How Commercial Cleaning Companies Make Your Tiles Sparkle?

There are times when scrubbing with just soap and water just does not seem to work for a variety of reasons. Scuffed and dirty floor tiles at times will need something more than just your power to scrub them. In cases of extremely stained and dirty tiles it may be a good idea to resort […]

Who Can Benefit From Professional Housekeeping Services?

How many times do you wish you had an extra hand around the house? Moms And Dads: It might come to a surprise that moms and dads could benefit from the services of a housecleaner, since moms and dads are usually homebodies. But today’s parents are busy with their work schedules, their kid’s school and […]

How Clean Are Your Surroundings?

There’s an old saying that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. Quite where that comes from is anyone’s guess, but it certainly has a very important message for every one of us who has ever picked up a bottle of bleach and a damp cloth! Cleaning Products Galore In most houses the cupboard under the sink […]

Environmentally Safe Mold Removal

One of the most common environmental threats found in homes and offices is mold. Mold requires just a bit of moisture to grow, and is especially common following heavy rains or storms. Once water or moist air gets into your building, it’s easy for mold to take root, especially if the affected area has poor […]

What To Do In The Event Of A Gas Leak

There are many different plumbing emergencies with many different solutions. Most people are likely familiar with water-based emergencies like bursting pipes, overflowing toilets, or clogged sewer lines. These are certainly all major emergencies that require immediate attention from an emergency plumber. They can all have long-lasting effects on your health and the integrity of your […]

What To DoWith Frozen Pipes

Many different plumbing emergencies take on different forms, but if you live in a cold weather area, then you’ve likely encountered one of the most cumbersome—frozen pipes. Frozen pipes occur when the temperature drops below freezing and the water in the pipes follows suit. This largely happens at night when you’re asleep because the water […]

Make Your Own Emergency Pipe Leak Repair Kit

Many leaks require plumbing professionals to properly prepare, but for simple tasks or temporary repairs I find it simpler, and more cost effective to use an emergency leak repair kit. The trick is to collect the items for your kit ahead of time so that you have them available immediately the next time your sink […]

5 Top Reasons to Upgrade to HardiePlank Siding

Many homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade their homes with products that will enhance the value of the home while they continue to live in it and will bring added value when they decide to sell. Houston HardiePlank Siding can help meet both of those expectations. There are many good reasons to consider upgrading […]

Why It Is Important To Get Your Heating Boiler Serviced

Boilers that are used to provide heating or hot water are not often thought about until there is an issue requiring repairs. The boiler in your home needs to be serviced regularly to make sure it will continue to operate efficiently. There are many reasons why you should have your boiler serviced at least once […]

5 Spillages That Spell Disaster For Wooden Floors

A beautiful wooden floor is the epitome of style and design in the modern day home. But it’s a challenge to keep a pristine wooden floor as it was intended! Though spillages on carpet, vinyl and laminate are normally quite easy to mop up, damaging wooden flooring can often spell disaster. Even if the covering […]

How To Remove Ice And Snow From Outside Your Home

For children, snow can be something they look forward to and relish when it arrives. It can be a rather different scenario for adults however, with a lot of responsibilities and places to be it can mean suffering a considerable amount of disruption when such freezing conditions come into play. Even the area that surrounds […]

Home Roofing: Tips to Avoiding Winter Leaks

Roofing serves an essential function and protects homeowners and their families from the weather. Since a new roof one a home is an expensive investment, it only makes sense to pay attention to the small signs of problems. Making minor repairs is usually much more affordable than installing a new roof, and there are several […]

Taking Care Of Your Plumbing System

The last thing anyone wants to have to do is clean up after a leaking toilet or kitchen sink and no one likes to see water stains on the walls and ceilings. By looking after your plumbing system, you can avoid finding yourself in these situations down the line. Chemicals and Leaks Sinks, showers and […]

Taking Care Of Your Plumbing System

The last thing anyone wants to have to do is clean up after a leaking toilet or kitchen sink and no one likes to see water stains on the walls and ceilings. By looking after your plumbing system, you can avoid finding yourself in these situations down the line. Chemicals and Leaks Sinks, showers and […]

