Why Is Appearance So Important?

Nowadays people care about the way that they look more than they ever have before and generally if you feel you look good you’ll be much more confident. There’s no doubting the fact that your physical appearance affects the way that you act and therefore the way that you come across to other people. There […]

How To Size Up For Men Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets for men have started to gain more popularity and publicity as manufacturers began to produce various and more stylish jackets.So,if you’re a beginner motorcyclist, you’ll want to purchase a few quality motorcycle jackets that are comfortable, offer good protection and that fit well. There are some things you should consider when choosing the […]

How To Accessorize Women Motorcycle Jackets

Today, motorcycling has become more popular among women and even the fashion industry. Women are no longer riding on the back of the bike as passengers. The motorcycle industry is expanding their market geared toward women as well as men. As they start to become the driver, more women are seeking out for fashionable biker […]

The Secret Of Socks

Walking enthusiasts are not adverse to spending large sums of money on their footwear. Paying a couple of hundred pounds for a pair of walking boots is not unusual – often after endless research and the most careful consideration. But how many people invest the same amount of time and trouble when it comes to […]

Power Dressing For Men – Top Ways For Men To Look More Impressive

When we put together a look for ourselves there are lots of things that most of us want to achieve. Of course we want to be true to our personalities, we obviously want to look attractive, and we’ll be trying to be on-trend as well in most cases. For men though one of the singular […]

Tips On Caring For Your Chucks

Since 1908, Converse has produced popular athletic and casual shoes. Their most popular shoe to date, the Chuck Taylor All Stars, have become a staple in pop culture. Originally intended as a basketball shoe, Chucks have been made popular by rockers, skateboarders and hip-hop superstars alike. The only sport to use this “athletic” shoe today […]

Winter Thermals – Back On Trend Or A Fashion Faux Pas?

Winter thermals are not seen as the most attractive pieces of attire and visions of grey looking items that old men wear may well come to mind. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter thermals are now considered a fashionable item to wear. If the ‘Onesie’ can become a global phenomenon, […]

Buying The Newest Women’s Swimwear Items During The Spring Season

During the Spring season each year, many women usually purchase a brand-new bathing suit for themselves. In fact, Spring is the top season when it comes to the amount of women’s swimwear items sold in the marketplace. There are also some men out there who shop for swimwear for their ladies during the Spring season, […]

How To Take Care Of Leather Cowboy Boots

Quality cowboy boots are made of the best leather. Therefore, they must be cleaned and conditioned regularly to look great at all times. To care for them properly, you must understand that leather requires occasional attention to replace the natural lubricants lost during normal use. And you have to be very careful about the cleaners […]

The 3 Things You Need To Completely Rock Your Best Party Dress

After extensive browsing and many lunch hours spent online shopping, you’ve found your perfect party dress. You’ve tried it on and it fits perfectly, flattering your figure and making you look and feel fantastic. This is what the right party dress should feel like. You may feel a million dollars in your brand new dress, […]

Fashion Trends Will Come And Go But Some Things Will Always Stay The Same

Fashion trends change so often that you practically have to be a millionaire to keep up with them. With fashion, it’s always “out with the old, in with the new.” There are some things, however, that will always stay the same when it comes to looking good. Basic Black Every season, different colors are popular […]

The Best Ways To Turn Heads

When was the last time that you felt sexy and confident? Maybe it was a romantic first date with a new crush or maybe it was a night out with friends. If you feel like it’s been too long since you made a great impression on a crowd, check out the following ways to turn […]

Tangerine, Sweetie And Minidot Light – MiH Jeans Have Got SS13 Covered

Tangerine, Sweetie and Minidot Light – MiH Jeans have got SS13 covered It’s never too early to start planning your wardrobe for the warmer months, the perfect shorts for long walks in the park, the perfect heels for those balmy nights out and the perfect jeans for well, whenever! The wonderful people at British brand […]

Update Your Look In 30 Seconds

There are so often times we when we feel a bit stuck in a rut and in need of a refresh, particularly at the start of a New Year or when we have another birthday. Though we see celebrities everyday who seem to change their entire look overnight, not all of us are blessed with […]

How Clean IS Your Laundry?

