Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up MMA

In case you don’t already know, MMA – or Mixed Martial Arts to give its full title – is a full contact sport that allows incorporates a number of fighting techniques from other close combat sports. The sport has started to become a mainstream phenomenon since the introduction of the UFC – or the Ultimate […]

Hiring A Female Personal Trainer

Female personal trainers are becoming just as popular within gyms as male personal trainers. Often women come to gyms and fine it a very daunting experience, particularly if they find their bodies unattractive and they don’t feel good within in themselves. The last thing that these types of women would want is a male trainer […]

Medicine Ball Press-ups In Your Living Room

It’s amazing what a tool the size of a soccer ball can do for your upper body and core. Get yourself a medicine ball and get to work—right in your living room, for a stronger body and core, shapelier shoulders and arms, and a lower body fat level. Welcome medicine ball press-ups into your home! […]

Bench Press Blues

Do you like to bench press?  It is a great chest exercise…Right?  It’s certainly a good exercise but there are exercises that are far more effective and safer for building your pectorals.   The bench press, if done correctly can be a fantastic movement for your routine.  However it does not satisfy the main function of […]

Why Women Find it Harder to Shed Extra Pounds

This post answers the following questions 1) Why do women feel like a failure? 2) What will help you to lose weight? 3) How many percent of body fat do women need for their reproductive organs to function properly? 4) What should women do to fight osteoporosis? 5) Why should women gain weight during pregnancy?

Too Lazy For Jogging? Naturally, You Can Get an App For That

Too lazy for jogging? Naturally, you can get an app for that Getting fit is on the to-do lists of millions of people, but we often see ourselves as being too lazy to actually do anything about it. In reality, the main problem is that people lack the motivation to keep up with any fitness […]

Get a Head Start on Your Beach Body

This post answers the following questions 1) How to get your body prepared for the beach? 2) Why does finding the best protein powder is difficult? 3) What things should you look for during your search for protein powder? 4) What kind of protein do you need? 5) Why do you need protein? Now is […]

Go Green and Support Weight Loss with Herbal Power

Successful weight loss is about finding positive eating and fitness patterns.  It is important to get all the help and support you need for weight loss.  There are some great products out there that can help including Slim herbal supplements. PHOTO CREDITS: Changing Attitudes I struggled for many years with my weight.  I believed that the […]

How Fitting A Steam Sauna Into Your Daily Routine At The Gym Will Improve Your Life And Health

Most of us have heard about a steam room and a sauna and we know that each of them comes with their own set of health benefits. To reap these benefits from both steaming and relaxing in a sauna people had to rotate their routines between the two, for instance one would take a steam […]

The Benefits Of Working Out With A Friend

1. Motivation A friend will always be there to support and encourage you to do your best without giving up. He or she will push you to do the right thing for your own benefit. For instance, if you do not feel like going for a work out session, due to laziness, he or she […]

Top Ways to Still Eat What You Crave

It is common for those who are on a diet or fitness regime to completely cut their favourite foods out of their diet without really thinking. Sure, some dietary sacrifices will have to be made to get the results you desire but they do not need to be so drastic that you don’t get to […]

How Sleep Factors into Fitness and Weight Loss

When people say “weight loss camp” or “fitness retreat,” what immediately registers in their minds is a period of time of intense physical activity. It could entail a lot of running, swimming and sweating. Moreso, if it’s a military style fitness boot camp, people would expect themselves to be expected to be awake in ungodly […]

Adding Tri-Sets to the Mix

It is always good to have plenty of options in your workout toolbox. The more ways you can do something allows you to customize and tweak things to make them as effective as possible for your own personal needs. So with that in mind we are bringing the idea of Tri-sets up for those who […]

Exercising and Fitness Gadgets

The fitness and health market is a huge business meaning there are always new books, diets, fads and fitness gadgets readily available on the market. You really do need to be careful when looking at these as some of them do not have half the benefits that the manufacturers claim. The amount of products on […]

