How Gardeners Can Conquer The Weather

Frequent talk of global warming means there is heightened awareness of the weather these days. Where once a cold spring was just that, now it is indicative of a general trend and we start to imagine that every spring will be cold, every winter unbearable, every summer scorchingly hot or preposterously rainy. The truth is […]

Best Practices For Interior Landscaping

Image by Morguefile When choosing the right landscaping approach for indoors, it is important to create spaces that are in harmony with the interior design and the style of furniture. That being said, there are many ways plants and pots can be placed in offices and living areas in a way that they look in […]

Growing Pains: The Trials And Trepidations Of The First Time Allotment Owner

Back in the 1970’s Tom and Barbara Good from the BBC sit-com ‘The Good Life’ were considered hippy eccentrics for deciding to live entirely off the land. However, as we have learned more about harmful properties contained in the pesticides and fertilisers used for growing crops, it is no wonder that their quirky idea of […]

Storm Damaged Tree? Don’t Cut It Down Just Yet!

Tree branches can grow too heavily, or they could be damaged by weather conditions. Bracing or cabling may be the only options, other than the removal, to save these trees when they are in need of structural support and beauty preservation. These methods are the two most common forms of structural support. The tree should […]

What Influences Plant Growth?

If you’re interested in gardening, you’ll know that success or failure depends on a number of different factors – not all of them within your control. You cannot grow every possible type of plant in your garden, but by choosing plants carefully and managing conditions as best you can, you can ensure you have the […]

Top Secrets To A Perfect Lawn

Having a lawn that looks fit for being on Centre Court at Wimbledon is a yearning of most who take pride in their gardens. Although with all the elements the weather springs up on us, the mayhem insects cause and other aspects that are seemingly out of our control, maintaining a beautiful looking lawn is […]

Hydroponics: Growing Plants Without Soil

Hydroponics is the process by which plants are grown using solutions of mineral nutrients. Material like sand and gravel may be used but soil is not. As far as the growing of plants is concerned, this method is effective because soil is not essential in the process. In reality, it actually acts as a reservoir […]

Turn Your Yard from Boring to Breathtaking

Your yard is part of your home, and you want it to feel as inviting as possible. Keeping your lawn and surrounding landscaping looking its best can provide a lush charm to your home that can’t be equalled with a new coat of house paint or other home-care fixes. However, while simple yard work such as […]

Handy Garden Tools

All serious gardeners know that certain tools are essential: shovel, rake, gloves. However, having a few more tools in your arsenal may make gardening easier and more enjoyable for you. Who really enjoys an achy back from being bent over weeding all day, right? Most of these tools are $30 or less and because of […]

What Is Japanese Knotweed Control?

Gardening is a fantastic hobby and an important activity which keeps us healthy as well as keeping our gardens looking great. However the bane of the gardeners’ life is the dreaded weed. There are countless types of weed, and in fact the term weed can be used for just about any type plant you don’t […]

Vegetable Gardening Site Selection

Due to most garden soil not being perfect growing, your vegetable gardening site selection is rather critical to what vegetables and how well they grow. Gardening soil is made up of sand, silt and some clay. Soil drainage, structure and fertility are some of the reasons you want to select your site carefully. PHOTO CREDITS: […]

Medical Remedies you can Grow Yourself

Herbs are unequaled in their ability to synthesize a wide array of chemical compounds that natural healers have long used to deal with various human diseases, and to perform a number of significant biological and even culinary functions. As with cannabis growing, herbs have been cultivated for millennia and turned to useful purposes around the […]

How to Create a Water Feature in Your Garden

A fountain or ornamental pond can be a great accessory for many yards and outdoor areas. While a water feature can add to the appearance of a home or building, it can be difficult to design and build them. The following article provides helpful information on how to create a water feature in your garden. […]

What A Bamboo Entry Door Says About Your Home

Bamboo is an ancient evergreen plant native to China. It is used in medicine, food, textiles, and even weaponry. But what does it say about your home? Bamboo is very symbolic to the Chinese culture. In their culture, to be surrounded by bamboo is to be at home. When the leaves of a the sprout […]

The Secret to Desert Landscaping

There is no doubt that desert landscaping is challenging. Deserts receive very little rainfall. The soil in a desert tends to be rocky with few nutrients, and lastly, the weather fluctuates from extremely hot to extremely cold. Creating a delightful desert landscape, however, is not out of bounds, especially if you follow these helpful tips. […]

The Best Ways To Renovate Your Garden

Your garden can be the setting for so many enjoyable times so it is little wonder that people dedicate so much time to renovating this part of their property. There are many options available to make your garden appealing so you can sit out and enjoy the sunshine when it arrives and precious moments with […]

Revamp Your Garden with Stylish Paving

If you are looking to add some style, grace and glamour to your garden, the right type of paving can really help to create a huge impact and give it an instant boost. There are many different designs and styles available in paving; with a style to match any particular individual taste. Introducing paving to […]

Gardening 101: The Right Way to Prune Your Plants

A part of proper garden maintenance is trimming and pruning your plants. The process of pruning involves removing branches and leaves and is usually done during late winter or early spring. Pruning is important because it ensures an even and healthy plant growth. Pruning may look easy but there are certain things that you have […]

Landscaping Ideas To Make Your Home Beautiful

Landscaping is a key part of any property’s curb appeal, and often, it’s key to home owners enjoyment of their houses, too. There’s nothing quite like going outside on a dewy spring day to beautiful, lush surroundings. Of course, it won’t always be spring, and it’s not always possible to have a lush array of […]

How to Choose a Landscape Contractor

A landscaping project is a serious undertaking – and not one to be entered into lightly. Hiring a landscaping contractor means you will be opening your home to a crew of landscapers for a certain period of time. It also means you will be trusting that the group knows how to expertly complete the project […]

Home Repair 101: 5 Amazing Tips for Organic Yard Care

Want to take care of your yard without pesticides or chemicals? Check out these organic care tips.

Top 5 Backyard Landscaping Tips

Backyard landscaping tips can transform a plain backyard into a masterpiece. The backyard is an extension of a home when it is properly landscaped since it will provide additional space to entertain friends and family. A backyard is a place to relax

Gardening Tips for Summer

Tips to help you make the most of your garden or outdoors space this year