Consider a Career in Occupational Therapy

This post answers the following questions 1) Why does independence is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive? 2) What are the things you need to look for in occupational therapy programs? 3) Why should you look for a program that has practical experience? 4) What to consider when when you’re looking for […]

Little Known Job Sectors With Great Prospects

This post answers the following questions 1) Why should you look at some of the lesser known job sectors? 2) What is the job of a creative perfumer? 3) What is the role of skills manager? 4) How to be a ship broker? 5) Why is it not easy becoming a food tester? In today’s […]

Top Career Choices In Nursing

This post answers the following questions 1) What are the top career choices in nursing? 2) What is the role of nurse educator? 3) How to be a nurse practitioner? 4) Who take care of women’s health and their needs before, during and after delivery of the baby? 5) Where does nurse legal consultant works? […]

Realize The Dream To Become A Model

Do you remember being little and wanting to look just perfect? Maybe you looked at all those glossy magazines and promised yourself that one day, you will be just like them. Now that you are older, you can’t just wear mommy’s shoes and some makeup and pretend to be a model- you can actually become […]

Successful Tips to Help You Land that Perfect Solicitor Position

Finding jobs for solicitors can be time consuming and hard to do if you are not prepared for the process. Solicitors help businesses and large companies in a number of different ways so clients are always looking for a solicitor that best fits what they are trying to accomplish in their business. One of the […]

Tips for Landing Your First Accounting Job, Even in a Difficult Market

The current economic climate can make it very difficult for those who are seeking their first entry level accounting jobs. It can seem like there are no job openings and that you don’t have enough job experience. However, as long as you have the required qualifications and your Certified Public Accountant accreditation, you should be […]

Modeling In London – Importance Of A well Made Portfolio

Are you looking for a career in Modeling in London? The fashion industry in England is excellent and there are vacancies for all the beautiful people who are comfortable in front of the camera. Girls, boys and kids can make their future in the field of modelling. But before you approach any modelling agency you […]

5 Great Private Sector Jobs for Veterans

After serving their country, and returning to civilian life, veterans often decide to seek work in the private sector. Veterans offer a wide variety of skills and experiences that are beneficial to many careers. There are some careers that can truly take advantage of what veterans learned in the military. Explore 5 great jobs in […]

3 Leadership Skills All Nurse Managers Should Master

The terms “manager” and “leader” are often used interchangeably. While a manager must be a leader, a leader does not necessarily have to be a manager. Those who work in the field of nursing hope to have a great nurse manager with excellent leadership skills. This is because the nurse manager has delegated authority and […]

Transform Raw Talent into Creative and Profitable Inking

Tattooing is an ancient art that dates back to early civilisations.  These days tattooing is still very popular and thanks to modern tattoo equipment and inks this field has reached new heights of creativity. It takes a combination of creativity and drive to become a successful tattoo artist.  Like many artistic professions it can take years to […]

How To Get A Job That Doesn’t Require A Background Check

For people who know that a background check will turn out unsavory information about their past, finding a job can be an absolute nightmare. 73% of businesses in the US conduct at least a criminal background check for all positions, so finding a job that either don’t ask or doesn’t care can be difficult. For […]

5 Top Tips For The Amateur Photographer

You don’t have to be a professional photographer with pricey equipment to take great pictures. Some people have a knack and seem to get a wonderful shot, no matter what they do. While this may be true, there are some tricks of the trade that anyone can take advantage of to ensure good picture quality. […]

How to Get a Job in Dubai

You will enjoy plenty of benefits if you work in Dubai, which is why landing a job there is not an easy task. If you work in Dubai, you will not have to pay income tax, which means that you truly get to enjoy your paycheck and not watch half of it disappear to taxes. […]

Advice On How To Become A Doctor

A lot of people want to know how to become a doctor. Well, it must be noted that becoming a doctor takes great dedication and perseverance. It involves rigorous training, expensive tuition, and years of studying to attain the required qualification for this noble profession. The work of doctors has been referred to as a […]

The Most Rewarding Traveling Jobs

There simply is no denying it. Some jobs are more exciting than others. Did you know that there are jobs out there that allow you to travel, and have an impact on other people’s lives? International Journalists, English as a second language, and traveling nurse jobs, are just a few careers that can help you […]

