Interview with Leo King of Leo King Publishing

It is an honor to feature personal success and productivity expert, Leo King, the acclaimed author of Total Dominator: Unlock Your Inner Champion – Become Unstoppable in Six Steps. Total Dominator is a very powerful book that helps people looking to step up their personal effectiveness with projects and deadlines to the next level. Since […]

Higher Education That’s Affordable: An Outline For The Future

On a summer day in August 2013, Obama spoke to students at the University of Buffalo in New York about his plan to make a 4-year degree more accessible and affordable.  According to Obama, the current higher education system is flawed in many ways that extend to college administrations and the states that help fund […]

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How To Make Life Easier As A New Student

There are certainly a lot of people who look back on their days at school as a largely fun and simple time in their life. Once you enter the latter part of your secondary school education however attention inevitably begins to turn to what you will do next. Some decide to jump straight into employment […]

What To Expect When Learning ESL In The United States

A fun (and many times thrilling) way is offered by many ESL schools to study English as a 2nd Language. The vast majority of ESL courses (the good ones, anyway) are customized to react to each individual student’s needs. Most schools will have more than six different programs designed for the pupils, therefore there’s no […]

Critical Time Management Tips For College Students

As a college student, you have a lot on your plate. Not only must you do your homework and study for tests, but you also have extracurricular and social activities to think about. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you learn how to plan out the best use of your time. Here […]

The Five Largest High Schools in America

The average high school in America has between 1,100 and 1,500 students. However, there are a number of schools that have a lot more students than the average high school in America. Below are five of the largest high schools in America: 1.) Brooklyn Technical High School Brooklyn Technical High School is located in Brooklyn, […]

10 oldest universities around the world

This post answers the following questions 1) When did Universities first exist? 2) What university is generally considered to be the oldest university in the world? 3) Where was Al-Azhar University founded? 4) What are the oldest universities around the world 5) When did oldest universities began in the world of Islam? Universities did not […]

5 Reasons You Should Earn Your Degree Online

this post answers the following questions 1. Is it hard to get a online degree? 2. Is it flexible for your everyday schedule to get a online degree? 3. Can someone still enroll in an online degree anywhere around the globe? 4. How can I change my career in enrolling an online degree? 5. Can […]

The Benefits of Teaching a Child a Second Language

The Benefits of Teaching a Child a Second Language Learning a second or even third language all depends on how young your brain is. From the moment we’re born, we begin to tune into the words around us, and over time we build up our vocabulary with the help of parents, teachers and friends.  No […]

How to Study Less and Still Get Better Grades

You can actually get better grades by studying less. Don’t believe the idea that you need to slave long and hard each day, spending hours on end studying. This is not true. Yes, you definitely need to work at it. You can only accumulate and retain knowledge by putting forth effort. But working harder and […]

Should Forex Education Be Formalised?

When it comes to forex education, the norm seems to be learning as you go along but for this reason alone many potential forex beginners only seem to scratch the surface before throwing in the towel. A question was posed regarding forex education and training; should forex be a formalised subject taught at universities and […]

An RSA Course Online is a Personal Investment

Are you a recent Australian high school graduate roaming from one to another with no sense of purpose or accomplishment? Are you are an older adult who has had several different jobs over the years, but none has really satisfied you? If so, you should consider a new direction, a new investment in yourself and […]

Online vs Face to face University Study

Seminar vs. Webinar: Comparing In-Class Instruction to Online Instruction The Choice For the first time in the history of education students have the option to choose between in-class instruction and online instruction. Each format of learning has pros and cons. The exciting thing is that almost any person desiring a higher education has the opportunity […]

The Importance of an Adult Education

So many of us either left school early to find work, or immediately went into the job field straight out of school and were never really given the opportunities to find our career passion and niche. It’s never too late to consider adult education at any one of the many universities, colleges or centres in […]

Kumon or Private Tutor?-How to Decide

this post answers the following questions 1. What is the difference in cost of hiring a private tutor and enrolling your child in Kumon? 2. What is the difference in teaching styles of a private tutor and in Kumon? 3. Does Kumon have the best learning methods in teaching rather than a private tutor? 4. […]

