4 Ways To Green Your Supply Chain

Going green is a long-term decision requiring the collaboration of all supply chain components. Sustainability initiatives benefit organisations by increasing productivity, efficiency and corporate reputation, while minimising costs and wastage. Once applied to a supply chain, they allow for enhanced capability, agility, regulation compliance and risk protection. Updating supply chain management technologies for seamless processing […]

Going Green In Your Own Way

In recent years, there has been what could be called a movement to become more environmentally friendlyin order to reduce the carbon footprint that each of us make daily.  Although controversy and conspiracy theories arise about global warming and its effects on the earth, people are now suddenly wanting to “go green.”  What do you […]

Improve Your Environmental Agenda At Home

The environment is on most people’s agenda these days and it’s important that it remains there. Environmental concerns affect everyone and the good work that people do on an individual basis actually goes some way to improving the situation on a global scale. It may seem ideological to suggest that people can make a huge […]

How To Guard Against Storm Damage From Trees

In this age of climate-change and extreme weather, homeowners have found that they have a new headache to add to their list of storm-related problems —  their trees. Long considered a beautifying element to any house, trees are suddenly being looked at as potential wrecking balls or life-threatening missiles. In the recent hurricanes in the […]

Can Artificial Grass Help The Environment?

With work, family, and a social life to juggle, we don’t get out into the garden as much as we’d like. Do you inwardly groan as the grass grows up to ankle-height and you know you’re going to have to dig out the lawn mower…again? Of course, we all want an attractive garden – especially […]

Benetton Cleans Up Act With Greenpeace Detox Campaign

The Benetton Group is the latest high street fashion brand to clean up its act by joining the Greenpeace Detox Campaign, solidifying its commitment to chemical free fashion. The Benetton Group, who owns Sisley, Playlife and most famously the United Colors of Benetton, is a much celebrated and well respected fashion brand, providing much publicity […]

Where Can Magnesium Be Found?

Magnesium is among the most common known elements on the planet and is believed to be found in abundance throughout the known universe. The element can be found inside the human body, and it is commonly found in many foods and vitamins. However, in its free element form, it is relatively flammable. Because it can […]

Detroit’s Top Snow Storms

Detroit’s Top Snow Storms If you have ever been through a winter in the city of Detroit, Michigan the last word you would probably use to describe it would be “mild”.  No winter in the history of Detroit, Michigan’s history has ever been “mild”.  Living in Detroit makes the locals very happy to hear that […]

How Much Damage Are We Actually Doing to Our Planet?

This post answers the following questions 1) What are the damages we are doing to our planet? 2) How many hectares of land lost to soil erosion this year so far? 3) What are the potential consequences of this damage? 4) What is a significant step forwards in reducing our dependency on fossil? 5) How […]

Top 5 Signs That Winter Is Here

A Winter’s Tale Some people love it, while others hate it and even have to go to the doctor to be treated for seasonal affective disorder. Whatever your feelings around winter, there are a number of things we can expect the colder season to bring. We checked out the five sure signs that winter is […]

What is Zero Waste Management?

The term zero waste management is cropping up more frequently. Many local and state governments as well as businesses commonly use the phrase. Although it sounds like something that would be beneficial, many people are unsure of what zero waste management really is. Business owners in particular want to know what it means to them. […]

The Benefits to the Environment of Hiring a Skip

It is no secret that our planet’s finite resources are running out. We are slowly draining every available reserve of fossil fuels, and our forestry management attempts are shamefully unsustainable. There are still though, thankfully, small ways in which we can all contribute. There are many ways that are well known but a lesser known […]

Top Green Transport Solutions

The terms ‘green travel’ and ‘ecotourism’ have long be batted around by environmentalists, but other than imagining someone sleeping in a tree house or in a canoe in the middle of the Amazon, many people don’t have the faintest clue about what it means. If truth be told, these terms are just one end of […]

Waste Not – Want Not

The continuing destruction of the world’s rainforests is a subject that we continually hear or read about but the problem can sometimes seem to be happening so far away from our own doorsteps that we do not realise the sheer scale of the problem or the implications of the situation on everybody’s lives. How can […]

Green Products for your Business

As any business owner can tell you, the average business office is an incredibly wasteful place when it comes to supplies. From the paper in the copier through the pens on the waiting area table to the clamshell containers in the break room fridge, everything is considered disposable and utterly replaceable. It is a sad […]

