Role Of Food Packaging In Fast-Moving Life

Human life has become fast, speed is the order of the day, people are always on the move and therefore there is a need to make things easier. Food is also a part of this fast paced life now, with disposable cups and plates made of paper, paper bags and mini containers carrying single serving […]

Two Quinoa Recipes

Cooked quinoa is a great staple for morning times. Quinoa is a grain-like crop grown for its edible seeds. In 1000BC the Andean people of south America started producing this staple which would form an important part of their diet, even if unknown to the rest of the world. Quite Savory Quinoa Recipe Image Quite […]

Easy Recipes To Cook For Your Date

There is absolutely no doubt that women adore presents like jewelry, store purchased gifts, flowers, and they also appreciate it a lot if you cook them something for your date with them. This would in fact be the best and the most impressive way of saying that you love her. A special dating meal for […]

Food And Fat Loss

Food and Fat Loss When we feel down at certain times in our lives, we turn to food for comfort. Eating is one of our favorite things to do and we turn to food to cheer ourselves when feel stressed about the things that are happening in our lives. We celebrate with food and food […]

Eating Traditions Around The World

We often take our own customs and quirks for granted, and it is not until we go away abroad and compare ourselves to the locals that we really pick up on them. Every country around the world has its own idiosyncrasies which make the dining ritual unique to that specific country. This could be sitting […]

How To Host A Classy ‘Come Dine With Me’ Night In Your Student Halls

Image by ‘’ Don’t lie, students – before you came to uni, whenever you had a day off school, you watched Come Dine With Me repeats in the afternoon. And those of you at uni now still probably watch it if you have access to a TV or 4oD. We love it! And I’m sure […]

Dry your Own

Fruit dehydration is probably the oldest technique of preserving fruits and vegetables. Preceding the development of modern technology and food innovation, societies used salt to preserve food, or they simply dried the fruit and veg in the sun. Nowadays – we have the help of a food dehydrator to aid us in the drying of […]

Hangover Recovery Delivery Right To Your Door

Anyone who has ever suffered from a hangover understands the pain.  But let’s face it, you can only sleep for so long, you can only drink so much orange juice, the antacid has become your enemy, and the sports drink is near toxic. There comes a point in time when you have to face cold […]

Pakistan’s Importance As A Supplier For The UAE

Agriculture is the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy. The farming industry contributes for 24% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it is estimated that farm labour accounts for half of the country’s employed workforce. This is because Pakistan has extremely favourable agricultural conditions, with rich arable land and one of the largest water irrigation […]

3 Factors Which Make A Wine Absurdly Expensive

It’s not that you can’t see the value in a good bottle of wine, but can you really see the $2500 value in a good bottle of wine? Maybe the value is easier to see if there are gold flecks in the wine, and you can filter out the gold when you’re done with the […]

The History of Champagne

Hailing from the northeast of France, Champagne is a sparkling white wine produced in a region carrying the same name. The region of Champagne has been recognised for its fine wines since medieval times, with the sparkling wine believed to have originated in the 16th century. Today, champagne is savoured across the world for its […]

Great Recipes For This Upcoming Halloween

This post answers the following questions 1) What is the major element of Halloween? 2) How to make Witches Fingers? 3) What is Truffle Eyeballs? 4) What will you need to make Toffee Apples? 5) Why is it easy to make Halloween Treats? Halloween is a time to have fun and it never gets old, […]

Weber Genesis Barbecue – A New Solution To An Old Problem

This post answers the following questions 1) What tips in making great barbeques available? 2) How Weber genesis barbecue simplify the entire cooking experience? 3) What to do in spending a lazy summer days? 4) What are the parts of Weber genesis barbecue? 5) Where do barbeques have become a worldwide phenomenon? There are no […]

Make The Perfect Christmas Lunch

This post answers the following questions 1) What is a typical three course meal that you would have on Christmas? 2) How to roast a turkey? 3) What is the best compliment to the turkey? 4) How many hours a 10 pound turkey will be cooked? 5) How to make the perfect christmas lunch Christmas […]

A 19th Century Thanksgiving Dinner

This post answers the following questions 1) When was the turkey became a centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table? 2) How to make a Turducken? 3) What to cook on a 19th Century Thanksgiving Dinner? 4) How to baste the turkey? 5) What is the title of Sarah Hale’s 1857 cookbook? As the Thanksgiving season comes […]