Five Secrets to Make Teaching History Fun

this post answers the following questions 1. How can dressing up in characters can help history teaching be more fun? 2. How a class field trip can help history teaching be more fun? 3. Is playing games can help history teaching be more fun? 4. Is being virtual can also help history teaching be more […]

Creative Ways to Promote Learning in the Classroom

this post answers the following questions 1. What are the few creative tips to set up learning in your classroom? 2. Does interdisciplinary lessons create personal and relevant learning experience to the students? 3. Can going beyond the school setting and inviting speakers and take field trip helps the students in their learning? 4. How […]

Pre SAT Prep: Things You Must Know and Why

The SATs are the most important exams that you will take in your high school career. The purpose of the SATs is to assess just what and how much you have learned during the years that you have been in high school, this is why reputable colleges and universities heavily rely on SAT scores when […]

Want To Take A Gap Year?

What you do during your gap year can be almost as important as your exam results in the eyes of a potential employer. In an increasingly competitive job market, candidates need to ensure they present themselves in the best possible light in order to stand out from the crowd. While taking on an unskilled job […]

The Top 5 Cities for Learning Spanish in South America

South America is an excellent place to learn Spanish, whether you want it for work or holidays, or simply because you love the language. You can soak up the culture of some of the world’s most exciting cities as you learn, and may even be able to combine your learning with other activities such as […]

How Much Will A Gap Year Cost?

A gap year can be your personal gateway to experiencing new cultures, forming new friendships and gaining new skills. However, if money is tight, you may be wondering whether you could afford to take a gap year before you head to university or into the world of work. It is essential for you to budget […]

The Top Three Reasons Mom Should Consider Online Colleges

Being a mom presents many challenges. However, when you’re thinking about pursuing a higher education, it can be even more difficult. Luckily, there is a convenient option: Internet-based learning. Are you unfamiliar with this concept? Here are three ways that online learning can make it easier to get your degree and still tackle your parental […]

5 Smart Savings Tips for College

In today’s demanding world most young parents are so preoccupied with providing for their child’s immediate needs, they fail to realize one of their most important long-term responsibilities, that of providing the means for their child to obtain a college education.  Given the added opportunities for growth and gainful employment that a quality education can […]

Why is Business Education Important?

As modern society makes rapid social and technological progress, becoming an expert in one’s field has become essential for success. The business field is becoming increasingly more competitive, with dozens of new small businesses started up by ambitious people with a dream of prosperity. These newborn businesses, residing in either brick-and-mortar locations or, more commonly, […]

Understanding Study Options: Online vs. On Campus

Whether you’re deciding to return to study after a stint in the workforce or are entering tertiary education following secondary, it is always important to fully understand your options. In today’s modern world, students have the luxury of choosing between on campus and online study modes, as well as part time or full time education. […]

How Much Will A Gap Year Cost?

A gap year can be your personal gateway to experiencing new cultures, forming new friendships and gaining new skills. However, if money is tight, you may be wondering whether you could afford to take a gap year before you head to university or into the world of work. It is essential for you to budget […]

5 Study Tools to Take Your Homework to the Next Level

Do you ever feel like all you do is study? Welcome to college life. Don’t worry; this study streak won’t be endless. However, college students do spend large amounts of time studying, doing homework and writing papers. If you’re going to be spending so much time with your nose in a book, or sitting in […]

Do Students Actually Learn More Through Plagiarism?

Ok, let’s be very clear, the act of ‘purloining and publication’ of another person’s work and passing it off as your own is wrong and has no place in education, or anywhere else for that matter. The discussion that this question is aiming to raise is whether or not there are some educational benefits in […]

More Schools Offering Training in Forensic Psychology Online and Offline

Something that you will find when it comes to getting training in forensic psychology, online and offline is that you have more options today than you did in the past. In fact, the field of forensic psychology and criminal analysts is burgeoning and that means that right now is a great time to get into […]

Maximising Classroom Participation

If you have ever taught a classroom full of students, you know that there is nothing worse than asking for the answer to a question only to be greeted by a wall of stony faced silence. Keeping students engaged with your lessons can be a difficult task, regardless of the age of the students. However, […]