Why Shouldn’t I Switch To PAYG With My IPhone?

More and more people nowadays are switching to PAYG plans. Avoiding hefty monthly mobile service provider bills and fees is one way that you can save a few pounds. And in general, if you can afford to buy your phone out right, then PAYG plans do work out far cheaper than contract plans. However, they’re […]

Opting For A Cheap Mobile Phone

In the past a mobile phone was purely for talking to people on the move. Many of us remember car phones that were heavy, brick objects that would weigh you down and couldn’t possibly truly be called mobile. Nowadays, phones come with a staggering array of features and amazing processing power. Not too long ago, […]

Nokia Or Apple? The Nokia Lumia 800 Vs. The IPhone 4S

If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, you certainly have a lot of choice. With so many great devices on the market nowadays, the decision can be a little overwhelming. And with mobile service providers giving great deals, even financial concerns aren’t so much of a concern as an after-thought. Of course, […]

What The Customers Are Saying – Thoughts On The Blackberry Torch 9810

On all of the websites that you go to look at new phones, there are lists and lists of why their phone is the newest and the greatest and why you should but their phone instead of a competitor’s phone. You can find lists and lists of specs on the phone, most of which you […]

The Top Apps For The IPhone 5

Are you one of the 50 million iPhone users looking to make your phone even better? Just got a new iPhone and need some tips on the top apps out there? Here’s a list of the top five free iPhone apps that you won’t want to live without. In the week ending January 21, 2013, […]

Apple is THE Future: iPhone 5 is Here

The iPhone5 announcement has not even been made yet, but we know so much about it thus far due to major flaws in Apples secrecy strategy. The iPhone5 announcement is supposed to take place on September 12, however there may be no real point if we’ve already seen the phone and what it can do. […]

Not Much Between Them – The Samsung Galaxy S III vs. The HTC One X+

There are a lot of smart phones on the market nowadays, and most people own one. Making a decision about which one to buy can be tough, they all seem relatively similar. Particularly when it comes to phones in the same kind of price range, it often just comes down to which one looks nicer. […]

Can An Older Operating System Be Better? The Samsung Galaxy S III Vs. The LG Optimus G

In general, a newer version of a phone operating system means that you get a little more speed and more stability, your device has less chance of crashing or freezing. However, buying a phone just because it runs a newer operating system isn’t always advisable. The performance of an operating system depends a lot on […]

Can The BlackBerry Torch 9860 Hold A Torch To The HTC One S?

The HTC One S and the BlackBerry Torch 9860 appear to be very similar handsets. As BlackBerry experiment with handsets that do not feature their signature QWERTY keyboard, they begin to resemble more the other handsets that are available on the market. Each of these has a touchscreen and only a few physical buttons. Operating […]

Contract or Pay as You Go – Which Is Right for You?

Choosing your next handset may be the most obvious part of deciding the future of your mobile phone use, but have you decided whether to opt for a contract of a pay as you go? You should think long and hard about which is right for you, as making the wrong choice can work out […]

Motorola RAZR I – A High-end Smartphone For Men?

Motorola has several versions of its RAZR handset and the RAZR i has plenty of great features. Users will love the longer lasting battery and the good quality camera although there are some things that the reviewers are not too fond of. The ‘i’ in the handset’s name comes from the Intel processor and ensures […]

Ice Cream Sandwich, Anyone? The LG Optimus G Vs. The Sony Xperia T

Making the decision of which new mobile phone to purchase is complicated, there are just so many factors to take into consideration. And there are so many great devices on the market nowadays that choosing one can be tough. Generally, an Android phone is a good bet, Androids are fast, easy to use and generally […]

Getting The Best Bargain – The LG Optimus G Vs. The HTC One X

Getting the best deal on a mobile phone is the goal of most people when they’re heading out to look for a new mobile device. And with so many phones on the market, and with so many special deals being offered by mobile operators, getting a good deal isn’t that hard to do. But finding […]

Orange San Diego Vs Orange San Francisco II – Horses For Courses

Anyone who wants to stay loyal to their Orange mobile phone network or indeed anyone looking to make a change to their service provider cannot go too far wrong by taking a look at these two handsets. Orange handsets are very popular with those currently on the network as they are cost effective versions of […]

Two Budget Smartphones Compared – Samsung Galaxy Mini V HTC Salsa

Samsung and HTC are two of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world and both have a good share of the market place thanks to the success of handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Mini and the HTC Salsa but how do they measure up against each other. Operating System The Samsung handset has […]

