Eat This So You Don’t DIE EARLY (High Fiber Diet Emergency Warning)

Most people exercise to compensate for poor food choices. That rib-eye steak wasn’t necessarily unhealthy, it has protein, you say. But we end up slaving away and sweating it up at the gym afterwards. Because guilt is a bitch. You promise yourself you won’t give in anymore. You deprive yourself of everything salty, sweet, and […]

Which Celebrity Chef Are You Most Like In The Kitchen?

Image by ssoosay The TV chef, in recent years, has become a phenomenon. These days the TV schedules are chock-a-block with cooking programmes, each finding a different angle to illustrate the diversity of food, ingredients and the range of palatable dishes available to the inclined and the imaginative. However, with so many talented culinary hotshots […]

A Beginner’s Guide To BBQs

Now that summer has arrived (and if the weather offers a suitable opportunity), there is nothing more tempting than to plan a barbecue. For complete beginners, this involves a certain amount of nervousness, as knowing to light a barbecue, and how long meat needs to be cooked for, take a bit of practice. Fortunately, these […]

10 Tips For The Perfect BBQ

You’ve been lucky with the weather – the sun is set to shine, the wind has died down – and your guests are on their way. There is always just one more thing you can do to ensure that your barbecue party goes to plan, and deliver perfectly cooked food to happy guests – here […]

The Versatility of Chicken

Chicken is generally perceived as the perfect ingredient for quick and easy cooking – In spite of this, chicken can also end up being dry, tasteless and overcooked. Then again, it’s as easy to prepare chicken right, if you follow a few simple rules. Always Buy Wholesome Chicken – All good cooking starts with great […]

Being A Chef In The Real World

There’s no doubt about the advantage of having formal education in culinary arts. The knowledge gained from cooking classes will definitely enhance the talent that is already inherent in someone who is passionate about food and quality cooking. Students enrolled in and taking cooking classes in New Orleans cooking school are provided with the credentials […]

Impressive Facts About Being A Chef

It’s easy to assume that being a chef isn’t nearly as impressive compared to being a lawyer or doctor, and that aiming for a career within the industry is tantamount to professional suicide. People who don’t know a lot usually assume the worst in what they can’t expound on. To correct this notion, it should […]

Cooking For Guests

This post answers the following questions 1) How to cook for your guests? 2) Why many people see a dinner party as being a special occasion? 3) What are the tips in cooking for a dinner party? 4) Why making a dish with which you are familiar is important? 5) What to prepare in a […]

4 Different Ways to Cook Meat

As any meat lover will tell you, there are a huge variety of different ways to cook meat and certain methods are more suitable for certain cuts or types of meat. Our handy guide will give you the rundown on how best to cook lamb, pork and beef and may just inspire you to try […]

5 Best Meals to Cook When Camping

1) Shish Kebab A great recipe for camping, it’s easy and you can have fun putting it together too! Cooking only takes 20 minutes so you can easily whip this up after a long day hiking – just have a few people on hand to chop the food up into bite sized chunks! You will need: […]

Food Storage 101: Prepping your storage area

If you’re just beginning your food storage plan, then Food Storage 101 is what you need. Before you begin buying food, you need to make sure the area where you plan to store the food is properly prepped. Here are three simple steps to get your food storage area ready to ensure longer shelf-life. 1) […]

How To Make A Custom Cookbook

It’s a hassle having all of your favourite recipes dispersed between umpteen different cookbooks. When you go to look for a recipe you can never fully remember just which book it is in, which just wastes time and effort. A brilliant solution to this problem is to create your own cookbook. It’s really easy to […]

Tips/Advice On Buying A Cast Iron Casserole Set

No matter how attractive brightly coloured modern cookware can look, there’s nothing that looks classier than a cast iron skillet hanging in the kitchen.  Synonymous with serious cooking, cast iron cookware looks reassuringly heavyweight and cared for properly, can last for an entire lifetime. Cast iron casserole sets darken with age which unlike other types […]

5 Ways to Create the Holiday Feeling at Home

Post-holiday blues are experienced by most as the suitcases are unpacked, the endless washing begins and going back to work is on the horizon. If you are looking for ways to recreate a little holiday magic at home, this post takes you through the variety of ways in which it can be achieved. Take the […]

How to Season Your Meat Like the Pros

There is a very good chance that you already know that you should be cutting down on red meat. Maybe your doctor has told you, or perhaps you called for a free life insurance quote and discovered that it really is time that you cut back. Well, if you are cutting back, that means that […]

Summer Cooking Advice, Relax In The Kitchen.

It’s the peak of summer and that means summer food. Barbeque time with Burgers, sausages, corn on the cob and watermelon. However inevitably the barbeque can become repetitive or as often happens there’s too much food left over or not enough. So what is a summer cook to do? It’s time to start creative meal […]

Culinary Tips for the Home Kitchen Cook

Here are some ideas and cooking tips that can help improve your culinary expertise in your home kitchen. Modern television programs are great at telling you different recipes to cook but this article will concentrate on some best practise for cooking at home. General Cooking Tips Firstly you should make sure you have all ingredients […]

5 Things you Should Always Stock in your Kitchen Pantry

If you’re always finding yourself short on time, not having the chance to get to the supermarket or spend hours preparing a meal in the kitchen, stocking basic ingredients in your pantry can help you to be a budding chef! There is an abundance of non-perishable items that can easily be used to make a […]

5 Tips for Being Efficient in the Kitchen

Do you find yourself throwing away food because it’s gone bad and you just forgot to cook it? Do you hate reheating the same leftovers again and again? Or do you just wish you could spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your food? Either way, creating more efficient kitchen habits is an excellent […]

Buying the Perfect Family Ice Cream Machine

Open up a whole new world of desserts with your own homemade ice cream!

5 Healthiest Foods You Can Feed Your Children

How to give your child the foods they need to excell

5 Unique Ideas for Cooking Fish

Everyone likes variety in their cooking so here are 5 unique ideas for cooking fish!

Three Quick Steps to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen that Saves Money

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in any home, both in terms of time spent inside of it and the amount of energy that is required to operate it.

How to Cook Steaks That are Rare, Medium Rare, and Well Done

Cooking great tasting steaks depend on a lot of things.  For one, the cut and quality of meat should be good.  You will also need to consider the marinade before cooking.  Lastly, you need to cook your steak perfectly, regardless of what level of cooking is preferred.  Often, steaks are cooked on grills.  These sorts […]