White Collar Crimes Explained

When ‘crime’ is casually discussed, the standard assumption is illegalities such as robbery, assault, or homicide. If asked to describe a criminal, one would typically explain a shady character walking around late at night, wearing dark clothes and a ski mask about to rob a home. People don’t associate criminal activity with shirts and ties, […]

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Funniest Fictional Cops

On-screen depictions of incompetent police officers have enjoyed rampant popularity in modern culture. The hilarity that ensues from an inability to fulfill law enforcement obligations generates uniquely comedic situations. Bumbling authorities in uniform have become a prevalent trope in current entertainment mediums; however it takes a special cop to transform ineptitude into the masterful art […]

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Will Getting a Will Done Kill You?

For many people, the act of writing a will is a very scary thing. While most people understand that the value of wills is that they allow you to pass your property to the people who you want to get your property, there is a small subset of people who think that although the will […]

I Have Been Fired, How Do I Know If My Company Did It Correctly?

I have been fired, how do I know if my company did it correctly? When your employer terminates your employment there are legal provisions which must be complied with and in certain circumstance you may have reason to take legal action if you are dismissed and your employer fails to comply with such provisions. If […]

The 2012 National Drug Control Strategy: Will it Work?

This post answers the following questions 1) When was The 2012 National Drug Control Strategy released? 2) Where did they focused? 3) How much does The Federal Government spent on drug control? 4) What is The 2012 National Drug Control Strategy all about? 5) What is their plan regarding The 2012 National Drug Control Strategy? […]

The Silent Victims of Divorce: Cats & Dogs.

This post answers the following questions 1) What are the effects of divorce? 2) Who are often described as the main victims of divorce? 3) What happens to family pets after? 4) Who are the silent victims of divorce? 5) What does original ownership mean in practice? The often silent victims of divorce: cats & […]

Catching Criminals Using Forensic Evidence

This post answers the following questions 1) What are the three pieces of evidence to look? 2) Why clothing fibres are useful tool used by criminal investigators? 3) How to catch criminals using forensic evidence? 4) What is the role of the forensic computer technician? 5) What will prove that the person was at the […]

How to Deal With Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

This post answers the following questions 1) How to deal with nursing home neglect or abuse? 2) What is the main reason why you placed an elderly loved one in a nursing home? 3) Why should you need to talk with your loved one and ask them about their side of the story? 4) What […]

How To Split Debts And Property When You Are Filing For Divorce

Whether you are married for a year or thirty years, if you decide to get divorced one of the major challenges is deciding who will take ownership of your assets, joint property and of course, the debt you have collected together.  In some cases, it may be obvious who should get what, but with other […]

How To Split Debts And Property When You Are Filing For Divorce

Whether you are married for a year or thirty years, if you decide to get divorced one of the major challenges is deciding who will take ownership of your assets, joint property and of course, the debt you have collected together.  In some cases, it may be obvious who should get what, but with other […]

Things To Avoid When You Decide You Are Ready For A Divorce

Divorces are becoming more common as the stigma formally associated with divorce begins to disappear.  Even though divorce is more widely accepted in social circles, the effects are still painful and can cause clouded judgment for both parties involved.  When you first begin to think about divorce make sure you explore all of your options […]

4 Tips for Making a Positive Impression in Front of a Judge

If you have just been arrested, you likely have many anxious feelings surrounding what has happened and what you can expect when you appear in court. Judges are intimidating, whether you are guilty or not, and can make court appearances feel overwhelming and cause anxiety. At the same time, however, appearing in court requires you […]

Do You Have Grounds To Contest A Will?

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience for family and friends and money matters are often the last thing people want to think about in the wake of the bereavement. However, the will of the deceased can be contentious if people feel like he or she did not distribute their estate for […]

Steps To Take If You’re Considering Divorce.

Steps To Take If You’re Considering Divorce Divorce brings to an end a union that was meant to last forever. This final act ensures that a couple is no longer married in law; upon divorce, both parties are free to marry again. The problem with divorce is that it can be a complex, expensive and […]

Grow Strength From Your Divorce: Gardening For Divorcees

So, after contracting the law firm with the best divorce and, filing papers and following through court procedures, you finally receive the legal documents that make your divorce official. Now what? You’re single and have to begin a new life. While some may revel at their new-found freedom, others have a much harder time adjusting. […]

How to Determine if You’re Due Compensation?

