New Study Says, Eat Raspberries And Enjoy Fatherhood

According to a study conducted at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, men over 44 years if take raspberries on a daily basis, can keep their sperm’s DNA healthy for long. Not only this, researchers pointed out that taking raspberries after conception reduces chances of miscarriage. The Study The analysis of 80 male volunteers between the […]

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5 Tips To A Safer Backyard Pool

Having a pool in the comfort of your own backyard can be extremely rewarding for you and your family. Not only will it help the resale value of your home, but it will provide an activity for you and your kids to take part in during those hot summer days. While swimming is a great […]

Activities To Help Your Child Relax After School

School is harder now for kids. They have a lot of activities, lessons and extracurricular stuff to attend to in a day. When they get home from school, they need to relax and unwind. Here are a few after school activities for your child. Nap time If your child goes to school early in the […]

How To Pack A Safe Kid’s Lunch

Sometimes during the all the chaos in the house in the morning, parents forget the simple rules on how to prepare a safe lunch for their children. There are many food borne diseases to watch out for and if you are not careful, you and your children might be victims of these diseases. Here is […]

Best Plays For Grade Schoolers

Children just love to role play. They like playing with doctor and nurse toy sets, fireman and police toy sets or shopping toy sets. This type of role playing introduces them to different careers that they can choose from in the future. This also allows parents to know their children’s interests. Aside from role playing, […]

Being A Stay-At-Home Dad: When Does It Make Sense?

It can feel heart-breaking to leave your baby with somebody else at the end of maternity leave. When it seems hard to find child-care you trust completely, many parents explore the idea that one of them will stay at home with the children. Although many families struggle to get by on one income, going to […]

Hiring a Nanny: How to Get All Your Legal Ducks in a Row

this post answers the following questions 1. Is it difficult to hire a nanny? 2. Are there any necessary things I have to do before I can hire a nanny? 3. How will I know if the nanny I’m considering hiring can legally work? 4. Why is it important to report the information of my […]

Parenting Observations from Nannies: Their Top Advice

A nanny’s life is primarily about watching children. Because of this, they can offer some great suggestions to parents: The Top Three Things Every Mom And Dad Should Be Aware Of Think about the sort of parent you are, and the sort of parent you desire to be. Reflect on the values you have, and […]

Answering Questions About Babysitters

this post answers the following questions 1. What is the national average rate for a high school nanny? 2. What are the factors that will affect a nanny rate? 3. What are some things you can do to make your nanny happy and satisfied? 4. What are the cons of having a nanny that is […]

Effective Discipline for Your Tween

this post answers the following questions 1. How staying calm an effective discipline for your tween? 2. How showing confidence an effective discipline for your tween? 3. How offering a praise an effective discipline for your tween? 4. How giving a gentle reminders an effective discipline for your tween? One of the most tiring things […]