How To Buy Jewellery Online

Jewellery is a great gift ideas as well as lovely thing to use as an accessory in your look. There are many high street retailers that offer jewellery but you can also buy it online. As with any thing you can buy online there are certain things you need to take into account when you […]

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Men’s Engagement Rings

Image by emerald.mirror via flickr An engagement ring is a sign of betrothal that you have the intention of getting married to your partner. Traditionally this is worn by the female of the relationship, but it is getting increasingly more popular now days for men to also wear an engagement ring as well. The custom […]

Getting A Diamond Engagement Ring As An Anniversary Present

Image credit by Selbe B via flickr If it is coming up to your anniversary and it is a significant milestone, why not really surprise that special person in your life by getting them a new diamond engagement ring? This can be a great way to surprise your wife and show her how much she truly […]

Coloring Tradition With A Modern Approach

Traditions and customs have been part of the world nearly as long as people have inhabited the earth. These elements are what help distinguish one culture or group of people from another.  They can include certain celebrations along with foods and even the language of a people. As the world is not cut from a […]

Valentine’s Day Jewellery

What with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’re most likely looking for the perfect gift for your significant other. Often, February 14th can be fraught with pressures, from where to make dinner reservations to what to wear. Feeling panicked? Anxious about what to get? One word of advice: don’t take the chocolates and roses route. It’s […]

Tips For Buying Second Hand Jewellery

Second hand shops are now flooding our high-streets and jewellery features in many of them. Buying second hand jewellery is a great way of saving money along with choosing jewellery from different eras. Here are some top tips when buying second hand jewellery. Cost and Value for Money Buying jewellery from a second hand dealer […]

Gold: ‘Karat’, ‘Filled’, ‘Plated’ And ‘Vermeil’

When purchasing gold, it’s always important to be familiar with some of the jewelry terms so you can be wisely aware of what you are buying.  No one wants to discover he or she paid far more for that gold piece than what it was worth.  There are four terms, here, that will be clarified:  […]