Office Comfort – Within Your Grasp

Ergonomics smells more like a buzzword than An Actual Thing – “let’s leverage that synergy for customer-centric productization!” There is a real and practical side to ergonomics, though. And it is surprisingly simple to make some changes that can have a big impact for no money. First, a definition, and has a terrific one: […]

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Why A Home Office Isn’t A Bad Idea

Home offices are a relatively recent development. Before home computers become affordable, there was really no need for a home office because there was so little that could be accomplished. Nowadays, many people complete some or all of their work from home and they use their computers for all sorts of different things. The laptop […]

Spring Cleaning: Adding New Office Equipment

With the arrival of the spring, our thoughts turn to organizing and rearranging.  The new season is the opportune time to look around not only your home, but your office and address any changes that need to be made. Bringing a fresh feel to your office space may be just the spark you need to […]

How Can A Office Refurbishment Boost Morale?

Has a negative morale been palatable in your office? A lack of space and a rising tide of clutter can really get your employees down. It’s time to refurbish your office, if you haven’t considered it already, and increase the output of your staff. When your employees feel comfortable and looked after, statistics show that […]

10 Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From An Office Refurbishment

Are you tired of the same old office building? It’s likely that your business is well-overdue a makeover. In a world where everything, from fashion to television, is so volatile, you have to catch your clients’ attention with a building that represents everything your company stands for. It’s not enough just to offer great services; […]

Why Multiple Seating Areas is the Future for Your Office

If you want to make the most of your office design then there are several different factors to consider. One of these is making maximum use of the space of course, while another is making sure that your office looks attractive enough to impress guests and clients who might visit and create the impression of […]

Recycling at the Office

The IT revolution was supposed to lead us into a brave new world of paper free offices, but this has not yet been the case, and is unlikely to be so anytime in the near future. Many people still like the old-fashioned method of holding a real paper document in their hands. It is also […]

Essential Pieces of Office Furniture

Your home office and corporate office have something in common – they need furniture. Selecting office furniture can be overwhelming, so here are the top 5 pieces of essential office furniture, regardless of where you work. The Desk Well, ok, that’s a given. You’ll need a desk in your office. But – what KIND of […]

How To Avoid Office Politics

Many of us spend a considerable amount of time at work and apart from work stresses; we have office politics to contend with. Office politics exist in nearly every office and organisation and it is sometimes easy to get involved in them. This poses many disadvantages from tension with co-workers and a bad reputation with […]

Flying Carpet and More Express Ideas for your Office Furniture.

 Where shall I put my Gonk? How to transform your office. Exercise One: Stop what you’re doing, walk over to a wall and look at it. It needs to be an interior wall – white, cream or egg shell. Feel inspired? Thought  not.  A bland environment may well be functional, yet can inhibit creativity and […]

Tips To Improve Productivity In The Office

Working in an office seems like an easy enough job, however it is more difficult than some people seem to think! If you work in an office you will understand that you have to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, now that can get rather difficult! This is why it is important […]

How to Tell if Your Office Needs an Update

Sometimes, when you work in a space every single day, you may not be able to even see that it is in desperate need of an update. However, the out of date and out of fashion feel may be putting you in a bad mood without you even realizing it. Just how do you know […]

How to Renovate Your Office Space on a Budget

Perhaps your office furniture and décor are a bit faded and tattered. Perhaps you’ve just had an insurance-level emergency in your facility: a flood or even a fire. The office needs renovation, but there’s not enough of a budget to tear everything out and buy new. Although it may not seem to be an ideal […]

Where To Find Ball Casters For Your Home And Office

Caster wheels can be the most helpful addition to any piece of furniture or equipment in your home or office. They give you an easy way to make large heavy pieces as mobile and easy to move around as possible. Ball casters are easy to install and come in a wide range of sizes, colors, […]