Increasing Your Stamina For Boxing

Being a good boxer is not just all about being able to land a heavy punch, it also takes stamina and mobility. This means that any aspiring boxer has to focus hard on achieving a high level of both aerobic stamina and muscle stamina. For this they need to develop and stick to a strict […]

Standing Out With Spinners

Alloy wheels are really big business in the car world, as serious car owners will spend hundreds or thousands on getting the right wheels for their car to set off the look. There are some however that are certainly not as desirable. There are seven basic rules that you need to follow when it comes […]

Work on your posture and get more from your gyms in London

If you regularly use gyms in London then it’s clear you’re interested in looking after yourself. However, have you looked at your posture recently? Here are some quick fixes to improve it. Having good posture is as important for your body as training regularly. Yes, you’ve chosen to work out at one of the many […]

Find time for your workout outside using your chosen gyms in London

Find time for your workout outside using your chosen gyms in London It’s hard to fit in everything we want to do every day in modern society. If you can’t make it to your chosen gyms in London, try out some of these ways to fit in your workout. You think you haven’t got the […]

Exercising and Fitness Gadgets

The fitness and health market is a huge business meaning there are always new books, diets, fads and fitness gadgets readily available on the market. You really do need to be careful when looking at these as some of them do not have half the benefits that the manufacturers claim. The amount of products on […]

Yoga: Fitness Trend of the Year

Yoga has been a trend in fitness for many years already. We know it as an assortment of spiritual techniques done to achieve a good sense of mind, body, and spirit. It makes a person attain a state of enlightenment. Some people think of it as religion but it is actually just a journey to […]

Having a Virtual Exercise Partner is a Perfect Motivation

Staying healthy is not a one-time effort but it is something that man should develop as a habit. Maintaining a regular exercise regimen is hard especially if you do not have the right motivation. Therefore, a virtual exercise partner is needed.

Choosing The Best Gym For You

Choosing a gym to go to is not as easy as it might sound.

5 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Developing Diabetes

These days, people are developing diabetes at an epidemic rate. The sad thing is that many of these cases could’ve been prevented with proper care. Want to know how you can steer clear of diabetes? Here are five tips for reducing your risk of developing diabetes: Lose weight. This may be the single most important […]

How to Get Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks Augmentation is a medical procedure to cosmetically modify the shape of the buttocks. Many people undergo this procedure for different personal reasons like to increase their attractiveness or to have the perfect butt that they really want. Whatever the reason, buttocks augmentation is very popular nowadays and many people are lured on its popularity. […]

How to do Stomach Exercises

If you are one of the many people who are constantly trying to lose that excess stomach fat and have been trying to achieve a flat stomach for a time now, then you probably have tried all those abs exercises that you hear about. It is a common advice from many weight loss programs that […]

How to Find the Right Flat Stomach Exercises

Many people are frustrated with the excess fat in their stomach and it is no secret that everybody wants to get rid of excess fat especially in the midsection. Having a healthy and perfect body has its benefits and many people are trying really hard to achieve this but unfortunately only few people really do. […]

How to Get a Flat Stomach

It is a common thing that many people want to have the perfect body or to lose weight fast and have that flat stomach they always dream of, but all this is no easy feat. In fact losing weight and flattening your stomach requires effort and determination. There are many tips and advices by different […]

How To Do Buttocks Exercises Correctly

Those glutes on one’s behind are considered one of the largest muscle groups in the body. Technically consisting of three muscles – the gluteus maximus or the main buttocks, and the gluteus medius and minimus comprising the hip muscles, your buttocks are linked to your low back muscles so that a good exercise regimen to […]

How to Avoid Overeating when You Are Emotionally Down

In times of stress, you would probably have some ice cream. Or, after a fight with a friend, a slice of chocolate cake never fails to dissipate your anger. Here are some tips to avoid overeating when you’re down.

How to Find the Right Elliptical Machine

Going to the gym regularly can be a hassle for some people. So why not bring the gym into your own home? If you buy your own gym equipment, you can do your daily workout in the privacy of your home.