Accidents happen and when they do, people and possessions become damaged and this can cause physical and mental anguish, an inability to work and financial loss. With tight health and safety regulations we can at least limit the chances of something unfortunate happening to us, although we cannot completely eradicate injuries and breakages from occurring. […]

Should Illegal Drugs be Legalized?

“Should illegal drugs be legalized?” That is a very common question nowadays. It’s true; drugs are a very large problem in our country. With all of the problems that they are creating, there are many different opinions on how the War on Drugs should be fought. One fairly common argument on this is that our […]

A Bail Bond Glossary: Terms Explained

Being arrested or finding out that it’s happened to a loved one can be tremendously stressful, but it’s all the more complicated because there are so many official terms used by the court during legal proceedings. This glossary aims to help you understand the main terms used by the bail bond industry. Bail Bond Company […]

Why a Criminal Defense Attorney is needed to Handle Legal Matters

If you have recently found yourself in trouble with the law, you may be scrambling to find a criminal defense attorney who will work hard for you and help dispute some of the charges you may be faced with. If you are facing possible jail time as a result of the recent trouble, it is […]

What Happens When You Damage Property While DUI

Driving under the influence can also lead to property damages, considering the fact that a vehicle is being operated by a person who has a blood alcohol level that is higher that the given limit. In fact, people who drive under the influence or DUI can be stopped by the police, when the behavior displayed […]

Are You Facing a Criminal Charge Due to a False Accusation?

Falsely accused of a crime can easily happen to anyone. Unfortunately, a lot of people are accused of crimes they have not committed. If you are facing a criminal charge due to false accusations, proving your innocence can cost you. Not only will it cost you money for legal assistance, but it can also cost […]

Got a Killer Dog? You Could be Charged for Murder

Got a killer dog? You could be charged with murder. Laws are cracking down on dog owners who knowingly keep dogs with a history of aggression. This should be a wakeup call for people who insist on owning dangerous dogs. Owners of aggressive dogs need to be held accountable for dangerous attacks. Dogbites.org has the […]

Nursing Home Abuse in Cinema

Abuse in a nursing home is something that happens far too often in real life. Unfortunately these events often go on without anyone knowing, and can lead to serious physical or psychological damage. While these events can be very tragic and troublesome to families, they are often portrayed as comical in cinema. Some people find […]

What’s So Illegal About Call Recording?

Call recording is used all over the world in a host of industries and sectors. As of recently there has been some negative media surrounding call recording and how it has violated an individual’s privacy. The British public has summoned a national newspaper and courts alike to justify what actually happened –  was it phone […]

Information about Divorce Cases involving Child Custody Issues

Family Law covers any and all matters pertaining to family related legal issues. Thiscovers any of the following areas:annulments and property settlements, marriage & alimony, parental responsibility, spousal abuse, divorce, adoption, child abuse and the list just goes on from there. Division of Assets When divorce happens, each party must of course, submit to a […]

Is It Worth Getting A Family Lawyer At A Divorce?

Divorces can be one of the most upsetting and traumatic time in a person’s life. Having promised to spend the rest of your life together, to then having all that broke and pulled apart. Every divorce is completely different, and no two divorces can be described as the same, this is why you shouldn’t just […]

Mergers & Acquisitions – Redundancies For Firms

Usually lumped together in the same phrase, “merger & acquisition” is a corporate strategy that can help an enterprise to survive and grow. The main difference between a merger and an acquisition is that mergers refer to two or more companies (usually of a similar size) merging together to form a new company, whereas acquisition […]

How President Obama Uses History to Guide His Policies

President Obama has implemented many new policies that are new or revised to our government system. While Obama has his own reasons for the policies, and for the most part, they coincide with the history of this nation, some of his detractors claim that he is a historical anomaly. We explore his policies and how […]

How the new Healthcare reform bill will help the Medical Billing profession

One of the key tenets of the Obama administration’s new healthcare reform bill is the inclusion of nearly an additional 50 million Americans into medical healthcare insurance coverage.  Not only is this a huge step in the right direction for our country in terms of brining us up to standards with the rest of the […]

Injured at Work: What Is Your Next Step

It’s a simple fact of life that accidents happen. Even when careful precautions are taken, unforeseen circumstances and events can result in damage to property, or an injury that requires medical attention. Frequently, these types of incidents occur as the result of a hazard at your work place which results in you missing work to […]