All About the Zodiac ‘Capricorn’

This post answers the following questions 1) When was Capricorns are born? 2) What are the characteristics of Capricorns? 3) Why Capricorns are idealistic when it comes with love relationships? 4) What causes most of the Capricorn’s health concerns? 5) Why Capricorns choose a path that makes the most common sense? Capricorns are born between […]

Tarot Readings: Online Astrologers for Free Consultation.

Get Free Online Tarot Card Readings You can get a free Tarot Card reading online. Try any site for free and get a consultation from one of our many psychic advisors. Online astrologers and psychics can help you find the answers to any of your problems, no matter how big. What it is Tarot card […]

Five Great Tips on Giving a Tarot Reading

So, you have some tarot cards, maybe they were given to you, maybe you bought them at a psychic gift shop, and you’re interested in giving tarot readings your friends and relatives. You don’t need to have a gift for clairvoyance or be psychic to use Tarot cards. If you think you may be, well […]

Fun and Interesting Facts about Astrology

Do you believe in astrology? Do you read the daily horoscope for your start sign in the newspapers? Would you like to know more about yourself and what is likely to happen to you in the future, be it immediate or distant? Well, according to a study done by USA Today, over 40% of Americans […]

Gemini and Business Success

Although there is not much truth in daily horoscopes and other predictions of this kind, astrology and the 12 signs of zodiac tell us a completely different story. Cancerians are shy and loving persons; Virgos are meticulous and calculated; Leos are proud, and so forth. When it comes to the Gemini, this zodiac sign is […]

Gain Knowledge About Numerology and Horoscope Through Online Seminars.

Numerology and Horoscope Seminars at Questico Astrology and Tarot Seminars Online Interested in learning more about the Tarot, Numberology, or Astrology? You might want to check out online seminars in the following subjects: Astrology Cartomancy Clairvoyance Body and Mind Spirituality Lifestyle Reiki Bodywork Shamanism For example, there are many online Seminars at Questico that deal […]

Top Five Useful Tarot Card Reading Techniques

Top Five Useful Tarot Card Reading Techniques Visualize your last tarot spread, was it the same one you have used many times before? There are wide varieties of tarot spreads you can use depending on the situation symbolization you are trying to sustain. Nearly all people have questions for psychics or ask a clairvoyant or […]

Take a Claravoyant Look Into the Future of Your Marriage Before You Decide to Divorce

Take a Claravoyant Look Into the Future of Your Marriage Before You Decide to Divorce Marital problems can leave many couples feeling like their relationship is hopeless. When divorce seems like the only answer, consider making a psychic connection with your spouse before you give up on love. Divorces are becoming increasingly common. People give […]

How to Read Tarot Cards

So, you have a tarot deck and excited to use it, you put out the cards, and you open the how to book that you bought so cheap that you did not bother thinking before paying. You see deck lists with multitudes of meanings for each card.

How to Read Palms

Also called as chiromancy or palmisty, palm-reading is being done in so many different countries. Its roots lie on the fortune-telling of the gypsy people.

How to Intepret Dreams

By answering the question how do you interpret dreams with a brutal go and buy one of those dream dictionaries- it does meet the query, to a point. It is however, a most sophomoric approach to a complicated process.

How to Find and Interpret Your Life Number

Life numbers supposedly reveal the basic character and traits of the person, and the root comes from the birthdate. Let us say Mr Marks was born in 7-3-1962, adding all the digits, we will arrive at 28.

How to Attract Wealth Through the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is definitely one of the basic universal laws that govern the whole universe and life’s basic principles.  Simply put, you attract whatever you think about.  “Like attracts like” is the simplest definition of the law of attraction. Subjective reality is an underlying concept under the law of attractions.  It implies that […]

How to Use Good Fortune Charms

Good fortune bracelets and charms are believed to bring luck to anyone wearing them.  The secret of good luck charms and bracelets is that they bring in positive forces and remove the negative ones from the bearer’s life.  Aside from the positive energy of their physical form, good fortune charms and bracelets also bring good […]

How to Cast a Simple Love Spell that Works

Love spells are used to attract love and improve or strengthen relationships.  Love spells are often related and used with love potions.  The creation of love potions entails chants or magic words.  Nobody can tell if these love spells truly work, but it won’t hurt to try casting a simple love spell. Photo Credits: […]

How to Make Your Own Love Potion at Home

Even at this modern age, there are still some who believe and rely on love potions to improve romance or romantic relationships.  Love potions have long been very intriguing.  Some say the explanation behind love potions is because there are certain herbs, spices, and scents which arouse the senses, increase libido or desires.  These are […]

How to Get Answers from Tarot Card Reading

Although the origins of tarot cards are largely debated, it is widely accepted that some of the earliest tarot card decks were created during the 1500s.  Originally, tarot cards were only used as playing cards, until people started using them as a means for divination later on.  Today, many people consult tarot cards for guidance, […]

Reading the Heart Line on Your Palms

Palm reading has been around for hundreds of years, and it is probably more popular now than ever before.  The basic concept behind palm reading is that the various characteristics of your hands, such as your palms and fingers, have meanings related to you and who you are.  Although some people may not believe in […]

Getting Your Life Path Number and Its Meaning

Numerology is an age-old system of beliefs that is based on the relationship between numbers and the physical realm, including living beings.  Throughout the years, this field has developed into a broad system with various applications. One of the most important concepts in numerology is the life path number.  At first, it may seem confusing […]