Best Low Fat Recipes for the Family

This post answers the following questions 1) What are the examples of healthy and tasty meals? 2) How to make an oven baked fish and chips? 3) Why should you cook summer pea pasta 4) What are the ingredients of miso brown rice and chicken salad? 5) How many calories does oven baked fish and […]

The Amazing Advantages of Recipe Search

The core differentiation between a good recipe and a bad recipe is the grouping and combination of ingredients you employ to create it. Getting the quantities of each ingredient precisely right is crucial if you want a successful meal. Once you add too much of an ingredient, it might spoil the delicate flavour balance. For […]

The History of Chocolate

Chocolate is enjoyed all around the world today. Although the chocolate we know may have been “perfected” by European chocolatiers, the origins of the confectionary stretch back thousands of years, to South America. Mesoamerican History The first known chocolate was consumed as a drink. The Olmec, the first Major Mexican civilization, enjoyed chocolate in this […]

No More Gastronomy Anomalies

When it comes to food, many people are of completely different opinions.  Some like their food spicy as hell while others have a sweet tooth and cannot wait for desert.  It all depends on what you want, really.  Well, what better way for a company to get to know each other than by finding out […]

A Wine For Any Occassion

Hosting a wine party can be one of the best ways to connect with friends and family. Parties can be had at any time, but a wine party is exciting and sophisticated. A home wine tasting class and allows you and your friends to discover new tastes and joys alike. There is a wine for […]

Romanian Wine & Food – A New Taste For 2012

Romanian food is a vibrant and extremely varied type of cuisine. The taste buds of the Romanian people have been influenced by a wide range of different religions, cultures as well as changes in available resources over the ages. Alongside the food Romania also has a secret that is slowly emerging amongst the western world; […]

Best and Worst Halloween Foods for Your Teeth

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re like most trick-or-treaters that means candy will be top of the mind. Some candies are better for your teeth over others. Dentist certainly don’t like Halloween because sugar can cause cavities, however not all candies are created equal. We put together a list of worst and […]

Italian Restaurateurs Showcase Rising Warehouse Conversion Trend

Based in America, the Spaghetti Warehouse Chain is a great example of the corporate warehouse conversion trend that is currently on the rise. Bringing to mind bowls of carbo-loaded goodness, mixed with authentic Italian meatballs and sprinkled with a delicious tomato-base sauce, these lucrative restaurateurs have shown that location is just as important as hearty […]

Tamales – Easy to Prepare and Filled with Variety

The tamale is one of the most popular types of Mexican foods in the world. It’s a dish that is made with corn dough that is steamed in a leaf wrapper and then filled with a variety of different items like meats, vegetables and cheeses. This is a popular food thanks to its brilliant design […]

Choosing The Best Cut Of Steak

To select the best steak, consider the grade, the cut and breed. Grades and breed are fairly easy to understand as it is based off a standard rating system. Cuts require knowing about cattle and how to select a steak that is more flavorful and enjoyable. Here are some of the world’s best cuts of […]

Five Fresh Summer Seafood Ideas

Summer is the perfect season to spotlight ultra-fresh ingredients and bright flavors. Low in calories and high in protein, seafood ensures you will be able to indulge in flavorful cuisine – and still fit in your swimsuit. These five fresh summer seafood ideas offer appetizing and healthy options for cooks at any skill levels. Grilled […]

Four Fresh Red Wine Varieties That Are Perfect for Summer

Summer wines are refreshing and are also low calorie. These wines can be paired with summery fresh seafood and vegetables for a complete meal. Salmon, shrimp and citrus sauces are commonly featured in these dishes. Most wines featured in the list are approximately 76 calories per glass. Here are some suggestions for summer wines: 1. […]

Three Amazing Pastry Dishes From Around the World

Pastry is defined as a food item made of dough, then baked. Pastry’s different from bread because it’s light and flaky and often full of fat. Some kinds of pastry have a sweet or savory filling. Just about every region on earth has their own version of pastry, even if they don’t quite call it […]

The Five Best Types of Sponge Cake

Victoria Sponge Named after Queen Victoria, who enjoyed a slice of the cake with her tea, Victoria Sponge is a standard sponge filled with delicious buttercream and raspberry jam. The cake is topped off with a sprinkling of either caster or icing sugar, which works well as it stops the sponge from becoming overly sickly. […]

Catering Your Office Holiday Party

If you are organizing your office’s holiday party, you’ll find that catering the event is an issue that you need to consider. What is appropriate holiday fare, and how can you make sure that everyone leaves happy? For many people, the food at a holiday party should be very memorable, so take a moment to […]