5 Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Here in the UK it is estimated that up to half of all men between 40 and 70 years old my experience erectile dysfunction or ED within their life time. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Here are 5 common causes for ED to watch out […]

Why You’re Losing Your Hair and What to Do to Get it Back

Ask men what they fear the most about growing older and the majority of them, if honest, will probably tell you it’s losing their hair. If men seem a little touchy about the idea of going bald, you can hardly blame them. While professional athletes and Bruce Willis can pull off the bald look successfully, […]

Diagnosing Candidiasis

Candidiasis is the medical name for thrush and is in reality a fungal infection. It has its origins in the Candida species where all yeasts come from. This infection in men is known as male thrush or Candida balanitis and it is estimated that one in ten men are likely to contact it if they […]

Why Men Should Moisturise Too…

Many men don’t moisturise because they think doing so is too feminine. Here we are going to take a look at why women moisturise, the benefits of daily moisturising, and why men should moisturise too. Why Do Women Moisturise? Women moisturise for several reasons. Mainly they moisturise because they want to look their best. Applying […]

Preparing Yourself for HGH Treatment

Human growth hormones, or simply HGH, play an important role in the human body, affecting muscle mass, body fat, bone density, energy levels, and more.  There are numerous types of HGH treatments, ranging from simple supplements to complex medical procedures.  Perhaps the most common use of HGH treatment is for therapeutic uses.  Read on to […]

Choosing the Best HGH Supplements

Human growth hormone (HGH) supplements come in many shapes and forms.  For example, HGH supplements can come in the form of sprays, pills, and powders.  Also, HGH comes in either HGH homeopathic products or HGH releaser products.  Here’s how to choose the best HGH supplement for your needs: Steps in choosing the best HGH supplements […]

How to Get Better HGH Results

Human growth hormones, otherwise known as simply HGH, are hormones that are naturally developed by the body in the anterior pituitary gland.  Today, these hormons are being produced through DNA technologies for various uses.  Some of the benefits that you can get from HGH include enhanced athletic performance, anti-aging benefits, and treatment for deficiencies. Steps […]

How to Get Firmer Shoulder Muscles

Building firm shoulders is a great complement to your bicep and chest exercises.  Not only do shoulder exercises help to improve your strength, it can also help to make your body look and feel more proportional.  Furthermore, the shoulder muscles are used every day for various tasks. Photo Credits:http://www.flickr.com/photos/67708415@N08/7909893450/sizes/m/ Steps on how to tone up […]

How to Develop Six-pack Abs

Having a six-pack is something that many gym-going men want to attain.  It takes dedication and downright hard work to get a six-pack of abs, which is why many men who do have one are more than happy to show it off.  Read on to find out how to develop your six-pack abs. Photo Credits: […]

How to Build Stronger Legs and Thighs

Strong legs and thighs are not only more physically attractive, but also beneficial to your all-around well-being.  When your legs and thighs are strong, you experience less knee and backaches because your legs and thighs take care of carrying most of the weight and stress that your body undergoes on a daily basis.  Follow these […]

How to Get Firmer Buttocks

While most men seem to focus only on enhancing their upper bodies such as their chests and arms, they tend to neglect the fact that having well-defined buttocks is also a necessity for having a perfect body.  The reason firm buttocks are so sexy is because most women are very attracted to men with shapely, […]

Losing the Beer Belly

A common problem that male drinkers experience is the notorious beer belly.  While many people believe that a beer belly is caused by drinking too much beer, this is just a myth.  The truth is that beer bellies are actually caused by eating too much.  In basic terms, a beer belly is just a buildup […]

How to Make Biceps Exercises Work for You

The biceps brachii, otherwise known as the biceps or the “guns”, are the pride and joy of many male bodybuilders.  Aside from the chest, the biceps are probably the next most popular muscle group that men try to workout and build.  Having big biceps isn’t only about having a good-looking physique, but it is also […]

How to Build a Bigger Chest

As one of the three major muscle groups in the body, the chest is often a focal point in a workout regimen.  The chest is also a strong sign of masculinity that can define your physique and strength.  Having a big chest can give you a wider upper-body, emphasizing the v-shape by making your waistline […]