How to Evaluate Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulances or medical air transport service can be quite expensive and it behooves people who need the service to do a bit more evaluation of their options before contracting one.  There are a number of factors that generally affect the price of air ambulance travel which often depends on a smorgasbord of services you […]

How to Compare Medical Transportation Services

Choosing the medical transport service that meets your needs doesn’t have to be a hassle when you consider the following: Step 1:  Know which transport mode is needed.  Long distance medical transport can be done by air, rail or sea, while short distance needs can be met with an ambulance from a nearby hospital or […]

How to Find the Right Medical Transport

Both emergency and non-emergency medical situations can benefit from the right medical transport to the hospital.  Here are some things you need to go through to determine which one is right for you. Step 1:  Determine the condition of the patient.  This will often indicate if a ground transfer or an airlift via helicopter is […]