6 DSLRs For The Photography Newbie

When it comes to buying a digital SLR, there’re more choices than ever these days. An SLR gives you a whole array of shooting options at your fingertips, from manual control to the ability to change lenses. Read on to find the best cameras designed for beginners… Canon EOS 100D Offering the same image quality […]

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IWatch And Home Automation: What Are The Possibilities?

The iWatch is a wearable smart device rumored to be in development by Apple. Although no official release date–or even a conformation of development–has yet been given, technophiles and Apple fanatics around the world are looking forward to the inevitable day when they can wear their smart device on their wrist, and take watch-based video […]

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Knowing The Correct Wires

In this day and age technology is always changing, and it seems like every few months there is some kind of new development that is either creating a new type of technology or just improving on an already existing type of technology. One of the biggest technological crazes that has become popular in the last […]

Web Applications Allow Remote Working

The impact of the internet is hard to overstate, but when we consider how it has changed our lives, we perhaps think of our leisure time initially. If we think about it a little more, we realise how something that is now as commonplace as email has changed the way we do business, but there […]

Tips On Finding The Best Paying Online Slot Machines

When you are at a casino, land-based or online, you may want to figure out which slot games offer the best payouts.  Finding games with higher payouts means that you will have a better chance to win more money.  However, because there are so many slot machines at casinos it may be frustrating to try […]

Project Blitzkrieg And The Fight Against Cybercrime

Image by elhombredenegro The history of cyber crime dates to practically as far back as the birth of internet itself.  Nefarious networks of cyber criminals employ ever more crafty ways to wheedle their way past the internet security software of Credit institutions and their customers. It often seems like the authorities are playing catch up […]

The Future Of Military Technology

Image by .Tromas The escalation of warfare is a natural part of human history: when man first built walls, another man built a catapult to bring them down. This process is easy to trace, from the Roman spear head which would detach after being thrown, to the atom bomb, a weapon that levels entire cities. […]

Why Everyone Is Switching To LED Lights

Why Everybody Is Switching To LED Lights In recent years, everyone has been affected by the threat of global warming. It is for this reason that many individuals, and of course businesses, are looking for methods to minimize their impact on the planet. There are many activities that we can engage in to help in […]

Creative Lucrative: Fabric Printing With Inkodye And The Lumi Process

The Lumi Process is currently making waves in the niche of fabric printing. This printing technique, which primarily caters to natural materials and textiles, employs the easily-mixed, easily-diluted, water-based coloring called Inkodye. Now what exactly makes this fad popular amongst fabric printing enthusiasts? Inkodye is a relatively new tool in the fabric printing process, and […]

Pressure Sensing Instruments And Their Applications

A pressure sensor allows for the measurement of pressure, usually of liquids and gases. They can also be used to deduce other factors such as altitude, speed or water level. They are used in thousands of applications in everyday life and their design, performance and technology can vary greatly from one model to another. We […]

How Rubber Sheeting Is Used

Rubber sheets have many uses, both in commercial and residential units. It is also called neoprene rubber, and it is known for providing excellent protection.  Rubber sheets are mostly used for commercial purposes, specifically in workshops and factories. Some of these commercial institutions use a rubber sheet as floor mats to protect their concrete floors […]

The Uses Of Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene rubber has several industrial uses, but what is Neoprene rubber? Neoprene is a type of rubber, which is strong enough not to break down in wind, water, and with the heat of the sun. It is also strong because it is physically tough, being fire resistant, and having the capability to withstand both cold […]

Robotic Vacuums ‘Develop’ Their Way Into Hearts Of Consumers

For years we’ve been predicting a future that is based in a “robot world.” Has that day finally arrived? The latest onslaught of bot technology, which spans from new robotic vacuums to fresh advances in cloud computing, seems to indicate that innovation can always be found in automation. And let’s face it; CES is the […]

Why Use A GPS Tracking Device?

