Buying A Lemon? The Complete Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

How is buying a used car like visiting a brothel? In the end, you’re pretty certain you’ll get screwed! When it comes to uncertainty, there is nothing that can be more uncertain than attempting to buy a used vehicle. Sure you can get the car-fax report, the salesperson can seem trustworthy, and the vehicle can […]

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All You Need To Know About Car Finance

All You Need To Know About Car Finance Car Buying Buying a car is one of the most expensive things that you may ever do in life. In fact, buying a car only comes second to buying a house in terms of expenses. Thus, it is very important to always make sure that you have […]

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Car In New Jersey Before You Even Go To The Lot

There’s no question that people in NJ do a lot of driving. That’s part of the reason why New Jersey residents have some of the highest insurance rates in the country. Many commute to Philadelphia, New York or within major metropolitan areas within the state including Newark, Patterson, Camden or Atlantic City. Because of all […]

How To Strike A Great Deal When Shopping For Used Cars In Las Vegas ?

With so many options available these days, buying a car is no longer an easy task and it becomes even more complex is you are planning to buy used cars. When buying a new car, you can research the market about price, performance and life of car and simply approach any car dealer to make […]

Is It Worth Buying A New Car?

When entertaining the idea of buying a new or used car, your choice may depend mainly on how much you’d like to spend. According to recent CNW Marketing Research survey the average transaction price for new cars was $29,916. And this was before both taxes and fees.  Compare and contrast this figure with the average […]

Three Things To Look For When Buying A Used Car

So you need a fresh set of wheels but you’re on a strict budget… now what? An obvious solution to save money on a vehicle is to buy a used car rather than a brand new one. More and more people are beginning to look for used cars over brand new cars due to the […]

The Beginning Of The Year Can Be A Fantastic Time To Buy A Car

One of the worst times of the year for many Americans is January 1st. This is not because many have imbibed in holiday drinks and are now suffering from hangovers – although this can be painful as well. No, the reason why many Americans dread this day is because they must pay their credit card […]

4 Things To Consider When To Buying A New Car

So it’s that time again to buy a new car. Whether you’ve been driving for fifty years or five years, buying a new car is no easy decision. With so many options to choose from, it can become a stressful process, however, it’s important to put a lot of thought into what you’d like your […]

The IIHS Of Virginia Chooses Nissan Altima As A Top Safety Pick Among 12 Others

Recently the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released their list of its 2013 top performers in safety according to crash tests they conducted. A total of 117 cars earned the distinction of Top Safety Pick, with 13 cars garnering Top Safety Pick+ honors, including the 2013 Nissan Altima, now available at all Virginia Nissan dealers. […]

Looking for a compact MPV? Here Are Five Of The Best

For a family looking for extra room to ship themselves to and from school, the grandparents or just for a family holiday, MPVs provide a number of benefits. An MPV or Multipurpose vehicle, offers the average family a lot of space and also plenty of versatility. This blog looks at five of the best compact […]

Tips For Getting The Best Price On Your New Car

If you are in the market for a new car but you want to make sure that you get the best price, then keep reading. Getting the best price on a new car is not as difficult especially when you know what you are doing and what to expect from a dealer. Most dealers will […]

Hunting for a New Car? Let Fuel Economy and Comfort Be Your Guide to the Suzuki Splash

This post answers the following questions 1) What are the features of Suzuki Splash? 2) Why Suzuki Splash is fuel efficient? 3) What should you consider in buying a car? 4) What are the three different aspects to be considered in fuel ratings? 5) Why should you buy Suzuki Splash? When it is time to […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Used Car

This post answers the following questions 1) Why buying used car is an effective way to save? 2) What are the mistakes that one can make while shopping for a used vehicle? 3) Why should you avoid limiting your options to just one model car? 4) How to buy a used car? 5) Why a […]