It’s Good To Share: Reclaimed is Greener Than Recycled

People don’t like to say it, but recycling takes energy, which more often than not means using non-renewable sources of energy production such as fossil fuels. While cleaner energy providers are available, and will produce electricity from renewable sources, very often recycling ends up dipping into our diminishing cache of resources. By sharing and reclaiming […]

Take Care of the Environment with Wooden Doors

We are all much more aware of the environment nowadays and most of us will endeavour to find ways of trying to protect it for the future. One of the ways we can do this is by installing wooden doors, rather than using other types. Wood is known to reduce carbon dioxide emissions which help […]

6 Ways to Greatly Improve the Planet

Every day, we put our planet’s health in jeopardy. The trash we put in landfills, the toxins we put into the air—all of this has a negative effect on our planet. Though you may only be one person, there are certain things you can do to help improve our planet, all of which can make […]

Tree Removal and Its Benefits to You and the Environment

Trees can be both a blessing and a curse and there comes a time when you are forced to remove them. Most people know trees for all the good reasons but what they don’t know is that trees may pose danger to both humans and the environment if not cared for well. This article gives […]

Can Energy Cost Cuts Boost The Economy?

Cuts to energy costs as a way to boost the economy is a novel strategy being adopted by countries such as Brazil. With many economies worldwide in a downturn, energy price reduction for both residential customers and industry distributors offers nations the opportunity to return to more competitive environments. The example of Brazil The innovative […]

The Green Endeavour of Romiley Board Mill

For a business with its roots in mirky industrial history, Romiley Board Mill is surprisingly green in its outlook. Stockport is an area where the industrial revolution first gathered steam 200 years ago so you would expect there to be a few local companies that are long in the tooth. One such is Romiley Board […]

The Importance Of Waste Management For Businesses And Our Planet

Discarded material, or waste, is the byproduct of success. Every business that produces something of value also produces waste. It’s the sign of a productive organization–it represents jobs, economic growth and prosperity. But if not managed properly, waste can also be a liability. Here are three reasons proper waste treatment matters for businesses … and […]

Japan Radioactivity Could Impact Family Life

The earthquake that struck Japan on July 24, 2011 had immediate, destructive impacts on the landscape. Massive destruction from the subsequent tsunami was particularly harmful, destroying large communities and damaging the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The plant has leaked radiation ever since, which has caused worry for millions of people. Photo Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/usnavy/5532269544/ News […]

Exploring Your Way Through a New City

With all the shows about urban life, you would think somebody would remember to mention that living in a city isn’t just exciting – it can be scary, rigorous and tiring. Sometimes it gets tough living in a city where alarms and sirens wail at strange hours of the night and strangers shout out offensive […]

Tips for Home Water Conservation

Water really is a precious resource and conserving it is both environmentally important and save personally saves you money. There are many things you can do to help reduce the amount of water you consume; some of them you will probably think are not that important, but you will be amazed at how important they […]

The Harsh Life of Northern Canadian Arctic Foxes

When it comes to the Arctic Fox and little Arctic Foxes most people have visions of the Wonderful World of Disney or the “Nature Channel”.  Yet in the bitterly cold Canadian arctic lives a little fox that survives on essentially what it can capture and scavenge. These foxes of the ranges of the Northern Inuit […]

It’s the Heat, Not the Humidity: Surviving the Heat Wave, 2012

As temperatures hover around and above 100 degrees, citizens of states from North Carolina to New Jersey, and as far west as Illinois, are dealing with power outages and worse. Employees are forced to drive on roads with darkened traffic lights, the heat is felling trees that crash through ceilings, and power lines are repeatedly […]

How to Ensure Safe Disposal of Electronics

The right disposal of electronic waste is very important. Many electronics have radioactive materials that are dangerous if they contaminate people’s food and drinking water.

How to Reduce Waste at Home and Recycle

A decade or more from today, there’s a big chance that the earth would become a Wasteland. If people wouldn’t learn how to recycle and reuse waste materials, this earth would be filled with waste. It is time that you take a step on reducing the wastes that people produce.

How to Save Energy when Using Home Appliances

Conserving energy is necessary. Doing this will have a better effect on the environment as well as on your monthly bills.