The following article gives just three of the many uses of a GPS vehicle tracking device Driver Safety And Behaviour Driver safety is important both in business and in personal life. A GPS tracking device could put your mind at rest and give you a real time location of the vehicle, the speeds the vehicle […]

Why Oil’s Future Tech Benefits Us All

Technology is driven by efficiency: We want to achieve our goals faster, with less cost. Some of the greatest advances in science have come from various industries’ efficient solutions to their own goals. The future of oil tech, considering its size and fortune, could, therefore, benefit us in surprising ways. We can’t perfectly predict the […]

Dealing With Six Common Misconceptions About LED Lights

While there are countless pieces of content on the web looking at the advantages of LED lighting (it certainly doesn’t need me to divulge any further, simply give it a Google), less is noted about the common misconceptions people have about the energy saving bulbs. With this in mind, I thought it would only be […]

Exposing The Truth With Polygraph Testing

What Is Polygraph Testing? Polygraph testing is often better known as a lie detector test. This simply means that any individual attached to the monitors of the machine will not be able to answer a question with a lie without it being picked up and realised. The devices used to record the indicators that identify […]

Real Life Success With Body Worn Spy Equipment Items

Cody Cam Surveillance Surveillance jobs come in all shapes and sizes and it can be a job in itself choosing from all the equipment available to take on the job. A body cam is one of the most versatile as you can use it as a covert hidden body camera or a covert hidden body […]

The Basics Of Assay Testing

Assay testing is used to determine the content of a sample. Assay testing, by definition, can be applied to any material. For example, testing a sample of blood for the presence of a drug is an assay test. As the term applies to mining, it involves testing a sample of ore for the presence of […]

Apple Announces 128 GB IPad

Apple announced its latest update to the iPad 4. The new iPad will offer 128GB of storage which is the largest storage space among all tablets. The highest amount of storage available for an iPad, previous to this update, was 64GB. Since consumers are using tablets more than their PC’s, the additional storage space better […]

Building Analyst Relations

In this modern world it is of the utmost importance that businesses, consumers and the media have a full understanding of technology. That is why there are industry analysts, people or companies who research or gather data on the industry to be able to identify trends, categorize technologies, assess the size of markets and make […]

News Regarding The Highly Anticipated Jailbreak: Evasion 6.1

We live in an era where Smartphones rule the world. Everybody is addicted to their Smartphone but also to the other gadgets they own. The most wanted devices at this moment are the Apple gadgets, not only for their amazing utility demonstrated through the applications they have available, but also for their impressive design. Whoever […]

Covert And Nanny Cameras

New technology Technology is generally excellent. It is all around us and has excellent usages. Technologies are an area that’s growing rapidly and altering, and numerous technical developments have been created in the last couple of years. The cost of many technical products has fallen significantly specifically for customer degree products such as digital cameras […]

What Tools Do I Need To Become A Private Detective?

Success or failure If you fail to buy decent state of the art equipment or even good well looked after second hand then you cannot trust it in the field and therefore your client cannot trust you. Agatha Christie, the well-known author, usually ensured the private detectives she wrote about experienced the various tools and […]

VIZIO E320-A1 Top Brand In The World Of TVs

Vizio is one of the top brands in the world of TVs, though their products are limited mainly to LCD and LED TVs. Still, if you’re looking for a small TV to use at home, this 32 inch LED TV will definitely be one of your best options. Not only is it smaller than your […]

Need For Speed? Use Your Satnav

Speed cameras and similar speed-tracking devices are the bane of many motorists. They have been around for quite some time. The first speed camera systems were introduced in the USA in 1987 (in Friendswood, Texas) but the Dutch Gatsometer company had created film cameras to monitor speed as early as 1960. Amid cyclical controversy due […]

Home Entertainment: The Advances

100 years ago the idea of finding cheap contents insurance to cover your home entertainment system would’ve been dismissed as mere poppycock. “Who’d want to steal our gramophone and library of books?” they’d guffaw. But a century on and nobody’s laughing. Revolutionary advancements in technology have seen the home entertainment industry boom; from sound systems […]

Cable Broadband Explained

As a step up from dial-up Internet access, cable broadband is technology that opens the door to a higher speed connection to the Web which makes it possible to stream video, download music, or play games online.  Broadband allows large amounts of data to be rapidly transmitted along fiber optic cables that have higher bandwidth. […]

Cloud Computing: What Is It All About?

In the not-so-distant past, we were very particular with home much information our hard drives can store because we save almost every file from documents, music and videos on this storage device. However, the era of hard drives is almost at a close with the period of cloud computing just dawning. What is cloud computing? […]

What Values Should Modern Toy Brands Stand For?

In the modern world, the morals and values of businesses are more important than they have perhaps ever been before. Consumers have a stronger focus on ‘what things stand for’ than at any time in the past, and are more diligent with where they spend their money. One only has to look at the way […]