Why Install A Dry Verge System

Living in a nation where turbulent weather conditions have come to be expected, it is naturally important to prepare your home for the unexpected. That’s why more and more people are turning away from mortar bedding and towards dry verge systems. What do they do? Dry verge systems were created with the aim of tidying […]

Everday Gutter Problems

Gutters are your home’s first line of defense against flooding, making them worthy of thorough care. Part of showing your gutters the respect they deserve is knowing what problems they face, identifying them when they occur and knowing the proper maintenance techniques and preventive measures you should take to avoid and correct them. The Gutter […]

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

If your spring brings cleaning and your fall brings maintenance, then know that your home is not alone in this pattern. While you likely conduct maintenance every season, there is something about the spring and fall shifts taking us from one temperature extreme to another that invites those checklist type of tasks. So, keeping with […]

Not Just for Chips – The Cleaning Power of Vinegar

You are most likely familiar with vinegar as a delicious condiment that can often be found tag-teaming your fish and chips with its buddy, salt, or acting as a pickling agent for the gherkins and cocktail onions in your kitchen cabinet; but are you aware that this taste-bud tickling ingredient is also a wondrous cleaner […]

How to Deal With a Plumbing Emergency in Your Home

Most of us do not plan to have to deal with a plumbing emergency in our home when we wake up to greet the day.   The definition of an emergency usually means that it is an unexpected event.   You usually cannot foresee that it will happen and you have to deal with it when it […]

Top Tips for Dealing With Burst Water Mains

Top Tips for Dealing With Burst Water Mains When you water mains burst it can be a very stressful situation and you do not know what to do. You are not the only one. This how-to-guide may be able to help you out when you are in that situation. Tip 1 The first step when […]

Why Does My Air Conditioner Stink?

When you first crank up your home air conditioner after a long drawn out winter and spring season, you might be hit with a thoroughly unpleasant, toe curling smell wafting up out of the vents. Don’t panic, it is normal for any electronic unit to have a few kinks after a long idle period. The […]

How To Plumb A Toilet

If the need ever arouse would you know how to plumb a toilet? Although some plumbing jobs should be left to professionals there are other jobs you could do yourself whereby you can save yourself some money. All you need is a good book on plumbing, a bit of DIY savvy and a willingness to […]

Pool Maintenance 101

Maintaining the overall cleanliness and function of a swimming pool is no easy task—you need to have patience and be ready to invest some of your time in making sure that your swimming pool is always a safe and fun place. Maintaining your swimming pool also protects its structure and lengthens your pool’s life. Photo […]

Being Proactive at Home Saves Money

Being Proactive at Home Saves Money Being proactive when it comes to home maintenance can save you money and headaches in the long run. Just as your vehicle needs oil changes, tune-ups and other maintenance to run smoothly, you can improve your home’s efficiency by having a professional perform routine service checks. From calling a […]

How to Fix Common Electrical Wiring Problems

Although in a lot of cases it is illegal, many homeowners choose to work on the electrical wiring in their homes and in some cases even install new electrical systems. Be it to save money or time, the fact is that there are many homeowners who perform electrical work even though they have not received professional training. In […]

How to Achieve a Harmonious Relationship with Your Builders and Designers

So you’re having your house renovated, an extension built, or a design makeover – how exciting! To ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible for everyone involved, here are a few guidelines that should be followed

Five Essential Features of a True Green Roof System

A true green roof is more than a garden in the clouds; it is a surface that is sustainable against the elements, reducing the amount of waste and energy created by high installation, products and maintenance costs.

7 Ways To Prevent Drains From Clogging

Clogged drains can be a hassle for anyone, take proper preventive measures so you don’t have to worry about expensive plumbing bills.

How to Rid Your New Home of Old Pet Dander

You finally move into your new house, and you couldn’t be happier. The furniture is in place, and you begin to unpack, and suddenly your eyes start to itch. Then your nose starts running. You sneeze. It feels like an allergy attack, but what’s causing it? Soon you realize you’re allergic to cats and dogs, […]

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the most important and used appliances in your house. It is where you keep your food. As this is where you put the very stuff that you put inside you everyday, it is given that your refrigerator should be clean and organized. However, as you may have noticed, either from […]