How to win back your husband

If your husband walked out on you, cheated on you, or basically became emotionally distant from you, don’t lose hope. You’d be surprised as to how repairable your relationship is if you have the right plan. Too many women give up on their marriage because they resign themselves to the possibility that their man is […]

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How I figured out how to get my girlfriend back

I lost my girl. Yeah. It took me a while to get used to it. Just like any proud red-blooded dude, I couldn’t believe it at first. I thought I offered her the perfect package. I thought she was happy. Still, she let the door close behind her and she left my life-until I figured […]

My wife cheated on me: moving on and up

One of the worst things a married man can ever hear is the phrase ‘my wife cheated.’ Talk about an explosive situation. Sure, it is easy to understand the anger but what about the profound and deep depression? What about the sense of betrayal? Make no mistake about it, if you hear yourself say the […]

Figuring out how to get your husband back

Your husband left your life. No amount of crying over spilled milk will get him back. No amount of tearing your hair out will get him back. What will get him back? Clear thinking. Seriously. Right now, you might be emotionally devastated. You might be thinking about how you’ll be able to carry on and […]

My girlfriend cheated on me: the worst words you can ever hear

Few words strike pain and anguish into the heart of a typical man than the words ‘my girlfriend cheated on me.’ Seriously. Whether these words were said by a close friend or family member or the guy says it himself, the sentence ‘my girlfriend cheated on me’ is sure to make any man feel weak, […]

What is the recipe for a happy marriage?

If you are reading this you have probably checked out other websites in your search for what is the exact recipe for a happy marriage. As you probably already know, everyone’s recipe for a happy marriage differs from everyone else’s. Why is this? Well, the question, ‘what is the recipe for a happy marriage’ is […]

This is not your typical boyfriend advice

You don’t have to surf the Web that much to dredge up all sorts of boyfriend advice. Seriously. The Web is crawling with such content. Still, just because the blogosphere and Internet are filled with boyfriend advice, doesn’t mean such advice is worth the time it takes to read them. In fact, most of them […]

My husband wants a divorce

Few words can stun your girlfriends than the following words: ‘my husband wants a divorce.’ Why? It resonates with most women. You think you know a guy long enough. You think you’ve build a great life together. Then, all of a sudden, the other shoe drops and he wants to drop you like a bad […]

What to do if you keep saying ‘I miss my boyfriend’

If you find yourself saying ‘I miss my boyfriend’ to yourself a lot, you might want to do something about it. You don’t want to spend the rest of your days on planet Earth groaning ‘I miss my boyfriend’ and thinking of the things that could have been, right? Regret is not exactly a recipe […]

how to win someone back

If you feel that you’ve lost the love of your life, and you are just beside yourself in grief, you need to get a hold of yourself and start putting together a plan. However, figuring out how to win someone back is not something you do when you’re in the grieving process. You need to […]

Over Enthusiastic Parking Wardens

This week has seen the staggering news that parking wardens in the UK have been issuing questionable tickets. No kidding Sherlock! An investigation by the BBC Inside Out programme has revealed that wardens are using underhand means to enable the writing of more tickets at the expense of the unfortunate and unsuspecting public. I am […]

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Buying A Lemon? The Complete Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

How is buying a used car like visiting a brothel? In the end, you’re pretty certain you’ll get screwed! When it comes to uncertainty, there is nothing that can be more uncertain than attempting to buy a used vehicle. Sure you can get the car-fax report, the salesperson can seem trustworthy, and the vehicle can […]

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Honda Certified Used Cars

Why Choose Honda Certified Used Cars Over a Private Seller? When in the hunt for a car, there are a number of variables to take into account. Safety, performance, interior and exterior characteristics are certainly some of the most essential. While searching for those essentials, car shoppers are also on the lookout for the best […]

All You Need To Know About Car Finance

All You Need To Know About Car Finance Car Buying Buying a car is one of the most expensive things that you may ever do in life. In fact, buying a car only comes second to buying a house in terms of expenses. Thus, it is very important to always make sure that you have […]

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Car In New Jersey Before You Even Go To The Lot

There’s no question that people in NJ do a lot of driving. That’s part of the reason why New Jersey residents have some of the highest insurance rates in the country. Many commute to Philadelphia, New York or within major metropolitan areas within the state including Newark, Patterson, Camden or Atlantic City. Because of all […]

Do You Know Your Car’s Milestones?