With concerns about the environment constantly increasing and the ever rising cost of electricity, many homeowners have reduced the temperature at which they wash clothes in a bid to save energy and money. But according to a recent report in the Daily Mail, washing clothes at low temperatures increases the amount of bacteria present and […]

Hope To Be Stylish For This New Year

Image by Geralt The summer of 2012 may well be a long distant memory as the dark, cold nights draw in, but most of us will already be thinking about sunnier climes come the May and with most budgets being tight at the end of January, the need to find a little haven to escape […]

How To Wear This Season’s Hottest Trend – Disco Pants

How to wear this season’s hottest trend – disco pants If you mention disco pants to anyone who grew up in the 1980s, the first image that will pop into their minds is Olivia Newton John in the hit movie Grease, specifically in that fantastic moment when she makes her transformation into ‘bad’ Sandy. In […]

The Right Time To Buy

Anyone who has tried to go shopping in Korea likely knows that there are people EVERYWHERE. They literally multiply as you go from shop to shop, making it nearly impossible to find clothes without someone bumping into your elbow. Of course, that makes it difficult as a consumer because places like Seoul have some of […]

Find Your Urban Kikoy Wear At Online Specialty Stores

Urban fashion has always been about keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. The keyword here is ‘latest’ and that means you have to keep yourself in the know about the latest updates from the fashion world. When speed of information is a priority, no one is faster than the good old internet. The […]

How Novelty Clothing Destroyed Men’s Fashion

A Sense of Humour? It has long been one of the great misconceptions in life that you can show someone how funny you are through the clothes that you wear. The reality is that by dressing to show off your “wild side,” in many respects you are actually just making yourself look like a bit […]

The Eternal Style Of Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s style is so timeless that even her dresses have their own wiki page! The inspiration behind many films, including the upcoming biopic starring Nicole Kidman, this fifties fashion icon remains relevant in an industry that is notoriously fast-paced. So what is it about the late Princess of Monaco that makes us want to […]

Enjoy Every Day Fashion

Staying fashionable was often associated with the affluent since it needed a lot of money to be spent on all things designer, and the trends are short-lived. This scene has changed thanks to beautifully crafted costume jewellery. They are widely accepted these days as fashionable accessories with designer clothes, gone are the days when they […]

Perfect Maternity Wardrobe

One of the first signs to the outside world that you’re expecting a baby is when you ditch the skin tight lycra and move into maternity clothes, which provide space for your growing bump and keep you comfortable too. In the past, maternity clothing was associated with smocks and dungarees, but things have moved on […]

The Ultimate Beauty?

Star of Some Like it Hot, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, Bus Stop and Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Monroe set the film world alight. Born in Los Angeles to a troubled family, the temptress found her home in the star studded Hollywood hills becoming a major sex symbol alongside an actress, model and singer. A […]

Kabbalistic “Seventh Day” Customs

Jewish mysticism views the days of the week as a microcosm of world history. In the same way that we are in exile and are preparing for the redemption of the world, so too the days of the week are for working towards the seventh day of Shabbat which parallels the time of redemption. In […]

Returning Styles from a Bygone Era

When moving forward, we often take inspiration from the past. The mistakes we have made and the triumphs we have accomplished. This can be especially true in the world of clothing, where decades and styles continually go in and out of fashion. PHOTO CREDITS: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iloveblue/2967485240/ Go to a trendy coffee shop or art gallery and you […]

Mods: A Menswear Revolution

During the 1960s, acts like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who ruled the airwaves: Sean Connery burst onto the scene as cinema’s coolest secret agent, whilst Michael Caine lit up the silver screen as an assortment of cheeky Cockney geezers in his filmic exploits: On the road, the bulky, fin-accented American gas-guzzlers which […]

How to Work the Workwear Style in the Office

There is always valley and peaks when it comes to our attitude toward workwear style in the office; for example when we’re just beginning at a new office we tend to put in more effort to look good but that effort tends to relax as we become more comfortable in our positions. However we fail […]

Promotional Clothing Has The Ability To Follow You Everywhere – Literally

From a professional perspective, businesses rely on eye catching ways to market their company so they can stay ahead of their competition, and there is no better way to achieve this than by using promotional clothing. It’s now a common sight for members of staff to be seen wearing company suits, jackets, t-shirts and tracksuits […]

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

It can be hard to find good clothes that suit you, especially at certain times of your life – one of the most difficult times being during pregnancy. You may want to show off your ever-growing bump, but just don’t know where to go to get the clothes. Online is becoming a very popular place […]