How to Make Your Car More Energy Efficient

When it comes to the myriad ways that we create pollution on a daily basis, few things have as much of a profound effect on the environment as the way we use our vehicles. Most of us will drive several times a day, to and from our place of work for instance and every time […]

How to Change a Tyre in 5 Easy Steps

This post answers the following questions 1) How to change a tyre? 2) What steps in changing a tyre are available? 3) What do you need in changing a tyre? 4) Why learning to change a tyre is a must have skill for all men? 5) Why do you need to have a jack, a […]

Don’t Be Stuck by The Side of the Road – Maintain Your Auto Battery this Fall

Our vehicles start with standard lead acid automobile batteries.  Simply put if cannot start ( or turn over) your engine through electrical current provided by your truck or car’s battery you simply do no have reliable transportation to get you to work , do family errands or putter you around.   Batteries have to maintained and […]

Importance of Picking the Right Tires for Your Car

Owning a car carries an accompanying obligation to see to it that it is properly maintained. Once you own a car, you just simply sit on the driver’s seat and then enjoy your travel on the road. In reality, there is more to it than just the joy of a ride because daily use of […]

How to Replace Your Emergency Brake

Many people have never had to actually utilize their emergency brake (also referred to as an e-brake, parking brake, or hand brake), but that does not make it any less an integral part of your vehicle. The fact of the matter is that the e-brake is there so that if your hydraulic brakes fail or […]

Auto Owners for Safety’s Sake Know How to Lift Your Car or Truck’s Hood

Driving down the road or highway it seems the universal S.O.S distress symbol.  Either the car is not working, has some type of mechanical trouble , may of been involved in an auto collision or perhaps the truck , car , mini-van , SUV or other type of automobile driver simply needs assistance. In 2012, […]

Making Your Fuel Last Longer

As fuel prices keep rising, getting better fuel economy is a simple way to keep more money in your pocket. Here are some tips on saving money by going longer between fill-ups. Plan trips in advance. Make a list of things you need and get more done in each trip. This won’t really increase your […]

Car Parts That Fail Over Time

Depending on how well we drive and how careful we are, our cars may pick up more or less damage than others. Careless drivers are more likely to have collisions while also putting the car under more stress, whereas more gentle drivers are kinder to their cars and would probably not have an accident. No […]

Let Your Senses Guide Your Safety: Definite Reasons To Pull Your Vehicle Over

There is little else in this world that allows a person to survive than their dependency upon their 5 senses. They allow you to see danger coming, hear it approaching, taste its poisonous elements, smell its noxious odors, and feel its cold grasp. Without our senses, we would be nothing, with no way to learn […]

Easy Ways to Aesthetically Soup Up Your Car

Easy Ways to Aesthetically Soup Up Your Car Adding style and distinction to a stock model car or truck, by enhancing its appearance with aesthetically pleasing upgrades, makes a dramatic statement and personalizes any vehicle. Simple additions such as, installing rims or spoilers, vanity license plates, or window tinting dramatically alter any vehicle’s image, significantly […]

Learn How to Fix Auto Paint Scratches Cheaply

Having a car means dealing with many things, including those dreaded and often unavoidable paint scratches. The scratch may be unavoidable but the cost doesn’t have to be. Usually, scratches don’t require repair by a professional, so instead of spending the money, follow these rules for repairing paint scratches at home. Photo Credits: Don’t Ignore […]

Maintaining Your Businesses Fleet – The Importance of Running a Tight Ship

If your business is revolves around the use of trucks and other vehicles then you probably already understand the importance of fleet maintenance. There just is no way around it. It is something that should be done for the life of the vehicles in use. It’s important for many reasons. The safety of those driving […]

Do You Know How Old Your Tires Are?

How often do you check out your car’s tires? Chances are that we only notice our tires when they’ve become obviously deflated or when you start swerving as you drive. And even if you are the type to replace your tires according to your car’s instructions, you can never really be sure if you’re buying […]

Should Winter Tyres Be Mandatory In The UK?