If you think that it’s only your children’s milestones which you should be on the look-out for, then it also pays for you to pay attention to your car. Whether you’re trying to buy a used car or getting ready to let go of yours, it’s an overall good idea for you to keep track […]

Three Tips For Charitable Giving

Although the idea of helping those in need or supporting a cause is nice, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with the cash to make a charitable donation. Fortunately, there are other ways to support a charitable cause than by writing a sizable check. In fact, most charities and nonprofits are more than […]

How To Stick Family Stickers To Your Car

Family stickers can be seen zooming around town on cars and vans everywhere.  Family stickers are easy to install and are a great way to show off your family.  They are not too ostentatious or gaudy and give a nice family feel to your vehicle. Why not show off your precious cargo?  Family stickers can […]

Will The Oxford Train Crash Lead To Safety Fears Of Level Crossings?

The recent death of a man in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, at a level crossing has continued fears that the crossings are dangerous for drivers. The accident occurred just after the New Year, and involved a car at a level crossing being hit by a freight train bound to Southampton. It’s worth looking at the current state […]

From One Woman To Another: How To Change A Tyre

I pride myself on being pretty knowledgeable when it comes to most things. I read a lot, stay abreast with all current affairs…but when it comes to changing a tyre, I am absolutely clueless. I know that my spare tyre is in the trunk of my car, but that’s about where my knowledge ends. So […]

A Funny Guide To The World’s Worst Drivers

They exist all over the world, in every town and village, but who are truly the world’s worst drivers, and why? Here is a little selection of ten cities whose drivers are certainly vying for the title.   Kuala Lumpur: This place mostly gets its bad rap for the quality of its taxi drivers. Tourists […]

Pittman’s Top 8 Road Safety Tips

Never use your mobile phone whilst driving    How many times have you seen a businessman being pulled over by a road traffic official after having once hand on his/her steering wheel and the other on a mobile device? I see this at least once a week, making or receiving a call whilst driving can […]

Simple Steps To Selling Your Car Online

Sell Your Car Quickly & Easily With a wide variety of websites out there and adverts telling you how easy it is to sell your car online you would be forgiven for feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the options. Who do you go with, what do YOU need to do. Will they pick up your car? […]

The Essentials Of A Family Car

In general – a family car is a car that has 5 seats, lots of storage room and enough space for the entire family. Family cars must have sufficient baggage space as well as spacious seats with enough legroom. It should not only be suitable for long-distance voyages, but it should also offer exceptional comfort. […]

Five Of The Top 4×4’s On The Market

With snow, wind and rain on the UK weather menu once again, more and more people are thinking big when it comes to cars. They want a vehicle which not only looks great and gets them from A to B, but also one that keeps them safe and is sturdy enough to fight the harsh […]

Top Custom Car Trends Of 2012

In case you missed it, 2012 experienced a seismic shift in custom car trends. Forget about Mustangs and Camaros, these days the hottest motors tend to be ones that were previously neglected. Just like wearing Christmas jumpers, the uncool has become the new cool. Just look at hip hop singer and DJ Will.I.Am. His $700,000 […]

Top 10 Tips For Hiring Cars Abroad (Mileage, Dents, Fuel, Insurance)

Hiring a car abroad has been made much easier by travel sites offering the latest deals from major car hire companies like Avis and Hertz, most of which are now based at airports. Getting the best deals on car hire abroad can still take a bit of research, however, as car hire rates can vary […]

How To Strike A Great Deal When Shopping For Used Cars In Las Vegas ?

With so many options available these days, buying a car is no longer an easy task and it becomes even more complex is you are planning to buy used cars. When buying a new car, you can research the market about price, performance and life of car and simply approach any car dealer to make […]

The Essential Guide To Choosing A Washing Machine

A new washing machine is a big investment which should see you through the next ten years so you need to be sure that you make the right choice. There are a number of factors to consider but ultimately you need to think about how often you use your washing machine, what sort of fabrics […]

Is It Worth Buying A New Car?

When entertaining the idea of buying a new or used car, your choice may depend mainly on how much you’d like to spend. According to recent CNW Marketing Research survey the average transaction price for new cars was $29,916. And this was before both taxes and fees.  Compare and contrast this figure with the average […]