Is Your Career Going the Wrong Way Down a One Way Street?

We all have the occasional dark moment in which we feel as though our career is going in the wrong direction. I can clearly remember sitting in the office filing room one day and visualising myself stuck there in 30 years time doing the same boring things that I was doing then. Thankfully I found […]

Thinking Of A Career In Medical Assisting?

In a fast-paced world, people easily give up on their educational dreams to look for lucrative jobs and medicine is one such subject that requires one hundred percent commitment. Most of the times, it is a highly demanding profession. Not everyone is capable of becoming a high-profile medical doctor. Not everyone has it in them […]

Tips and Procedures to Complete a Course on Phlebotomy Training

Anyone who wants to begin a lifetime career in blood collection should enroll for phlebotomy training. Community colleges, vocational schools, and health care institutions are offering accredited courses. Finishing from an accredited school would offer the best chance of being a phlebotomist especially if you have passed the certification in being a professional phlebotomist. Nowadays, […]

Three Tips for an Easy Transition from Paramedic to RN

The world of emergency health professionals, such as EMT’s and paramedics is a demanding one. Not only are there long hours, but these professionals are placed in risky situations and expected to save lives under stressful circumstances. While this career is incredibly rewarding, many people who enter this field begin to look toward paramedic to […]

How A Hiring Manager Really Evaluates You

You aced the interview. You gave all the right answers. You even asked the hiring manager thought-provoking questions that were relevant to the industry and to the business. You stayed up all night researching the position. You knew the right answers backwards and forwards. And yet…no dice. Maybe they never called you back. Maybe they […]

From MCSE to CCNA: the Best IT Certifications for Job Placement

Students who are studying information technology may leave college with four years of education behind them, but at graduation, their journey of learning has only just begun. IT graduates must dive into another level of education if they want to stay competitive and secure job placement. The material covered for IT certifications moves just as […]

Is Becoming a Realtor a Good Idea?

In the economy that we find ourselves in, there are mixed feelings as to whether becoming a realtor is a good idea or not.  Some feel that selling real estate is not worth it simply because the economy is so bad, and with more lending restrictions, it is becoming harder and harder for people to […]

How to Become a Flight Paramedic

Just like ground paramedics that come with ambulances, flight paramedics play a crucial role as part of a medical team that stabilize patients being transported by helicopters to a hospital during emergency situations.  It’s a demanding profession and if you plan to become one, here’s what you need to do Step 1:  Before or after […]