Buying Your Son or Daughter a Car for the Holidays

This post answers the following questions 1) When is the ideal time to buy your son or daughter a car? 2) Which is the perfect car for teenagers still learning the precision? 3) Why consider buying a smaller car? 4) How buying a used car saves money out of your pocket? 5) Why is it […]

Certified Pre-Owned Cars: A Better Deal on a Virtually New Car

Although it’s an exciting experience, sometimes shopping for a new vehicle can be such a hassle. There are too many options to choose from and not all of them come at a great price. If you’re thinking about buying a brand new car but just can’t find the prefect one to drive off the lot, […]

What You Need to Know About Car Finance

When purchasing a car, there are an often overwhelming number of finance options available. But, the finance options offered to you by the dealer are normally not the cheapest, so you should consider an independent finance solution. Dealers might offer you a 0% finance option which are actually good if you can afford them. They […]

The Drive Of Your Life

For car lovers the world over, there is a thirst to drive a super car.  Whilst for most people, owning such a car is a pipe dream (either due to financial reasons or practical purposes), being able to drive one can fulfil a number of fantasies. Imagine a man who wants to impress the love […]

Top Safety Features Every Car Should Have

Modern vehicles have many safety features that assist drivers to prevent collisions and even increase the chance of surviving an accident. Technology has allowed drivers to have smoother rides based on the safety features installed in their cars. Check out the top safety features, other than airbags and seatbelts, which every car should have. Photo […]

Inspecting a Used Car – How to Tell if It’s a Lemon

The worst fear of any used car buyer is getting stuck with a lemon. It’s possible whether you’re buying straight from the owner or from a dealership. Whenever you’re checking out a used car, inspect it for these physical signs that it could be a lemon. The Exterior The first thing you’ll check on a […]

Best Ways to Choose a Family Car

You’ve already consulted all online and written resources and wracked your brain in the process of searching for a stroller. Now, it’s time for you to pick out the car that’s not just going to accommodate you and your spouse, but also the rest of the litter and your new baby. Photo Credits: While safety […]

What to Look for in a Used Car

While buying a used car may seem like a simple task, it can often be harder than buying a new car. Besides the research you have to do for any car, such as figuring out how much you can afford, what kind of car is right for you, there are many extra aspects to take […]

What to look for when purchasing a second hand car – don’t get left out of pocket.

Purchasing a second hand, or used, car can be a perfect solution if you are in the market for a car but do not have the budget for a brand new one.  Oftentimes, car dealers will offer second hand cars that have low mileage and clean interiors and exteriors.  Professional car dealerships may even go […]

Tips For Buying A Car

Buying a car is an exciting process. No matter what your budget may entail, it is possible to find a vehicle that works with your preferences. However, it is not a terrific idea to go into the process with little knowledge. What tips should you keep in mind while you search? The information below may […]

Tips to Help You Buy Your First Car

Purchasing your very first car is a heady experience. The sheer excitement of considering all the different makes and models and looking at different features can be a lot of fun. At the same time, it is important to keep your feet firmly on the ground and remember that you do have to make the […]

The Dirty Dozen Cars To Hold Out For This Year

Buying a car can be a fickle thing. You don’t want to buy something that is going to be obsolete in the next couple of years. However, by waiting, you give yourself the chance to save a lot of money on the models from the previous year. Timing the purchase of your next car is […]

Electric Cars – The Vehicles Of The Future

Nowadays, whenever this is talk about the vehicle of the future, it’s all regarding electric cars and how advantageous they can be. Not surprisingly, the 2011 Planet Vehicle of the Year was a thoroughly electric automobile – the Nissan Leaf. PHOTO CREDITS: And why should electric cars not get the attention and recognition they […]

Don’t Buy a Lemon – Top 20 Car Buying Tips

Every year thousands of unsuspecting individuals purcahse a used car with a hidden past! With this buyers guide infographic supplied by you should never be in that situation. The infographic takes you through a Top 20 Tips list to follow so you don’t end up buying a lemon. By spending a little bit of […]