay cool and during the winter months you are trying to stay warm. This article is going to help you be able to save on your electricity bill […]

Solving The Problem Of Energy Labels

After an episode of ‘This Week’ on the BBC, which featured Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, I want to take this time to understand the thoughts of others about energy labels that are misleading, when looking into the efficiency of boilers for hot water and heating. There have been pressures in the UK consumers, since […]

How to Choose a Quality Cigar

Cigars are an acquired taste. You’ll find that many who smoke cigars do not smoke cigarettes, and there are tons of people who don’t smoke at all who will succumb to the silky draw of a quality cigar on special occasions. Cigarettes are more commonly smoked because they are tobacco wrapped in paper and other […]

Civil War Weapons Vs. Today’s

The weapons that our Civil War soldiers dragged into battle probably seemed cutting edge to them. Many of the soldiers on both sides of the battle still carried muzzle-loaded muskets like the 0.58-caliber Springfield or 0.69-caliber Harpers Ferry into battle. This meant that every time a soldier fired, he had to reload the weapon at […]

Domestic Gas Meter, what are your options?

Did you know you had a choice of what type of gas meter to have in your home? Possibly not, and many people don’t. Credit meters are those that get read on a regular basis and for which you receive a quarterly bill, and a prepaid meter are those that have a top up card […]