Why Power Plants Aren’t As Bad As You Think They Are

So many of us want to blame many of our environmental problems on power plants. And it’s true, many power plants, and the pollution they create, are extremely harmful to the environment. But in more recent years many power plants are turning to more renewable forms of energy to power their plants. Because of this, […]

Benefits Of Investing In A Solar Setup

You’ve heard that solar panels are cool and groovy, but you’ve also heard they’re outrageously expensive. You’re certain the financial savings – and even the pride you’ll feel for going green – won’t really be worth the chunk of change you’ll shell out for solar panels. A recent Harris Interactive poll found that nearly 8 […]

What Electrical Appliances Are Running Up A Bill In Your Home?

With energy prices being hiked up every single winter, it can be difficult to keep up with your energy bills. You may be desperate to reduce the price of your bills as it can get very unmanageable. There are many tips available on how to run an eco friendly home but not all of these […]

Green Living In Hot Locales: A Solar Powered Air Conditioner Tutorial

To show how to buy a solar powered air conditioner, I’m going to show what components you’ll need, and what environmental conditions are necessary.  But let’s first begin with a comparison.  When I lived in Boston and was anticipating a hot summer in my apartment, I went out and bought a window unit air conditioner.  […]

Quick Guide To Power Inverters

Imagine working with a certain contractor that travels from place to place to attend to clients. And, you are his trusted electrician who works with all the electrical services to clients. What do you think is one the most important item you should carry along now and then? No doubt – you need power inverters. […]

Top Ways To Save Money And Energy

Looking to keep your energy bills down?  Well, look no further than here as I will be putting a few ideas down which will help you save money on your monthly bills, which let’s be honest is no bad thing, both for your pocket and the environment. Since getting my place with a friend I […]

How Light Bulbs Can Lower Your Electric Bill

For families looking to cut their expenses and increase their savings, one of the first places to start is electricity usage, particularly lighting, which accounts for an average of 15% of a household’s electric usage. In addition, 90% of the energy emitted from traditional incandescent light bulbs is heat, not light. By simply switching out […]

Keeping Energy Bills Down In The Cold Weather

Winter can be a particularly testing time for homeowners as the temperature will drop and the heating bill will likely rise. It makes sense to keep as warm as possible during the bitter cold months but it can eat away at the budget and energy bills are going up enough as it is. For those […]