Behaviour-Based Interviewing Tips

There is a multitude of interviewing tips online, aimed at both the interviewer and the interviewee. If one is new to the role of interviewer it can be quite a daunting process and even more so for those responsible for drafting up the questions. So, why not just pull together a few random questions and […]

10 Indispensable Tips For Avoiding Accidents In The Workplace

An accident at work is a very serious concern for those who depend on the their salary to survive. Whilst accidents can never be predicted outright, there are steps to take to prevent them. In the article below, we look at ten simple steps for avoiding accidents in the work place. 1. Risk Assessment No […]

Showing off Your Online Degree on Your Resume

The stigma once associated with earning your degree online has disappeared. Students earning their degree online used to worry that their degrees wouldn’t be taken as seriously or that employers would disqualify them as a candidate. It has been shown that these fears are unfounded, as employers today view both traditional and online degrees as […]

The Advantages Of A Freelance Job

A freelance job in its simplest meaning is a person who is self employed and works for themselves. There is an array of differing freelance jobs from a writer to a web designer, the options are endless. There are many fundamental benefits of a freelance job although many people are uncomfortable with its inconsistent manner. […]

Do Staffing Firms Ever Target College Grads?

College graduates saturate the job market right now; over-educated, under-hired young people who have so much insight and energy to offer are often times being pegged as overlooked. Some companies may not see the value or have the time to sift through the endless college applicants.  Couple the vast pool of college graduates vying for […]

Reasons To Attend CCNA Training

The Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the most basic and desirable information technology (IT) training courses available. The program goes through nearly every aspect of maintaining a local area network (LAN) and some management aspects involved with wide area networks (WAN). Certified associates are able to confidently install, maintain, repair and […]

Career Advice for Reigniting the Passion for Your Job

Everyone may come to that point in their jobs where career advice becomes necessary for reinvigorating passion and injecting some enthusiasm for the job. You may feel a bit guilty when you get to the point of your career that you’re just not feeling it anymore, but it’s a lot more common than you think. […]

Summer Internships and your Sunny Future

Exams are finished and school’s officially out! Time to party for three months solid, right? Not necessarily. Once you’ve entered the working world you’ll be lucky if you get three weeks leave the whole year, so if you put it all in perspective, summer internships will be preparing you for what’s ahead and should seriously […]

Three Easy Steps to Ease into a New Job

Three simple steps to deal with the transition into a new workplace.

Five Tips to Find The Right Recruiting Agency

Five Tips to Find The Right Recruiting Agency

Human Resources Tools: Using the Internet to Improve Recruitment

We’ve discussed the use of social media as an important human resources recruitment tool frequently. However, there is more to the Internet than just social networking.

Five Guidelines to Productivity

Guidelines to Productivity

The Key to Being Healthier and More Productive at Work

One workplace trend that has been soaring recently, is the use of stand-up desks. They are not new by any means, but just like a lot of things these days, history is repeating itself and old things are cool once again. A standing desk provides many health

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you create a place for everything, you know where everything is when you need it. This process of creating order and routine will go a long way in preventing you from working unnecessarily harder than you need to get your job done. When everything is in a pre-designated space, then the flow of work […]

Finding a Job While You’re Still Employed

As the economy continues to improve and employers begin hiring again, more and more people are considering leaving their current positions in search of new jobs.

Get The Online Job You Have Always Wanted With 6 Simple Tips

People are turning to the Internet to make money from the convenience of their own homes.