How To Deal With A Noisy Workplace

Nowadays the popular thing in the workplace is an open plan office however, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea and there are some definite annoyances when it comes to this type of office layout. The constant buzzing of office machines and the sound of your overly loud co-workers on the phone or having a conversation […]

How Can You Improve Security In Your Workplace?

Whether you work in a grocery store or the offices of a company the need for security is as vital as ever. In a working environment there will invariably be important and sometimes sensitive information that has to be protected. There are also often tills or other containers and collection boxes with money inside and […]

Topics On Everyone’s Tongues: Workplace Violence

2012 was a loaded year in the United States in terms of newsworthy stories. Some were historical, like Obama’s re-election and our country’s participation in the summer Olympic Games in London; some were exciting, like new states legalizing gay marriage and the landing of the Curiosity rover. Some, however, were purely eye-opening, like the unspeakable […]

Maintaining Safety Standards in Office Buildings

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a U.S. government agency whose principal function is to protect the rights of industrial workers with respect to safety and health issues. Office buildings located in the U.S. are considered very safe places to work by industry analysts who study the working conditions of employees within various […]

Protect Your Workers and Yourself

Workplace safety is an important consideration in the construction business, and not all potential hazards are immediately obvious. However, there are a number of things that you can do to protect everyone in and around the construction site, and a construction expert can help you determine which will be applicable to your specific job. Workplace […]

Walmart warehouse employees end strike successfully

Warehouse workers who have been on strike at Walmart’s distribution center outside Joliet, Ill., have declared their protest a triumph after winning an agreement which will end Walmart’s retaliation against warehouse workers who blow the whistle on unsafe working conditions. The terms of the agreement also reinstate the workers to their jobs with full pay […]

The Benefits Of Modern Security Screening Equipment In The Food Industry

One of the most important steps in producing granular or powdered foods for sale and distribution is security screening at different vital points along the production line. Harmful pieces of debris or even unpredictable pieces of the substance can cause harm to consumers if they are packaged and placed into the supply chain. There have […]

Selecting the Correct Fencing to Protect Your Business

The best type of commercial fencing depends on the type and location of your business. Location is Everything The location of your business has a huge impact on the type of fencing that is best for your situation. While some products are designed solely for security purposes, other fences are engineered to add beauty to […]

Accidents in the Workplace – Know Your Legal Rights

There’s a good chance you will be able to claim compensation for any serious injuries if you have suffered an accident in the work place. When you are at work, it is your employer’s legal responsibility to protect you within your working environment, so no matter what injury you’ve been subjected to, there are various […]

5 Common Workplace Injuries for Desk Jobs

Workplace injuries are extremely common nowadays. Which isn’t surprising with the amount of time that each of us spends at our jobs each day. Some work environments are much more hazardous than others. But, even if you work in a safe environment, that doesn’t mean that you are immune from workplace injuries. There are still […]

Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs in 2013

Many of us are lucky enough to work in very safe jobs. But not everyone’s job is considered safe. Across America, there are many jobs which are considered dangerous, mainly due to the fatality rates within each of these given jobs. Each year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on the country’s most dangerous jobs. […]

5 Common Workplace Accidents

Many of us think about being injured in a car accident. Or at home, or on a plane ride. But the truth is, many accidents happen at work. Which makes sense, seeing that many of us spend more time at work than we do at any other place, even at home. So, with all of […]

3 Critical Restaurant Injuries Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know

You have worked in restaurants your whole life, and it is time to start your own. You know how to be safe and practice the right precautions, but do you know how to be an effective manager? Do you know how to instruct your line cooks and chefs to practice the correct safety procedures while […]