It’s surprising that the UK has been in the company of its European brethren for as long as it has without following their lead on the subject of winter tyres. There’s still a debate going on about the introduction of these tyres as a compulsory measure, but should they be mandatory? Changing Winds The weather […]

Save Fuel Costs By Making Sure You Take Care Of Your Car Tires

Considering the cost of insurance, fuel, and payments on a vehicle, driving can certainly be an expensive undertaking. Nobody likes to throw their hard-earned money out of the window. That is why drivers need to be more aware of how their tires can affect fuel costs over time. The next time you experience pain at […]

My New Car Is a Dud, Now What?

Find Out If You Need a Lemon Law Lawyer You have finally bought that new car you’ve been wanting for quite some time now. You drive it off the lot. The new car smell is intoxicating. The new leather seats are glistening in the sun coming in through the power sun roof. Everyone is staring […]

Rust and Pre-emptive Car Care

Do you love your car? Do you wash it and vacuum the insides every week? That’s simply not enough and far too superficial. The motorcar is one of man’s greatest creations and you should respect it if only for your own benefit. Look after your car properly and it’ll give you years of joy, hold […]

Four Reasons Why Regular Vehicle Check-ups are Vital

In the time of Henry Ford’s Model T, the car owner who understands how the automobile functions can service it virtually anywhere, because cars are much simpler then. Today, the growing sophistication of a car’s workings has effectively transferred maintenance from the owner to the shop. A standard checkup could involve about 50 (or more) adjustments […]

Quick Checks that can Save your Van – and your Business

Considering the busy lives we seem to live these days, it’s perhaps not surprising that so many motorists fail to perform regular safety checks on their vehicles. The implication of forgetting these seemingly inconsequential tasks can be significant: forget to check your tyre pressure on the family car, and you may be the least loved […]

How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro

There’s nothing like a professional car cleaning. Running your car through the automatic wash just never even comes close to how great your car looks after the pros detail it. If you want to get your car as clean as they do, here are some tips. Pick the Right Place and Weather Before you even […]

Making A Car Last A Million Miles Takes Effort And A Little Luck

If you ask nearly every owner of a car that has successfully traveled over a million miles what the key is to their amazing success with their automobile, most will answer that the biggest secret is proper and regular maintenance. Oil changes are done with exceptional attention to scheduling, averaging about every 3,000 to 3,500 […]

Pimp Your Ride (on a budget)

With the new financial year coming up, issues with money are looming on everybody’s mind. You might be thinking about ways to get or save extra cash, or paying off your mortgage or your assets, like your car. If your car care is suffering because of your bad credit from a botched car financing deal, […]

Avoid Car Repair Shop Ripoffs with These 5 Tips

It can be tough to ensure that your car gets serviced properly, so here are a few tips to avoid car repair shop ripoffs.

How to Wax Your Car the Right Way

As everybody knows, a well waxed car is something that turns heads around in admiration.  And that makes it worthwhile to wax your own car.  Here are the ways on how to do it properly: Step 1:  Know which wax to get. Warning:  There are several types of wax out there: liquid wax, foam wax, […]

How to Check the Oil Level of Your Car

One of the simple car maintenance procedures that you can certainly do yourself is checking your car’s oil.  The process is simple and straightforward, you won’t need tools to do it.  All you would need is the dip stick that is included with your car. Step 1:  Turn the car off and let it sit […]

How to check for car overheating problems

Car overheating problems are easy to diagnose even if you are not a professional car technician.  This just entails a little knowledge about the different car parts and their functions.  The following are just few of the basic car parts that you should check once you experienced car overheating. Step 1:  See if there’s coolant […]

How to Check Your Tires’ Condition

You car is probably one of the most important property that you have.  For one, it makes your travel from your home to your work place hassle-free.  If you have your own car, you don’t have to wait for a cab or or fall in line on a bus stop.  Having your own car is […]