Essential Pieces of Office Furniture

Your home office and corporate office have something in common – they need furniture. Selecting office furniture can be overwhelming, so here are the top 5 pieces of essential office furniture, regardless of where you work. The Desk Well, ok, that’s a given. You’ll need a desk in your office. But – what KIND of […]

Flying Carpet and More Express Ideas for your Office Furniture.

 Where shall I put my Gonk? How to transform your office. Exercise One: Stop what you’re doing, walk over to a wall and look at it. It needs to be an interior wall – white, cream or egg shell. Feel inspired? Thought  not.  A bland environment may well be functional, yet can inhibit creativity and […]

Where To Find Ball Casters For Your Home And Office

Caster wheels can be the most helpful addition to any piece of furniture or equipment in your home or office. They give you an easy way to make large heavy pieces as mobile and easy to move around as possible. Ball casters are easy to install and come in a wide range of sizes, colors, […]