Travel Insurance

There are countless great reasons for travelling to the UK, and thousands of Aussies do so each year. From Stonehenge to the Tower of London, from the Cotswolds to Cornish Pasties and for avid cricket fans, the Ashes alone is enough reason to spend up to 26 hours on a plane, bound for the Motherland […]

Finding The Right Holiday Home Insurance

Those lucky enough to have a second home will know the benefits it can bring. Whether you rent yours out for extra income or use it as somewhere to escape from everyday life every now and again, a holiday home is likely to be just as close to your heart as your first home. However, […]

What To Expect When Crossing The Border To Mexico

What to Expect when Crossing the Border to Mexico Just because you know what you need to bring with you to get into Mexico doesn’t mean you’re prepared to cross the border. If you’ve never crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, you’re in for a few surprises. This border is a lot different than the border between […]

What To Do After A House Fire

Experiencing a house fire is a frightening, unwelcome experience that hundreds, if not thousands of Australian homeowners face each year. Without home and contents insurance, this unfortunate event can be crippling. Although you won’t be able to reverse what has happened, it’s crucial to know how to deal with it. With these simple tips, dealing […]

What Happens when You Lie to Your Insurance Company

Insurance can get expensive, and some people might find it tempting to lie in order to get reduced payments or even to get money for something that they weren’t actually insured for. You might conceal drink driving incidents or speeding tickets in order to get lower car insurance payments, for example. Or you might say […]

Cross Border Auto Insurance: Are You Adequately Covered Abroad?

Insurance regulations are uniquely different from one country to another and in the USA from state to state. If you drive south into Mexico you need a policy that will cover you inside of that country or you risk exposing yourself to significant financial liability and/or jail time. You’ll need to find a broker who […]

Is Facebook Bringing You Unwelcome Visitors?

Largely due to the digital revolution, the world is moving fast and forward in every direction possible. And those who believe that the criminal fraternity is being left behind would also, sadly, be mistaken.  The cyber criminals of today are constantly lurking online looking for any kind of chink in a person’s security armour for […]

Take Care Of The Nuts And Bolts Of Your Home Insurance

A large number of home owners, or even those who are renting a property, are liable to become confused between ensuring the property and its contents. These are two separate entities and, in order to prevent any misunderstanding which can prove to be expensive, it is worth taking the time to check out all the […]

Surprising Ways to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

In this economy, with costs rising every day, we need to take discounts where we can get them, especially living in Hawaii. Everything costs a little extra here than it does on the mainland because companies want to make up their shipping costs. While you may not be able to do anything about the cost […]

5 of the Biggest Myths About Car Insurance

We’ve all heard so many myths when it comes to car insurance. In any conversation, there are always several different opinions being thrown around when it comes to what is covered, what affects car insurance, etc. The problem is, how do you know which are facts and which are myths? With some of these things, […]

Insurances Every Avid Traveler Should Have

If travel is a large part of your lifestyle, chances are you’ve learned many tips and tricks along the way. One thing even the avid traveler often forgets about is insurance. Whether you’re interested in trying to insure your flight or a car rental— there are three types of insurance every traveler should have. Travelers […]

Awards from Reputed Agencies Help Us Choose the Right Life Insurance Company

Awards from Reputed Agencies Help Us Choose the Right Life Insurance Company You may wonder why you should compare life insurance quotes when you take out a life insurance policy, after all, all the insurance companies are in it for money and business so if they cut down on one end they will definitely increase […]

A Guide To Agreed Value Car Insurance

Agreed value car insurance is an assured sum that is fixed by an agreement between the vehicle owner and the insurance company. Usually, cars are insured under a market value insurance, where the amount insured is for the sum that the car would expect to achieve in its current state. Whilst this form of insurance […]

The Average Car Insurance Quote

Car ?nsur?n?e compan?es are cre?ted to make money by se?ling a ??rvic?. If th?y can get away with ?e?l?ng e???nsive po?icies, they will gladly do so. But th?nks to fierce ??mpetit?on, they hav? to make do w?th ?verage car insurance r?te?. Τhey m?ke mor? money by selling a lot of car p?licies to even out […]

When Employees Attack! Don’t Leave Home Without Employers Insurance

One of the worst parts of running a small business is dealing with staff.  Even the most loyal employees can sometimes develop grudges and this can spell bad news for employers.  There have been several occasions over the last few years when my business has literally been saved by employers liability insurance. This has protected me […]