Latest Developments With Samsung Smartphones

Samsung is the only other major smartphone developer, other than Apple, to make substantial profits from their mobile device division. Samsung achieve this with a diverse range of smartphone devices to fit every pocket size and pocket book. At times, this ‘throw paint against the wall and see what sticks’ approach – or in their […]

Two Less Common But Excellent Value Phones – Acer Liquid Glow Vs Alcatel One Touch 916

If you are looking for good quality handsets at a reasonable price and do not care that it is one of the hottest brands around, then perhaps the Acer Liquid Glow or the Alcatel One touch 916 are worth considering. Alcatel is a brand that is becoming more popular in the mobile phone market due […]

Two Evenly Matched Mini Smartphones – Sony Xperia Mini V HTC HD Mini

There are a number of good handsets around now that feature the word ‘mini’ in the title. This just tells is that it is a smaller version of a similar handset. How do the ‘mini’ phones compare with each other? The Sony Xperia Mini and HTC HD Mini are both popular models and both have […]

Two Top Of The Range Phones, Each With Its Own Advantages – Samsung Galaxy Note V Apple IPhone 5

Apple has a very popular handset in the form of the iPhone 5 but Samsung is on course to become the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer during 2013. Can the Galaxy Note compete with the iPhone when the features of each are compared? One of the most obvious differences is the weight of the phone. The […]

Do You Really Need an iPhone?

The king of the smartphone world, the iPhone, is not the only competitor out there. A few years ago, many people didn’t know there were any alternatives, but improved marketing and support for iPhone alternatives has made them viable for those who aren’t Apple fans and even those who are. If you’re considering buying a […]

Which LG Is The Best? The LG Nexus 4 Vs. The LG Optimus G

Purchasing a new mobile phone sometimes comes down to guess work. Knowing which model is better than another is confusing and so much technical information can be overwhelming at times. Comparing different brands is complicated enough, but when it comes down to comparing different models from the same brand it can get even more confusing. […]

The IPhone Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for a new smartphone then there are many things that you need to consider, particularly for a top of the range handset such as the iPhone.  The good news is that the iPhone is a good handset.  The bad news is that there are a few different variations on it which […]

Buying Guide For A Child’s First Phone

Buying a child a mobile phone for the first time is something of a minefield.  The first thing to do is to make sure that the child is the right age.  I know of a child who was given their first mobile phone at the age of 5.  This seems a little extreme when you […]

HOT – Death Of The Symbian Operating System

Symbian is the operating system which was developed by Nokia for its first smartphones.  Unfortunately it really met its match in the smartphone market when it came up against the Android operating system and Apple’s own system.  Most Nokia smartphones are developed now to use Windows Phone operating systems although there are still a couple […]

HOT – HTC Mini – Free Phone With The HTC Butterfly Smartphone

The five-inch HTC Butterfly is a huge smart phone, cumbersome to handle and difficult to operate. To help make things better, the company decided to give you a mini phone – an HTC Mini (tall, slim, slender, and almost weightless) to keep with you and use instead of the Butterfly. This HTC Mini when connected […]

HOT – Launch Of Nokia Lumia 620

There has already been a great deal of information made available on the Nokia Lumia 620 and now the handset is finally available to consumers.  As a smartphone it has almost everything that the user could want, from the latest version of Windows Phone to a price tag that is more in keeping with today’s […]

Hot – Apples Or Blackberries? The Blackberry Z10 Vs. The Apple IPhone 5

Just a few short weeks ago the thought of choosing a Blackberry phone over an Apple iPhone would never have crossed anyone’s mind. After all, the iPhone is a solid, reliable device and a best selling handset. A Blackberry, on the other hand, is an outdated smart phone that still has a physical keyboard. However, […]

How Writers and Other Creatives Can Use Their Mobile Phones to Improve Their Work and Their Productivity

Are you a writer or a creative type itching to produce masterpieces? Your mobile phone can be a huge distraction, letting you play Words with Friends when you should be working on the Great American Novel or the next design project for a client. But it can also be a powerful tool for harnessing your […]

Making Money from Your Unwanted Mobile Phone

If you have a new iPhone and have one or more smartphones languishing unused around the house, you could be able to make some extra cash from the devices. You can sell the devices to make extra cash. Even if your smartphone is outdated or damaged, you may be able to make some money from […]

Activities That Take Place During Performance Testing

Performance testing is done in order to determine where there are bottlenecks in a given application, establish a baseline so future testing is able to take place, provide support for any performance tuning efforts, determine whether the testing team has complied with testing goals that have been set and compile data to help stakeholders make […]