The Bobo Doll Experiment

This post answers the following questions 1) When was Bobo doll experiment conducted? 2) What are the methods of Bobo doll experiment? 3) When was a follow-up experiment conducted? 4) Why does the validity of the Bobo doll experiment has been questioned? 5) How did they test the behavior of the children? The Experiment The […]

How to Deal with Your Child’s Inappropriate Behaviour

No single method of child-rearing is effective for all kids. However, some ways to handle problematic behavior and control unpleasant situations

What to Do if Your Child is a Victim of Bullying

Bullying is something that almost every child faces sooner or later. Here’s what you should know.

Teaching to the Test: Does Standardized Testing Help or Harm Students?

Scholastic standards for students in the U.S. have been meticulously developed over the years. Referred to as standard-based tests, these assessments provide statistical information to see how well our students are being educated and how well our schools and teachers are educating them. Although extensive research and development continues to make these tests a fairly […]