Types Of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, although contrary to popular belief, is just as important as any other type of insurance. Designed to protect you should any miss-happenings occur whilst you’re holidaying, failure to be covered could result in you owing thousands of pounds, being stranded in a foreign county or being stranded at a UK airport without a […]

PPF Assessment: What You Need To Know

Overseeing the wind up of a pension scheme is a complicated and delicate process. Trust-based pensions could have a large number of beneficiaries who will be anxious and uncertain about the termination and understandably concerned about their financial future. Trustees managing a wind up need to be able to inform and advise beneficiaries on every […]

Mold and Your Homeowners Insurance: Things You Should Know

Whether a homeowner has finally saved up enough money for the down payment or has finally paid off their abode, protection is important. With a plethora of uncontrollable ways in which damage can affect a house, possessing a diverse homeowner’s insurance policy is a small price to pay considering the money it can save in […]

Are Water Damage Scams on the Rise?

Scamming has been a major problem in most industries and it seems that scam artists are becoming smarter every year. While scamming is an inherently horrible act, the level of skill and charisma required to pull off scams is not possessed by everyone. Due to the increase in natural disasters causing excessive flooding, scam artists […]

What Does The Typical Home Insurance Policy Cover?

When it comes to shopping for any kind of insurance policy, people all too often place their priorities exclusively on finding the cheapest possible price. While it’s understandable that nobody would want to pay over the odds for their policy, people must understand that cheaper policies often provide less coverage. Every policy is slightly different. […]

Car Insurance Premiums Add-Ons Explained

Making sure that you have the right type of insurance for your vehicle is imperative. It’s no use looking for the cheapest quote and finding that you have don’t have the benefits you had the previous year. For this reason it’s worth taking a look at any insurance quote carefully before you choose a new […]

Car Insurance Bonuses

The car insurance market is incredibly competitive. This means that numerous car insurance providers are offering absolutely fantastic deals on car insurance. A great deal of them are also offering fantastic extras included in their standard policies as a way of attracting new customers. This is understandable as generally once you are with a provider […]

What is Usage-Based Car Insurance and How Will it Affect Me?

Have you heard of Usage-Based Car Insurance? It may not sound familiar to you, but if you’ve seen Progressive’s commercials for their “Snapshot” insurance, or State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program, then Usage-Based Insurance has already been pitched to you. You may have also heard it referred to as “Pay As You Drive” or […]

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance

If you are going abroad then you will need travel insurance. No matter how safe, sound or wealthy you believe yourself to be, unexpected charges in the form of a missed flight, lost luggage or physical injury are highly unpleasant experiences. Travel insurance is a cheap way to keep yourself and your finances safe whilst […]

Protect Yourself with Buy to Let Property Insurance

If you are a property owner who is renting out your property, it is essential that you have some kind of landlords insurance as protection. There are different types of insurance you can take out, including home insurance and buy to let property insurance.  The benefits of these will vary, depending on the type of […]

The Geology of Homeowners Insurance – Lesser-Known Exclusions

You may not have thought that you would need to understand geology prior to getting your homeowners insurance policy. But the truth is, if you live in an area that is considered slightly susceptible to natural occurrences like earthquakes, you should have at least a basic understanding of how geology works. Understanding the geology of […]

Why has Car Insurance Gone through the Roof?

The answer to this questions will almost certainly be ‘yes’, new figures now show that in the last year car insurance has risen sharply across Britain by 12.3%. This now makes the average cost of car insurance a whopping £843 and is seriously having an effect on the motor industry. Car insurance has gone up […]

Black Box Car Insurance Explained

With expensive car-insurance premiums hitting motorist’s hard, particularly younger drivers, a new form of policy is growing in popularity. The idea behind black box car insurance is to reward careful driving with a cheaper insurance premium. This unique kind of policy requires a black box recorder to be placed inside the car’s dashboard. The device […]

Why does Home Insurance Matter?

The answer to this question should really be quite obvious, your home is most likely to be the single largest investment you will ever make. If you are wondering if this type of insurance in for you, just consider what you would do if your home was destroyed? You would have lost your largest investment […]

Landlord Building Insurance Explained

This type of insurance shares similarities with standard home insurance in the sense that there are two different types of cover – landlord buildings insurance and landlord contents insurance. There are a number of reasons as to why buildings insurance is important and why plays a vital role when you rent out your property. What […]