Protect Your Child From Sex Abuse

this post answers the following questions 1. What is sexual abuse and how you can protect your kids from that? 2. In what way education can protect your kids from sexual abuse? 3. Is talking to them the best way to protect your kids? 4. How can you protect your kids by not leaving them […]

A Guide to Fire Protection For Schools

Every property needs to have standards and procedures put into place to ensure that the people inside – and the building itself – is protected by fire and smoke to the highest possible standard. Whether the building is a commercial, retail, industrial or residential premises, losing lives as a result of a fire is a […]

Personal Information and Children’s Websites

Chances are your children access the Internet at some point during the day, whether they’re using laptops at the kitchen table or sitting in classroom chairs. Many websites designed with children in mind collect personal information about site users, information that could lead to identity fraud if it fell into the wrong hands. In order […]

How to Make Your Home Child Friendly

Though you may think that your home is the safest place for your child, you need to think again. All it needs for accidents and injuries to occur in your home are carelessness and not making the necessary preventive measures to avoid these situations. Here are some steps to make your home child friendly and […]