4 Essential Tips for Becoming a Successful Property Manager

A property manager has multiple responsibilities that involve working directly with tenants, property owners, and realtors. Managing financial records, property marketing, and property maintenance are just a few tasks that must be accomplished on a regular basis. While the role of a property manager can be lucrative, it is important to demonstrate high working standards […]

Quick Starters Guide to Astrophotography

Astrophotography, the photographing of celestrial objects and phenemona, is becoming increasingly popular and is a discipline that requires enormous patience and dedication (often requiring the photographer to stay up all night). To get started with astrophotography and start snapping simple astrophotographs you really don’t need an elaborate set-up: a tripod and a digital camera are […]

How to Find the Right Candidate for the Job

The struggling economy has led to more people looking for work than are jobs available. Far from this being beneficial to companies, this has actually increased the challenge of finding the right candidate. Many businesses often spend months filtering out under qualified, unskilled and even over qualified candidates. Some organizations, especially those in the hospitality, […]

Some Of The Best Questions To Ask In An Interview

There will usually come a point in every interview where the interviewer turns the tables and asks, “Is there anything you want to ask me?” Now is the chance to release yourself; jump out and take control. Make sure you are prepared and know exactly what you want to ask. It’s vital that you’ve researched […]

Do Happy Employees Produce Great Results?

It is true when a person is happy they excel. When you feel good you want to make others feel good too. This holds true in the work place as well. When your employees feel appreciated they tend to go above and beyond what is expected of them. For the employer this means more productivity […]

Making the Right Impressions

As an employer I have to admit I do make slight judgements on a person based on their appearance. I know it’s not particularly pc to discuss this kind of thing, but it’s something that does happen in the real world. It happens with all circles too.  When I am interviewing a person for the […]

Work Productivity; How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lunch Hour

Work can be a stressful and time consuming part of our lives, and the average person spends 80% of their lives at work. Work days can be long and work overwhelming, which may lead to a drop in motivation and work productivity. The main break we have in the day is our lunch breaks and […]

The Process of Career Planning

Career planning is a process that is life long. It includes steps such as choosing a career or occupation, finding a job, growing in your chosen field, and finally, retiring. The last one is something that we all strive for because by the time retiring comes around, you will have lived a life in which […]

Tips to Advance your Career

If you’re wanting to take your career to the next level, it is often hard to know where to begin. With endless advice from fellow colleagues, mentors and friends, how do you know that you’re really taking the right steps to achieve that much desired promotion? While the appropriate steps for career advancement may vary […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Tardiness in the Workplace

The old saying stipulates that “time is money” and bearing this in mind, there can never be room for any tardiness in the workplace.  In fact, to put it bluntly, if one person is ten minutes late every day – they will rack up one week’s worth of holiday over a year.  Punctuality and deadlines […]

Executive Search Firms Common Among Corporate Giants

Companies of all sizes and across all industries use search firms to fill open positions. A delayed hiring process, particularly for top level positions, costs companies more than just money. The loss of reputation due to disorganization and the loss of confidence among shareholders push down stock prices, affecting a company’s financial positioning for months, […]

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Careers Advisor

Planning for your future career is never easy, no matter if you are currently doing your GCSEs, A Levels, Degree or already in employment. For many people, it is a case of having no idea what to do with life, and for others who know where they want to be, it’s figuring out exactly how […]

3 Tips On How to Dress for an Interview

In today’s competitive market and challenging economy, it is important to find a job that best fits your individual skill set. Many factors contribute to the discovery of what one should do for a living. Since first impressions have so much to do with appearance, you must find the right apparel. Regardless of the kind […]

Which Looks Better On Your CV – Volunteering or Paid Work?

With the job market as uncertain as it is and millions of people looking for work, it is becoming more and more vital that you can stand out from the crowd. Qualifications and grades are a good way of doing this. But the problem is – in most places education is compulsory so, many other […]

Applying for a Job but Your Criminal Record is Weighing You Down?

You’re already suffering the consequences of your crime, however petty it may be. You can’t apply for a loan. No financing company wants your application. You can’t look for an apartment in a decent neighborhood. Landlords are wary of you. You can’t even land a job. Employers always do background checks on applicants, and your […]