How To Survive a Nuclear Holocaust

A nuclear disaster can be a very challenging time for many people. While it’s impossible to predict a nuclear accident or attack, there are several supplies that can improve one’s chance of survival after an incident. The following article provides effective tips and ideas for surviving a nuclear disaster. It’s usually a good idea to […]

How to Make a First Aid Kit for Your Vacation

When going on a vacation, it always pays to prepare for possible emergencies.  Part of your preparation is packing things that would be necessary during the time that you would be far away from home.  One of the most important items that you have to bring on your vacation is a first aid kit.  Getting […]

How to Apply First Aid for Dog Bites

If you have kids and you or your neighbors have dogs, then knowing how to deal with dog bites is one thing you should add to your first aid skills.  As most dog bite cases involve children, one way to keep a level head while your kid who is crying in pain is knowing what […]

How to Apply First Aid for Sprains

It is a known fact that before a heavy exercise, a person must warm up first.  This is important to avoid injuries during the workout.  One of the most common injuries that can be acquired during the workout or sometimes just by plain moving is  sprain.  The sprain is caused by a trauma to the […]